The Old Jameson Distillery

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7 Bow Street, Dublin, Ireland

The Old Jameson Distillery Dublin Reviews

christl3 christl3
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JEM-son, not jame-i-son (like i used to say) Mar 08, 2014
In an effort to experience more of my home city we went here on a (rare) beautiful Dublin day. It's located down the quays in Dublin, in the Smithfield area. The area that it's located has kept a lot of it's charm and pre-Celtic Tiger working man's yard.

The tour itself costs €14 per adult. The tour consists of a walk around the factory (which does not distill any whiskey anymore since the premises have been relocated to Cork), a free Jameson whiskey drink (either straight up or with ginger ale and lime... Yum!) and a limited availability whiskey tasting experience which, if you are a whiskey drinker, you should volunteer for.

The tour is rather short at about 40 minutes. The guide brings you through the old distillery and explains about the ingredients, the equipment, the tastes etc. The best part was where they show you what percentage of the whiskey stored in the barrels is lost to condensation over the years depending on the length of storage. That was interesting! It gave me an image of droplets of whiskey floating away into the atmosphere.

I wasn't too pushed on this whole tour. It was too short, too expensive and nothing unique. I have been to a few of the brewery/distillery tours and some stand out from others (Heineken and Granville Island Brewery in Vancouver were among the best) but in general, the information tends to be the same. There was nothing special about this tour.
The foyee/bar
The voluntary whiskey tasting
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malinita malinita
63 reviews
old jameson distillery Jan 03, 2012
for all you who likes scoootish or american whiskey..this is the traditional and must famouse irish whiskey.

in this place you can learn more about the difrency bettween the whiskey in the world and how to make a good whiskey.

why are paople so in to whiskey?

do you know the conection bettween irish whiskey an dport wine from portugal?
tj1777 tj1777
378 reviews
Old Jameson Distillery - home of Irish whiskey Jan 30, 2011
When you say whisky most people think of Scots - but they didn’t invent the drink - it was actually brought to Scotland from Ireland by monks. Brewing whiskey - or uisce beatha - is an old traditional Irish drink distilled in Ireland for about a thousand years in Ireland. And watch out - even the spelling is different between the Irish and the Scottish drink.

One of the most famous Irish distilleries is the Jameson distillery. It used to have it’s headquarter in the central part of Dublin - but it has been moved so today the whiskey is distilled in Middleton Cork. But the company hasn’t sold of the old building - it has been turned into a museum so anybody who has got an interest in whiskey can go and visit.

You will have to join up on a 1 hour long tour which starts out with a short film introducing you to the making of whiskey. During the film you realize the man founding the distillery was born in Dublin - he came from another place - none other than Scotland!! The most famous Irish whiskey was actually created by a Scotsman - it’s sort of ironic isn’t it.

One way the Irish whiskey separate itself from their Scottish rivals is in the distilling process. When barley is fermented it greats alcohol - the alcohol level is moderate - basically it’s the same process you use for brewing beers - so the level of alcohol might be as low as 5 percent. Hence this is not even close to being spirits. You need to distil it first. The big difference is a Scots whisky is double distilled (just like Cognac) while the Irish is triple distilled. Apparently this is done to create a more smooth tasting whiskey compared to the Scottish whisky. Though it could also just be because you want to save a bit more of your brew?

The tour goes through the different processes of the brewing, distilling and maturation process - which as an end result got a great whiskey. The tour end with the highlight - the tasting of the product. Some from the group (the really pushy and fast ones who jump in front of me) will be chosen to a tasting of Jameson and comparing it to Scots in the form of Johnnie Walker and American in the form of Jack Daniels. The tasting end with all people doing it favoring the Jameson - I think it was rigged somehow with the competitors being destroyed in some devious plot. The rest of the people of the tour will have to get by on a single glass of Jameson - so depending on the time of the day you normally start drinking you should time your entry to the distillery.
Display with old master Jameson
The stills
The stills
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tj1777 says:
They seem to be a completely different era. I remember when I started working people could still have a beer for lunch. No more no more.

