The Pride of Africa: Kenya Airways

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Nairobi, Kenya
The Pride of Africa: Kenya Airways - Sunrise over Kenya mountains
The Pride of Africa: Kenya Airways - Kenya Airways
The Pride of Africa: Kenya Airways - Kenya Airways 777
The Pride of Africa: Kenya Airways - Kenya Airways 737-800

The Pride of Africa: Kenya Airways Nairobi Reviews

traveller142009 travelle…
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Flights to Zanzibar via Kenya Airways Aug 07, 2017
Our tour guide booked us a roundtrip ticket on Kenya Airways from Nairobi, Kenya to stop in Arusha for a couple days and then return to Nairobi with a stop over in Zanzibar.

When we tried to check into Kenya Airways at Kilimanjaro Airport in Tanzania and requested to get off the plane in Zanzibar instead of Nairobi, we found out that we could not get off the plane in Zanzibar and that we had to fly to Nairobi instead. The explanation given was that based on Kenyan rules, one cannot board the plane in Tanzania and get off in Tanzania. The plane must must depart or arrive in its home country. There was no reservation counter or personnel to assist us in Kilimanjaro so we had no choice but to fly to Nairobi without a ticket to go Zanzibar. The ironic thing was that they did stop the plane in Zanzibar and let off passengers that boarded the plane from Nairobi but for us, we were prohibited from deboarding the plane since we got on the plane from Kilimanjaro. The plane experienced some mechanical problems Zanzibar and all had to get off the plane and wait in the terminal. Once the plane got cleared, we got back on to the plane and departed for Nairobi.

When we arrived in Nairobi, all the airlines ticket counters were closed so we had to wait until around 4:30 am when sales personnel arrived at Kenya Airways. We were then able to book a flight to Zanzibar for 6:30pm. Of course our flight route took us back to Kilimanjaro then on to Zanzibar which we were allowed to disembark this time!

Lesson learned - you cannot get to Zanzibar from Kilimanjaro via Kenya Airways without first going through Nairobi. The only airline that flies from Kilimanjaro to Zanzibar is Precision Air; however, you have to book in advance as flights sell out fast and it is highly unlikely you will be able to get a flight by just showing up at the Kilimanjaro airport. This is a very small, no frill airport with very limited service and no personnel to assist should you run into any difficulty.
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MarioBG MarioBG
19 reviews
First time and NEVER again Jan 23, 2017
I dont usually like to complain but I feel I need to get this off my shoulders.

In January 2017 I take my first flight with Kenya Airways from Johannesburg to Dubai via Nairobi. Horrific experience!

Firstly, were those seats designed for midgets?? Possibly the most uncomfortable flight I have been on.

Secondly, before the people board the flight does nobody clean and tidy up a little? I sit in my tiny little seat and try my best to avoid the coffee spilled all over my tray table to get on my pants. A hostess eventually wipes it clean after take off. P.S It wasnt my coffee.

What on earth is that smell??? Is it sweat or did somebody open up an old packet of Cheese-Naks??? The hostess walks through the cabin with a can of air freshener. What scent is that air freshener? Scent of death perhaps? I actually think it burned my nose hairs.

Did I mention that my flight is delayed? Its ok, I have a 6 hour lay over in Nairobi, im in no hurry.

Touchdown in Nairobi, no free wifi. Bought an hour of wifi for $4. The lady was nice to give me 3 hours. Good way to kill some time.

Time to board my flight to Dubai, finally. My DELAYED flight to Dubai. Flying over Palm Jumeirah was awesome.

Incredible holiday but now time to go home. Why do all the people in front of me in the queue for check-in have huge coffin-like boxes? Anyway, time for take-off. Flight delayed AGAIN, this time my lay over is only 2 hours. And there's the cheese-naks again, this air freshener wasnt so bad. We touch down in Nairobi, while the plane is maneuvering into its parking spot I already have my hand luggage in hand and am waiting at the exit, trying to ignore the instructions and death stares from the cabin crew and other passengers. Sorry but I feel like my legs and butt were held in a vice, also I dont want to miss my connecting flight to Johannesburg.

