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Bratislava, Slovakia

The Slovak Pub Bratislava Reviews

GarrulousGunther Garrulou…
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Friendly huge bar, Medieval Setting, cheap food and beer.. Aug 06, 2012
Went to the Slovak Pub last week during our brief stay in Bratislava. Huge medieval themed bar, with different rooms dedicated to famous Slovaks down the centuries:

Stur Room 2- Room of Poets 3- Janosik’s Room 4- Bernolak’s Room(bar) 5- Room of St.Cyril and St.Method 6- Pribina’s Knights’ Room 7- Cottage 8- Terrace

The bar does tend to attract mainly students and tourists, however dont let that put you off as its worth a visit if youre nearby and fancy a beer or a bite to eat. Beers €1.80 and food from €4 - 10 or 12. (If you are a student you can even get free soup, or so it claims). Had 2 main meals, 5 drinks and 2 strudels and it came to around 22€
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zuzki zuzki
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New Slovak Pub May 25, 2011
There is a new Slovak Pub close to the old one - on the SNP Square - called Bratislava Flagship Restaurant. The owner is the same, the menu is the same, the prices are the same, but this place is much nicer - it´s in a building of a former theater and also has a terrace during the summer months!
lauro lauro
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the slovak pub! Mar 08, 2009
if you are in bratislava, it is a MUST to have a relaxing dinner or drink in the slovak pub. it is located in obchodná street, the main shopping street of bratislava, but the slovak pub is hidden, you wouldnt know where it is located unless you asked for it.

the slovak pub has long been a tradition in bratislava for college and university students. it is very unusual because if a student got "a" grades, they will provide free soup! lol hahaha thats amazing isnt it?!

the slovak pub is really huge inside and very busy! with good mood from the people who wants to enjoy food, drinks and company.

it is also the place where i sampled the slovak cuisine! martin my great slovakian friend ordered me (as i have no chance, he's a dicatator remember?! haha) cesnaková polievka v bochníku - garlic and cheese soup inside a bread and bryndzové halušky - the traditional slovak cuisine which consists of gnocchi, cream cheese and strips of bacon simple but traditionally slovakian. martin told me the story behind bryndzové halušky, it was used to be the food of the farmers long ago, to give them strength to plow the fields as it is heavy in the stomach.

the slovak pub has many rooms inside!


excerpts from the slovak pub website:

the stur room.

the stur room is dedicated to the slovak intellectuals of the 19th century. these men collaborated closely with ludovit stur and played a crucial role in coding of slovak grammar and making it the offical language of slovakia. they were the driving force behind the slovak national revival.

the pribina´s knights´room.

the pribina´s knights´ room brings us back to the time of the old slavic warriors mostly thanks to its table in the shape of a cross where guests can sit like pribina´s knights did centuries ago. there are 12 seats at this table, which is the number of knights in pribina´s order. there are 500 seats at he slovak pub in total, because according to the legend this order had 500 soldiers. the ceiling shows symbols typical for this time period.

bernolak’s room (the bar).

the bar, in this room you will find portraits of the most noteworthy protagonists of slovak history: a. bernolak set the foundations of the slovak language; we pay tribute to him for his diligent work and notable contributions. a. hlinka warns us with his upwards raised finger to honor true vlaues and to drink responsibly.


the cottage is the greatest pride of the slovak pub. It is the original wooden house of the pavelica family from hybe,the liptov region of nothern slovakia. it was reconstructed here at the slovak pub, using 80% of the original material. the pictures on the wall depict sheep husbandry and manufacturing of traditional slovak products. We encourage you to try our national slovak dishes, specifically halusky, our famous potato dumplings covered with bryndza (slovak traditional sheep cheese) and sour cream.

janosik´s room.

janosik´s room is dedicated to the slovak prince of thieves, who according to the legend stole from the rich and gave to the poor. at first janosik studied theology, but later became a thief. this legend became a theme for several movies, similarly like that of robin hood.

room of poets.

the room of poets is dedicated to slovak writers and poets. Its walls are partially covered with excerpts from the works of renown poets, including the poem by janko matuska whose text became the lyrics of the slovakian national anthem.

the room of st. cyril and st. method.

the room of st. cyril and st. method- the patrons of slavic europe who brought christianity and the first written form of the old slavic. they convinced the pope to make it a lithurgical language in which masses could be held.


the terrace depicts the pagan era of the old slavs, especially with its huge oil painting of the slovak king pribina. the smaller paintings depict the pagan gods perun, morena and vesna. there are different types of original slavic fort walls shown on the walls opposite the fireplace.
i wish i knew what this means.
cesnaková polievka v bochníku! g…
tada!!!!!!!!!!!! cesnaková poliev…
bryndzové halušky - the traditio…
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lauro says:
thank you thank you thank you again!!!
Posted on: Aug 22, 2009
lauro says:
ian: ^_^ at least travbuddy people are inside the pub :P lol hahaha
Posted on: Aug 22, 2009
Dr_Seuss says:
If I go there now and it's busy I'm going to BLAME YOU Lauro :-d
Posted on: Aug 21, 2009

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Hanging around with travelbuddy Lori.
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