The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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1000 Fifth Avenue at 82nd Street, New York, NY, USA

The Metropolitan Museum of Art New York Reviews

Cheryl529 Cheryl529
34 reviews
Perfect Mother/Daughter Day Jul 19, 2016
My daughter and I spent several hours at the MET yesterday. The ancient jewelry was beautiful as were the Greek, Roman and Islamic artifacts. Stunning illustrations and pencil prints. Degas, Monet, Manet Cezanne, Renior, El Greco paintings! Priceless sculptures. So much to see and we didn't even make a dent there. They offer several tours daily that is included in the price of admission. They also offer audio tours. There is a cafe, a few shops and a lovely outdoor courtyard. They sometimes offer concerts and have speakers in the evenings.
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ys484 ys484
177 reviews
MET Jan 13, 2016
I watched "The First Monday in May", I really realized the influence that this art museum gala has on society. I was overwhelmed by that influence. The more I know about New York, the deeper I am fascinated by this city. Even if your stay in New York is limited, You should visit this museum. I love European paintings, so I went the Impressionist room. I was very happy to be in front of a lot of great works. To my surprise, it was ok to take pictures in the art museum. Taking photographs in the art museum is not allowed in Japan. Compared to the famous art exhibition in Japan, the exhibitions room were not crowded so much, so I enjoyed seeing the masterpieces.
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spocklogic says:
One of the great museums of the world!
Posted on: Nov 04, 2017
ellechic ellechic
137 reviews
Appreciating art throughout cultures Aug 29, 2014
The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC is one of the famous museums in the world.

The museum is free; however, they do have suggested prices. I normally just donate $1 on my visits (I give the full suggested price of $20 on my 1st visit of the year, and subsequently $1 for the rest of the year).

You can't go through the museum in just a day - there's just too much to see and so easy to get lost! I recommend that if you're in NYC for a week, spread out your visit over 3 days 2 hrs at a time, to enjoy the museum - but that's just me.

The Met website ( offer suggested itineraries ideal for those with limited time and want to see unique collections at the Met:

Colletion Highlights:

First Floor:

Second Floor:

During the summer months, the Roof Garden & Cafe is open, with a beautiful view of Central Park and NYC's skyscrapers.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art - v…
The Metropolitan Museum of Art - M…
The Metropolitan Museum of Art - M…
The Metropolitan Museum of Art - M…
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vances vances
575 reviews
The Amazing MET! Dec 16, 2013
One of the world’s great museums, the MET sits on the east side of Central Park at Fifth Avenue and 82nd Street. I’m not quite certain how admission works because Jenn has a membership and she got our entrance badges, but apparently it is on a “donation” basis (meaning $25 is recommended, but you can get in for one dollar). You are presented with a small sticker to wear that has the current date on it – the really convenient aspect of this is that you can go in and out at will (they do search all handbags, daypacks, etc., so you will need to be searched each time you return, but it is quick and not intrusive). You cannot get through this museum in a single day, but take your time – there is a cafeteria and several cafes throughout the massive structure, so you can dine on site and never lose your stride.

I’ve wanted to get here for some time to check out their Islamic Art exhibition, but there is so much more. Ranging from ancient treasures to modern masters and everything in between, there is a constantly changing line-up and special events such as talks, tours and live performances, many for no charge. Definitely review their web site before you visit so as not to miss anything passing through. The museum is open seven days a week from 10A to 5:30P, open until 9P Friday and Saturday.
The MET is massive and most hallwa…
Jenn framing a shot
Trying to be arty in the art museu…
Mosaic in Greek and Roman Art exhi…
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Zagnut66 says:
Vance, I read recently that the museum is planning on making the $25 entrance fee mandatory, though I don't know when.
Posted on: Dec 27, 2013
andrejav andrejav
751 reviews
MET Jul 31, 2013
Alright, there is already lots said about this amazing museum, but I’ll have to add more images and some updated info. Entrance is still SUGGESTED price and $1 is perfectly fine as a donation to the museum.