Unfortunately there was no tasting of the 12 different ingredients - only the end result.
Posted on: Jun 10, 2012
westwind57 says:
So then it would be adviseable to go in the morning, right? I have to think back on my first business trip to Sidney. My colleague invited me to a St. Patrick's day event sponsored by Jameson. We got to taste whiskey per shot glass of with each of the 12 "ingredient whiskeys" used to blend Jameson's so by the time we got to taste the end result, we already knew that there would not be that much of business anymore that afternoon... Where have these days gone that business could still be fun like that... :D
Posted on: Jun 10, 2012
rotorhead85 says:
Nice Feature!
Posted on: Mar 10, 2011
AlyLdn AlyLdn
3 reviews
For Whiskey lovers! Jul 21, 2011
The first thing you notice about the Old Jameson Distillery is the beautiful reception area, which still holds some of the original features of the distillery house. A double height stunning bar area serving whiskey (but of course!) entices you to stop and drink even before you start the tour!

The tour begins in their own cinema (v cushy) and a short video of the history of John Jameson and whiskey. Honestly very informative. Our guide, like all the Irish, was super friendly and indescribably passionate and acknowledged about Jameson and whiskey. Something you don't feel at the unmentionable 'G-house'. A tip for whiskey lovers: at this point, make sure you get chosen by the guide to be an extra special taster, who will hand you a green baton. If you get one of these you are in for a treat!

Now, of course what everyone is waiting for is the free whiskey at the end but you definitely won't be disappointed with tour - full of insightful information that transports you back in time. Not overly scientific but full of great stories.

Best bit? The tasting of course! You get led into a beautiful bar and have a choice of Jameson either on the rocks, with cranberry or lemonade. Straight always! I so happened to have the lucky experience of being a special taster which entails tasting Jameson against a scotch and a bourbon - and I can happily say (not sure if the tour had any affect on my decision) that Jameson was the clear winner! It's triple distillation gives such a smooth texture that it truly is a pleasure to drink.

If you are ever in Dublin, a trip to The Old Jameson Distillery will definitely be a highlight!
chaun19 chaun19
3 reviews
Volunteer Mar 28, 2011

Going to the Irish distillery was great- always remember to volunteer since that's teh only way to get the free tasting at the end. After this I learned so much about combinations with Whiskey- its almost bareable to drink now.
jameshendicott jameshen…
38 reviews
not quite as good as the Guinness storehouse, but more personal. Dec 17, 2010
Rule number one for this place: as soon as the tour video finishes, be ready to stick your hand in the air and volunteer. The volunteers get to do a whiskey taste test at the end, which means four times as much whiskey for your money, and a nice little souvenir certificate to take home, plus a lame joke if you didn't pick Jameson (most do - psychology, or is it actually better? who knows...)

The distillery is not actually a distillery anymore, but it does have a lot of the original equipment, and the guide is good at explaining the basics behind the production in an entertaining way. It's fairly short, but the building's interesting and the options for food and drinks afterwards are pretty good. It's worth a walk over the Smithfield Sqaure, just around the corner, too, and perhaps a visit to the Cobblestone pub at one end (a great traditional pub).

this is good value for money, really, and I've been back several times without getting bored. It's not all that big, and you can't go around yourself. If you don't normally drink that much, it's also possibly to get fairly tipsy on the free drinks on the taste test, just to warn. Not an essential sight in my opinion, but if you have a few more days, it's certainly interesting.
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Elizabeth-Willemijn Elizabet…
15 reviews
Wiskey Tradition Jul 24, 2009
Jamesson is the Irish Wiskey Brand. It goes way back, as you'll see on this attraction. The tour shows you how wiskey is made, guided by a nice irish guide, who keeps promising whiskey at the end. Which you will get, when you're over the age of 18... Some of the group got to do some tasting, to see which wiskey they liked best. So if you like whiskey, sign up! It's all very well cared for, but a bit expensive. The admissions you'll also find on their site. We had to wait about two hours, so count in some time. The tour itself takes 45 min as well.
Barrels of Whiskey
The BEnch is the first barrel of w…
irish_dancer irish_da…
34 reviews
For the (non) whiskey lover May 08, 2009
When you are in Ireland you can't escape whiskey. So when I visited Dublin it was of to the Old Jameson Distillery for some nosing and hopefully tasting.

