The Night Safari

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Singapore, Singapore
The Night Safari - This is the only photo I have as we were not allowed to use our cameras (no flash)
The Night Safari - The Night Safari, Singapore
The Night Safari - The Night Safari, Singapore
The Night Safari - The Night Safari, Singapore
The Night Safari - Night Safari, Singapore

The Night Safari Singapore Reviews

vorko vorko
18 reviews
A wonderful surprise Aug 07, 2014
I don't know how you are but on my side I find zoos boring... Don't misunderstand me, I have been to many zoos, all around the world, some are better than others (the Singapore one being quite nice in itself), but still a zoo is a zoo: lots of people walking around, looking at sleeping animals....

BUT the Night Safari is something else!

At first, when I was recommended to go to see the zoo at night, I was not very motivated for the above reasons. But finally I went. That day it was raining, so few people went there, most travelling inside the zoo in bus... on my side, I simply wandered around by myself and had a wonderful experience.

At night, animals dont sleep... I was able to see wolves howling, running, fighting, playing... tigers jumping.... A bat has been chasing me...

Adding to this, Singapore zoo is very nicely designed, with no fences, and with light plays I had sometimes the impression that the tiger was just ahead of me, looking at me and that he could jump on me at anytime!!!

Amazing and heavily recommended.
nomaden says:
Good to hear you enjoyed the night Safari. We don't have many zoo's in the Philippines & so each time I go to another country I make sure I visit one. But it was in Singapore that I first saw a Giraffe, rhino, and Timon (lo) meercat in real life. It was because of him that I actually missed my flight back home. He's sneaky, I badly want to take a vid of him but he hides when I show my cam & only cam out w/o it. But anyway, I digress. The night safari? I regretted I went there... hahaha! I didn't see anything except for blazing eyes in the dark but I was just on a tram. I didnt know & didn't bother to ask that we can get off and explore on our own. So yeah, it wasn't an amazing experience for me :p
Posted on: Apr 04, 2015
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adrianaaaron adrianaa…
51 reviews
Singapore Night Safari Mar 21, 2013
The zoo was never a place of visit in my travel list. In fact, I had never been to any until I came to the Singapore Night safari. My first time was memorable of course. At this safari, I was able to see all kinds of animals for the very first time! The safari offers visitors with tramp ride in which they sit and and relax while looking and observing wild animals moving in their most active time. I was a little scared because these animals were allowed to roam free. Nothing to worry because there is always a big hole/partition that separates the carnivorous animals from the visitors. It's pretty safe. There are some art galleries available here for those who wish to buy souvenirs. If you are hungry or thirsty, you can stop by at the Zebra cafe.
This is the only photo I have as w…
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fr3ddiboi fr3ddiboi
9 reviews
A great nigh time experience Jun 28, 2011
If you have every wanted to get up close to nocturnal animals then you should definitely head here. It's easy to get to by bus/MRT and the Night Safari also run a shuttle service that stops on at a number of destinations in the city (S$4.50 each way).

When you arrive the Night Safari presents the fire-eating and acrobatic Thumbuakar! They have a number of shows during the night where they will entertain you with a display of dance, scorching stunts and blowpipe demonstrations!

The Safari itself has the animals on small islands so there are no cages/fences so you feel really close to the animals. I’d recommend the tour bus as the guides provide you with a vast amount of information but the fun part is when you go off the beaten track and walk the trails. You then really get to spend a bit more time with the animals and walking around in the dark really adds a different factor to the whole experience.
The Night Safari, Singapore
asylumhengah asylumhe…
2 reviews
Get a combo deal Jul 25, 2011
They often have tickets to sell as a package for both zoo n night safari. It is gd to take it as u can save probably 30% of the price. U will find it just enough to spend 4 h there so go early when they stArt at 7 pm. It ends 11pm
stefan88 stefan88
15 reviews
Great night-life experience Sep 16, 2010
The Night Safari, being situated only a few steps from Singapore zoo is easyly reachable by MRT and bus.

To safe time, you should do the zoo during day and visit the night safari diretly afterwards.

I did it on two different days but you have to spend the time for driving by bus two times then.

After entering the safari, I directly took the tram ride which was interesting. The staff is very friendly, taking photos of everyone using their own cameras (that's useful if you visit the safari on your own ;)).

The best experience though is exploring the area on your own at night. There are several trails you can walk where you (hopefully) see lots of animals.

I came across some compounds where I couldn't see an animal, but that's life and maybe it was just me being not able to see it :)

There are also some shows scheduled at specific times, so I decided to have a look at the last performance of "Creatures of the night". The show was OK, though it was more for the little kids, but all in all there were some really interesting and funny animals.

I would definetly recommend this as part of the "Park Hopping Ticket" that includes the zoo and Jurong Bird Park as well to safe some extra money.
adrianaaaron says:
love it too
Posted on: Mar 29, 2013
coffeefairy says:
i love this place :)
Posted on: Jun 21, 2011
Raches Raches
25 reviews
Aug 28, 2006
The Night Safari (separate from the Singapore Zoo) is touted as one of Singapore's best tourist attractions. We had spent all day running around the bird park in the sun, so we were a little tired by the time we reached the night safari and may not have had as good an experience as we would have.We decided to see the earliest Creatures of the Night show session (there's one every hour on the hour); this involved quite a bit of lining up in a big crowd, but we managed to get seats right down the front (kids are good at finding a way to get their way!). The show was good, but just not as impressive as I'd expected. There were some pretty cool creatures, like the spotted cat who can jump ridiculously high, owls, and a furry bear cat thing that inched its way across the crowd on a suspended rope. There was a bit of play-acting and my six-year-old cousin got to be a volunteer and hide a grape in his hand for one of the little creatures (I think it was a serval?) to smell out and pick.We then took the tram ride around the zoo (I think park entrance and tram ride is $28). This was well worth it, as you get to see some animals that are hidden or immobile during the day. The white rhinos, hippoes, lions, tigers, panthers and deer were all out in the 'moonlight'. I didn't like the owl exhibit so much - I love owls but I think their cages were way too small. But I don't know how you can tell if an owl is happy or not.There are a few walks you can do - we did part of the leopard trail, then the mangrove walk where you come up close to bats feeding on fruit - that was quite cool. Everyone was buggered by then so we decided to leave. There's a bus you can catch that goes straight to Orchard Rd (for tourists, obviously!) for $4 which was much more appealing than a 1-hour bus/MRT ride.
Amanda Amanda
83 reviews
Nov 07, 2004
You will love this!!! This is the only nocternal zoo in the world, and it's in the rainforest. There is a good way to get a tour to do it; we did this and were glad we did.The company is called Viator; we were very happy. (That's the link to them). What we did, was pay for the one where you get the little dinner there as well; and suprisingly, it was wonderful for many reasons; the food was actually very nice, but moreover, it gave you a chance to get to know the other people who had taken the tour, and they were from all over the world. We loved, loved, loved this!! A few things to note:

1. You leave at about 10:00 to go back to the city - so either don't sit at dinner too long, or splurge and pay for a taxi back to town (they aren't much) so you can stay a lot longer and really soak it in.

2.. Don't panic at the little crap van that picks you up at your hotel (I have to admit, we did a little bit). This just takes you to the main pick up point down town, not far at all; then you get on a LOVELY bus, great AC, just fantastic. You're on that for the rest of the night and never see the little shuttle van again.

You'll never forget this experience!
Night Safari, Singapore
travelman727 says:
Thanks for the great review; it sounds fantastic! I have used Viator several times in Europe and have always been very happy with their service.
Posted on: Aug 30, 2006

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