This museum is HUGE and has incredible collections that you can’t just see without stopping and enjoying in them. It took me four days to go through the museum and I probably spent more than 20 hours in the museum. There are always some special collections, and when I was there they had PUNK exhibition that has excellent samples of post punk clothing influences. I agree that this is the best all in all museum in the world (some specialized museums are story for themselves). I will be adding a bit of photos for all of you that dont have the opportunity to see this museum.
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andrejav says:
hahaha, it took two days per floor... with one day of rest in between. Pictures are there because you simply go into overload and you need some reference to go back to :)
Posted on: Aug 01, 2013
cimtech says:
Thank you for sharing! Just wondering how long it took you to take 1130 Pictures...based on my calculation if avg shot takes about 10 seconds then 1130 X 10 = 11300 seconds = 3 hours 13 mins. :)
Posted on: Aug 01, 2013
missandrea81 says:
Oh, I understand. I took a LOT of pictures at the Vatican. haha
Posted on: Jul 31, 2013
amandalaren amandala…
21 reviews
Lovely place Aug 14, 2012
While I was staying with my aunt and uncle for a weekend, we hit all of the major things to see. It was my first time there and I had my friend with me so we came to the MMA. We had so so so much fun! We didn't even get to see everything. The Egyptian layout was awesome as hell. I love it all! There was a lot to see and do here and I tried to make it around the whole place but didn't get to. The art was beautiful. I highly recommend stopping here.
WalterC WalterC
389 reviews
Nice collection of art from around the world Sep 05, 2011
Having one of the most extensive collection of art from around the world, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, more commonly known as the Met. Located on the eastern side of Central Park, it is worth the time, when it rains or very hot outside.

The museum has a huge collection of art, about 3 floors worth. So covering it on one visit would be impossible. Best plan to pick a few sections and just focus on those. If you have the time and energy, you can see a few more.

The biggest highlight is the Temple of Dendur, which is the real thing and brought over from Egypt. Really nice to see. Another highlight is the walkthrough the replica of the American mansion.

While this place is very interesting, I would save it for later or skip it, if this was your first time to New York City. That's mainly because the city has a lot of other attractions that are more worth it. If anything, it is probably the best option for a rainy or hot day.

Not saying that this museum is terrible (it certainly isn’t), if you have the time, and very interested in art, then the Met is worth checking out.
museum building
fountain near entrance
lobby area
Egyptian art
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WalterC says:
Yes, there is definitely an entrance fee. $25, I believe.
Posted on: May 22, 2014
cotton_foam says:
Is there an entrance fee, Walter?!
Posted on: May 21, 2014
nyprne nyprne
52 reviews
Metroppolitan Museum of Art - New York, New york USA Jan 12, 2011
While there is no charge entrance fee and it is marketed as free entrance, there is a donation that is somewhat required for a membership that feels very much like an entrance fee.

This museum is amazing. There are tons of museums to choose from in New York. I settled on this one for the proximity to Central Park and where we were staying. I was not disappointed at all. I saw enough Van Gogh's and Picasso's to keep me drawing for years to come. I walked the exhibits until my feet hurt and then I walked some more. Like many A class museums around the world, you can't see it all in one visit or in one day. There are so many pieces to enjoy, a several day excursion would be proper for the art enthusiast.

Main Building

Tuesday–Thursday: 9:30 a.m.–5:30 p.m.

Friday and Saturday: 9:30 a.m.–9:00 p.m.

Sunday: 9:30 a.m.–5:30 p.m.