Who was I kidding?? How could I miss my connecting flight if it is delayed for nearly an hour??

One trip, four flights, all four delayed.

If this airline is the pride of Africa I would hate to know what my experience with another airline would be?
Africancrab Africanc…
777 reviews
My very first flight carrier Feb 21, 2009
Kenya Airways was the very first carrier I traveled on from Kampala to Nairobi many years ago. I have flown this airline so many times that I can confidently say it is a great choice within Continental Africa and Internationally with it's partner KLM. When in Africa and particularly East Africa, do as the Africans do - fly Kenya Airways
Africancrab says:
You will be happy with Kenya Airways
Posted on: Sep 03, 2012
missandrea81 says:
I was just looking at flights to Zanzibar. Thinking about going there in January. Me thinks I might choose Kenya Airways over Ethiopia Airlines after reading your reviews. ;)
Posted on: Aug 30, 2012
akip says:
Wonderful remarks thanks.
Posted on: Jan 19, 2012
bigmac993 bigmac993
37 reviews
Kenya Airways - Defending African Airlines Jan 01, 2008
In the short time I have known about TravBuddy I have not read a positive review of an African airline. And that was my impression too from years of reading about plane crashes etc. in Africa. On New Years Eve 2007 I flew from Houston, Texas to Mombasa, Kenya. It was a last minute decision and I had to buy a near last minute ticket. I booked the flight with KLM to Amsterdam and the only connecting flight they had to Nairobi was with Kenya Airways. I am thinking "Oh Crap" what should I do? I decided to roll the dice and go and was I ever pleasently surprised. I had a 10 or 12 hour layover in Amsterdam after arriving there early in the morning from an overnight flight from Houston. So I did some tourist things for a while until I got too cold and then rested at the Amstersdam airport for my night flight that left a little after 9PM. I was very pleasently surprised to see that the aircraft was a nearly new Boeing 777 and off we went. This was a new adventure for me because I had never flown to Africa before and had only been there on a merchant ship and I was very excited! The plane was near new so there was no room for complaint there and the cabin crew were so friendly, courteous, and efficient. We flew for a while, dinner was served quickly (it was a better than average by airlines standards) and cleared away when the captain announced that we were crossing a time zone and it was now the new year! I forgot to mention that the captain had given a fairly long talk before we took off and just hearing his voice and the words he said increased my confidence in an African airline. Well, we all cheered for the New Year and what do you know they had "Cold" Tusker beer on board. As many of you know Tusker is the national beer in Kenya. So we all had a couple of Tuskers and it could be ordered cold or warm as some prefer. We flew on across the Med and above Egypt and the captain continued to give us very friendly updates on our location and arrival date. I believe he was the most friendly captain I have ever heard and I have flown more than a million miles in my lifetime. He really helped increase our confidence in the airline. We arrived in Nairobi early in the morning and landed uneventfully. After clearing customs and buying my visa I waited for my connecting flight to Mombasa. Finally we left and it was a nice Boeing 737 in good condition. There was an Islamic convention in Mombasa and most of the plane was filled with conventions goers. I spent most of the flight talking with these people and enjoyed their explanations of the convention and the religious meanings. On my return home later that month I again took a Kenya Airways flight from Mombasa to Nairobi and the aircraft was a brand new Boeing 737-800! I had only seen pictures of this aircraft at this point. It was a very smooth ride which I badly needed after the huge goodbye party my Mombasa friends gave me the night before. I now wished that I had taken Kenya Airways back to Amsterdam but I was booked on the KLM flight which is also good, with much more friendly cabin crews than any American airline. Kenya Airways' slogan is the "Pride of Africa" and for me, that is a well deserved slogan. I highly recommend this airline to anyone and will fly with them any chance I have. I had never head of TravBuddy at this time and did not take any photos of the inside of the planes or the outsides. The photos of the planes are from Kenya Airways website. The one picture of the sunrise over the Kenya mountains was taken by me.
Kenya Airways
Kenya Airways 777
Kenya Airways 737-800
Sunrise over Kenya mountains

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