The Nature Wonders of Iceland.

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The Nature Wonders of Iceland. Reviews

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Never do we believe in paying for bus tours as we wouldn't get to have much time to stay as long as we like for a sight we like. No opportunities to stop at a location whereby you want to step out and have a look or even snap a photo. What more...nature business in the wild, you know what I mean...taking a piss. Thus, it is best done doing it yourself, a road trip and renting a car...and hopefully to have a friend who is a skilled driver.

We rented a car from BUDGET, of course we did our booking and payment at the tourist information center (located central of Reykjavik). We requested for an Opel Corsa 1.0 and payed 7900 ISK without another ridiculous extra charge for under the age of 25.

When we were there, we got a red Volkswagen Polo 1.2 instead which was much better. It was clean and new. The best thing is, this car doesn't consume so much fuel!

Our journey began from Reykjavik, heading for Selfoss on Route 1 via route 42 and 427. On the way, you will notice this rocky and moss covered terrain (it was vast). We stepped out to snap some photos, I stepped on the moss covered rock, it felt like walking on some thick carpet. Don't worry, I didn't walk so much on them, I don't plan on destroying the environment and it is also dangerous as the moss might cover some holes, thus you might trip and fall.

On the way, you will notice an area whereby all the fishes were being hung out to dry. Quite a creepy sight but yet interesting and fascinating. You can smell the fishiness lingering in the air. Continue on the route, and keep to those yellow markers along the road (try not to go to those smaller-narrow roads or you'll get lost without a GPS system). You will be amazed by those mountains and scenery, you will come across a lake and then a mud pot, bubbling away with steam coming out.

Still on route 1 to Hella and then towards the route 268, we drove along Hekla, I wouldn't say we were driving directly next to that volcano but at least a safe distance away. The magnificent sight of those volcanoes were really wonderful. It would take you some time to absorb the beauty in. Route 268 is a long drive with rocky terrains but really nice and quiet. After route 268, take route 26 and then route 32 towards Arnes. After a certain distance you will have to switch to route 30 whereby it'll lead you to route 35. From route 35, you will head for the Gulfoss, the wonderful two-step waterfall.

It is REALLY HUGE and jaw-dropping scenery (my first time seeing a waterfall!). Not too far away, you can head towards the Geysir...there's one geysir, Strokkur. It blows every 15 minutes. The other one hardly ever...I read in Lonely Planet that it is called, Geysir (it would blow/erupt every 5-6 mins) and many people (stuuupid them) threw rocks into it in order to agitate the geysir to burst. Well, it got clog up thus, now it hardly blows.

After enjoying the spectacular nature of the waterfall and geysir, it was time for dinner and of course night falls, and we were hoping to have a glimpse of the Aurora Borealis. We did get to see it but it was just too faint. It was kind of sad but it was alright after seeing Iceland's other wonderful nature.

Take route 37 and then switch to 365, heading for Þingvellir, you need to switch to Route 36 in order to get back to Reykjavik.

It is advised to move clockwise when travelling the Golden Circle thus you would see those magnificent view of the waterfall and geysirs. Apparently, we chose to move anti-clockwise thus, we caught the Gulfoss a little too late when night was falling.

I must say that I am really glad and lucky to have a wonderful driver, hehehehe my boyfriend is somewhat skilled in driving but I better not praise him too much (or he'll get swell-headed hehehehe). He did get the car stuck in the mud back in Bali, Indonesia.

Do note, give way to those big Jeep cars and fast moving ones. Watch out for those gravel don't want to get the car scratched (if you chose not to pay for insurance). We used Lonely Planet, the BIG MAP (got it free) and iPhone GPS to guide us. This is my first time doing up a roadtrip review 'guide'. I hope you'll find it useful but then again, do come prepared and well-knowledged/equipped for this roadtrip. It is quite creepy to be lost in the wilderness.

I wouldn't mind visiting Iceland again for its nature and lobster soup! Definitely the next time we will check out the glaciers and whales via the boat, it'll cost us a lot of $$$ but I think it's going to be spectacular and unbelievable. I WANT TO GO TO ICELAND AGAIN!

Iceland's nature...what more can I say? It takes a whole lot of breath to absorb all in. Simply WONDERFUL! IT IS AN ADVENTURE TO DISCOVER!
Endless rocky moss covered terrain…
Endless rocky moss covered terrain…
Feels like stepping on thick carpe…
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