Monday: Closed (except Holiday Mondays)

1000 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10028
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nyprne says:
Thank you for your comments, Theresa. I had a peek at your website and admire your landscape renditions. I hope you realize your trip to Madrid soon. Have a great week!
Posted on: May 08, 2011
quirkworks says:
My Fav! I am an artist and I find many resources here. When you are done, walk across the Street, Fifth Ave and find The Austrian Museum with Klimt and Egon Schiele!! Wow! The relax in a Austrian Bistro, Café Sabarsky on sire. You will feel the same ambiance as in Europe. What a find!
Posted on: May 08, 2011
nyprne says:
Thank for the kind congratulations. I thoroughly enjoyed touring this museum and look forward to my return.
Posted on: Feb 15, 2011
mila_bakh mila_bakh
3 reviews
The best art museum Apr 06, 2011
I've been in Louvre (Paris), National Gallery (London), Hermitage (S.Petersburg) and I think Met is the most awesome museum in the world. I wish to spend there a couple of days if I could. But if you have just a couple of hours you can offer free tour "Museum Highlights". It's amazing!
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spocklogic says:
High praise for the MET in good company you mention with the other museums!
Posted on: Feb 01, 2013
quirkworks quirkwor…
4 reviews
The Epicenter of Art May 08, 2011
The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of my worldwide favorites next to the Prado. Being in NYC, you can never tire of the all the art and museums. I am very good at touring the Met and know much about art. So if you have questions let me know. The museum is in a great location and when you are tired, walk across the street, Fifth Ave, and be sure to visit the Austrian Museum where you will see Klimt and Egon Schiele. There is a secret Austrian Bistro, Café Sabarsky, inside the Museum and you will feel you are surely in Europe. Walk up to Madison Ave and make a right to find many art galleries.
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hablume hablume
2 reviews
Cannot miss. Jul 20, 2011
Try to go through this SLOWLY. It is encyclopedic. Each section is its own museum in its own right, so don't rush through. Don't miss the big, famous rooms, but also don't try to rush through. Spend a whole day there and try to keep your stamina so that you can really see the MET.

When you're done at the met, that area around central park is really lovely too.

Also -- you don't really have to pay the "recommended donation" I usually give a few bucks.
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attyjcalvarez attyjcal…
3 reviews
Met Museum of Art - Must see for any first-time visitor in NYC Apr 14, 2011
Tips: The $20 admission is SUGGESTED. You can pay whatever reasonable you can give.

If you want to do a quick 2 hour highlights self-guided tour, I recommend the ff: Greek and Roman collection, Egyptian and the Temple of Dendur, Medieval and Armory, Impressionism and proceed to the rooftop for awesome views and a cool cocktail.

You're welcome.
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abbybsb902 abbybsb9…
14 reviews
From a security guard the worlds 2nd largest museum and 2nd in the US Oct 05, 2010
Many people think the museum is $20 and there is something valuable to be said about NYC museums, most of them are recommended price. Translation= You have to pay something but they don't care what. So if you are truly broke like I paying a penny is possible but keep in mind the museum uses this money to pay for some of its staff and art transportation and more. Just be honest with yourself. If you make 40K or less yeah...your not paying $20 but if you make 100K come on!

So what are some of the museums highlights:

-Egyptian temple

-Assyrian Palace

-Greek and Roman statues

-Seasonal roof garden with a view of the Dakota (hotel where John Lennon was shot), Chrysler building and Central Park and has different large modern art pieces every year

-Raphael in the back of the European Paintings section

-Seasonal costume collection on display (past shows included Superheros, Channel, and Poriet)

-Byzatine art

-Full armor from both Eurpope and Asia

-Spanish Patio

-Rembrandt, Seurat, Cezanne, Monet, Caravaggio, Picasso, (very little Dali and no Frida unfortunately)

I recommend eating at the museum as the neighborhood foods will be the same price or more and the quality is usually of lesser value. Eating at the cheapest eatery there will provide a delicious meal. I highly recommend the salad, sushi, and cupcakes.

Though the website states differently the hours are actually Tuesday-Thursday and Sunday 9:30am-5:15Pm, Fridays and Saturdays 9:30am-8:45PM.

-Purses are allowed to be brought in the museum though not checked in NO MATTER WHAT!

-Luggage's are not allowed AT ALL IN ANY CASE!