The tour lead us through all the stages of the fine art of whiskey distillation, with a very humourfull guide as well.

after the tour some people got the chance to taste different whiskey's, the rest got a nice glass of Jameson (or something non alcoholic).

It's nice for both whiskey lovers as for those who don;t drink.
festerwretch festerwr…
54 reviews
Feb 15, 2008
They don’t manufacture whiskey here anymore (you’d have to go to Midleton for that) but it’s the original site. It’s a guided tour, the guide was quite funny (well, mine was anyway – maybe you can ask for Kristina (from Slovakia)). Three guys and three girls were chosen to do a taste test at the end (not a blind taste test, you know what you’re drinking, er, well, you’re told what you’re drinking anyway, I didn’t see them pour it from a bottle). €9 with a student ID.

Option to buy a bottle which they claim is unavailable anywhere else, plus there was an option to buy the collection of “Midleton Very Rare Irish Whiskey” which is, a bottle of every annual “select” whiskey from the Midleton distillery since its inception in 1984. The total cost for the 23 bottles of whiskey? €50,000!!!
The Old Jameson Distillery
Tour in progress...
Entrance from the street.
The different whiskies to be compa…
darkarrow darkarrow
18 reviews
Jul 13, 2007
This was another trip we were able to get in free based on the bus pass. The bus doesn't drop you directly in front of the distillery but you can find your way to it. When you get there the floor in the lobby is made of glass so you can see below to the foundations of the old tanks. The facility is not that large or at least what you get to see is not that much. You start off first by watching a video and afterwards, the tour guide asks for volunteers. If you like whiskey (assuming why you are there) you should try to get picked. If you are you partake in some whiskey tasting at the end of the tour. You will get to compare Jamison's against a bunch of others that are not triple distilled. Our tour guide was very informative and got to learn a lot about the process of distilling whiskey. At the end of the tour for those that were not selected you still get to sample some of Jamison's whiskey so worth going.
danorwick danorwick
15 reviews
Sep 05, 2007
The tour is pretty basic but also pretty swish and you can tell that a lot of effort has been put into making this attraction. I love Jameson whiskey, and the tour tells you all you probably would expect about its making with a guide around a partially reconstructed distillery, and with the aid of a couple of corny videos. OK, I'm not a mega-fan of these tourist museums/tours, but this is as enjoyable as any other, and at the end you get to enjoy a shot of the whiskey with the rest of your entourage, and if you are brave enough to volunteer at the start you get to compare the Jameson with other local and global brands. Notably you also get the chance to purchase an exclusive 12 year old special reserve supposedly unavailable elsewhere.
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cotterb cotterb
71 reviews
Aug 10, 2006
Only 9€ for an adult ticket in for this guided tour. They call it the Old Distillery because whiskey is no longer made her but rather now the production is in Cork. The tour guide was very knowledgable and I learned a lot about the production of whiskey and the differences between Irish, Scottish, and American whiskeys. Each step is explained in a museum like mock up of the area that this step took place in and I found it was easier to understand what was going on by standing in the middle of it. At the end of the tour you get a free glass, and four volunteers get to taste three different Irish whiskeys, a scotch, and an american whisky to see the differences. Very informative tour, definatly worth the money.

The end of the tour ends in the gift shop of course and there is pleanty to buy here. They have many whiskeys that are not available in the US as well as clothing and other trinkets.

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