The Oracle of Delphi

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Delphi, Greece

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The Oracle of Delphi Dec 01, 2012
as zeus, the god of gods unleashed 2 eagles from the ends of the earth, they clashed and fell down straight to delphi, which is known in the ancient greek world as the navel of the world - the very center of the earth.

this maybe true, as the ancient greeks of the classical period, built around delphi a sanctuary dedicated to the god apollo - the god of light, arts, music and prophecy, but not only a temple but a series of temple complex that surrounds the oracle of delphi.

the oracle of delphi is famous in the ancient world not only to greeks but also kingdoms and empires from distant lands visited to consult the oracle.

the oracle is situated in the slopes of mount parnassos, the holiest and sacred of all the ancient greek mountains. it is the abode of apollo, the muses, the serpent python which apollo killed in the castalian springs, the daemon-god pan and the winged horse - pegasus. it was made holy and sacred because at slopes was the temple of apollo, the oracle of delphi and the center of the earth - the omphalos- the stone is also known as the stone that was wrapped by the titan rhea to feed cronus thinking that it was zeus.

the oracle known as pythia, sits on a tripod in the altar where vapors (believed to be coming out from the fault line) with hallucination effects makes her speech distorted and priests tried to decipher what she was saying, usually the choosing of the oracle should be an old woman of over 50 years old. the oracle predicts the future in vague remarks, it is up to the pilgrim how he interprets the predictions, however, at the entrance to the great temple of apollo lies a message of "know thyself and nothing in excess" - a metaphoric message before entering and asking question to the oracle - the priestess pythia.

the oracle of delphi grew and it became a huge treasury deposit - sort of like a central bank in the ancient greek world. so many treasuries were erected - the treasury of athens, the treasury of sparta, the treasury of the syphnians and many more city-states in the ancient greek world.

at the lower slope of the oracle and the great temple of apollo - lies the temple complex of athina pronaia (literally: athena before the temple OR the guardian of the temple in simplified form) which inluded the circular temple structure of the tholos which is an unusual design in classical greece and a gymnasium.

it also held the pythian games - a sporting event even before the ancient olympic games began that is dedicated to the god apollo. the games are mostly artistic with dancing and painting competitions.

in modern times, the oracle of delphi and the series of temples dedicated to the god apollo lay in ruins but some of them are restored like the theatre, the treasury of athens and the stadium held for the pythian games. the museum of delphi is great place to learn all about the ancient history of delphi and the oracle itself. it is very cheap to visit the archaeological site - it was around 11 euros for the entrance to the site and with the combination for the museum.
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lauro says:
hahahha thank ilse better late than never ^^ lol actually delphi is one of the easiest to get into from athens - there are at least 4 schedules of bus in one day!
Posted on: Jan 19, 2013
ilserita says:
Congrats Lauro! (how did I miss that your review got featured?!:). This is such an interesting review and I really hope to have the chance to see the oracle of Delhi and the navel of the earth one day with my own eyes! Thanks for sharing! :)
Posted on: Jan 19, 2013
lauro says:
danke dir jutta für die gratuliere ^^
Posted on: Jan 17, 2013
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