-No food or dinks allowed except for plain water (Example Vitamin water is a no no) but something like M&M's should be find. Sandwich is questionable. Pizza no matter how well wrap is a big No NO with your Coke)Trust me I work in the front don't grocery shop before coming

-Large bags are not allowed. I wouldn't go larger then the average backpack to play safe

-Backpacks have to be put in coat check unless security says otherwise

-Bring your camera pix allowed in most spots of the museum and that's how most NYC museums are.

-If you don't want to lug around your extra lens for your SLR or computer don't bring it because you will be forced to.

When you initially enter:

-Open your bag where it will be inspected and hold it open (if you don't have one step in)

-Buy your tickets at one of the glass tables (If your company has reciprocal membership go to information desk, if you have a City Pass or New York Pass go to to the Will Call Desk) and get your tickets which will be in the form of a round foldable pin to put on your shirt. Keep this pin all day as you can leave and come back all day in the museum and keep your reciept in case you lose it as it is common. When you are done with the museum you can keep it as a souvenir

-Roof garden closes earlier by 15 minutes and if the weather is poor (raining or it did rain its closed) just like the shops.

-Make sure to get a map and list of special exhibitions at the tables where you get your admission pin.

-The only eatery I recommend outside the museum near by is on 85street and Lexington next to Carows East. Its a Mediterranean Restaurant but it won't be cheap.
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Dr_Seuss Dr_Seuss
216 reviews
Something For Everyone Feb 02, 2010
Met up with some of the Travbuddies from the weekend to do The Metropolitan. It opens to the public at 9-30 and there was a queue gathered for the opening. Was waiting outside for the others to turn up and it was clear by the time we went in about 15 minutes later.

Tickets cost $20 and they give you a wee clip on admission badge so you can come and go as you please. Don't know how she knew, but Lieke sugested we waited and did the Highlights Tour at 10-15, which met up just behind the ticket offices on the left, as you go in the door.

Really glad we did, as there is so much to see, you'll never get round it all, sure the woman that took the tour said there were more than 2 million exhibits. The tour took just over and hour, and ended up at the Rembrandts room, but was really good as the woman pointed out various different exhibits and gave us the story and backgound behind them.

Was really taken with the story and explanation of the 'Tables For Ladies' painting, the gates from the Cathedral Of Valladolid and the glass work by Louis C. Tiffany. It is such a varied collection in the museum though I'm sure there is something that would interest everyone in it.

After the tour was done we split so we could see the things that interested us. I headed back to the beginging of the tour, the Greek section, so I could see things that had caught my eye as we did the tour. Basically retraced the tour, but went off into the other side rooms to see what was in them.

We all met up again at 1-30pm and agreed there was still more we all wanted to see and decided to meet back again at 3pm.

So we'd spent more than 5 hours in here and I still reckon only saw a fraction of it. At that rate, $4 an hour, it is quite a cheap day out in New York. I would/will happily go back as I'm sure next time other things would catch my eye and it would be a whole different experience.

It was a lot busier around lunchtime and early afternoon, so I would reccomend arriving at 10am just in time to do the first tour.
Enterance To The Metropolitan
Start Of Greek Section
'Tables for Ladies' by Edward Hopp…
Perseus With The Head Of Medusa
fei0724 fei0724
2 reviews
My Favorite Museum Feb 22, 2010
This is a huge museum. There's more here than you can see in a single day, assuming you use a leisurely pace. It's all worth seeing, though. So if there are certain areas you're more interested in, plot them out on the map, and focus on those. Otherwise, you'll be wandering around aimlessly without much of a plan. It's well worth seeing, however. There's much more than just art here: for example, the arms and armor wing, and the period rooms set up in a house. Just about every type of art is represented here, so you really can't go wrong. Take some time and check it out. You'll be glad you did.
Andy99 Andy99
621 reviews
The Vast Collections of the Met Nov 13, 2009
The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of New York City's treasures. The vast collection of art from all periods is one of the world's largest.

The galleries are organized by historic periods, such as Egyptian, Greek and Roman, Medieval, and Modern, by region, such as American, Central Asian, Korean, and European, or by theme, such as Musical Instruments, Photographs, and Amrms and Armor. Paintings, sculpture, jewelry, and decorative arts are all on display. Pick up a free "Museum Plan" guide at the information desk.

The collections can't be seen in one visit. I recomend planning a visit based on a period or area you'd like to see. All galleries and exhibits are provided with informative and detailed interpretive signage. Whatever are you choose, you'll quickly become absorbed in the displays!

Several cafes are provided throughout the museum. The large gift shop is a great palce to shop for--gifts. (Good source for birthday and holiday presents.)

The suggested admission contrubution is $20 for adults and $10 for students.
Temple of Dendur
Statues of the Goddess Sakhmet
God Horus Protecting King Nectaneb…
Mummy case
alessandrozzzz says:
Those beautiful photoes let me to go a new time to the MET, I have visted it only for 7 hours when I was in N.Y.
Posted on: Nov 27, 2009
Miranda-Maas Miranda-…
144 reviews
Beautiful Museum Apr 30, 2009
The Metropolitan Museum of Art is of course a must in New York. Unlike museums in some other cities in the USA, this museum isn't free. It's actually quite expensive. We paid about 25 dollars each, including an audio guide. The visit to this museum is really worth the price, but still it's expensive. Because the museum is huge, we only visited some areas in the museum. We saw the modern paintings and the paintings of European old masters. But if you prefer sculptures or other decorations, there are also areas with these kinds of art. I think a visit to this museum is really worth it!
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keithmaguire keithmag…
14 reviews
The Metropolitan Museum Of Art, NYC Jun 26, 2008
The Metropolitan Museum of Art is located in about the middle of Central Park on the upper west side. It fronts out onto 5th Avenue and is located at 82nd and 5th. The museum is huge and is one of the finest museums on the planet. It houses and extensive collection of priceless art and artefacts and has much of interest to anyone with an interest in art, archaeology, history or just general culture.

Entry to the museum is by donation so you can pay whatever you like at your own discretion, as little as one cent. However there are 'recommended' donations and you get your ticket by handing your donation over to someone at a desk, with a queue of people behind you. This isn't like entering other donation museums, where you throw old coins into a box. There is a little pressure to pony up a decent sum. Whatever you end up paying just know that the museum is worth it.

For me the highlight of the museum is the wing on the right hand side of the lobby. The Egyptian art housed here is really, really impressive stuff and there is a lot of it. The Egyptian section culiminates in this kinda of semi-greenhouse looking hall called the Sackler Wing. In this giant and nicely spacious hall is the Temple of Dendur. One of seven small temples given by Egypt to several countries.

In 1981 several countries assisted Egypt financially to help save Abu Simbel from the Aswan Dam crisis. Afterwards they dismantled these temples brick by brick and transported them to their new homes. I have also seen Templo De Debod in Madrid and I believe there is another of the temples in Turin. The Temple of Dendur and its entry gate are surrounded by a channel of water. You can even step into the small temple but you can't go beyond the first very small chamber. This does not stop you from admiring the temples' fine details though. The first time I visited the MET in summer 2006 I shared this pleasure with dozens of other people but the second time I visited in early December 2007 I was one of the first of a few dozen people to enter the museum first thing in the morning. I was near the top of the queue and I made a beeline for the Egyptian wing. I made my way to the Sackler Wing fairly quickly but still admired much of the Egyptian art along the way and then I got to wander around the 'greenhouse' all by myself, just me and the temple. It was amazing.

Though in my opinion the Egyptian Wing is the highlight of the MET, mostly because of the Temple of Dendur, that is not to say that the wing has no rivals. On the opposite side of the ground floor are the Greek and Roman galleries and these galleries house some really beautiful statuary and pieces of sculpture. There is also a very good collection of Greek pottery. A lot of the pieces are very well preserved and are really fine examples of Classical sculpture.

The MET also has a fine collection of European Art from the Middle Ages, Medieval and Renaissance periods. Including a beautiful replica statue of 'Cupid and Psyche' which is housed in the Louvre. These areas are also on the ground floor and occupy much of what lies between the Egyptian and Greek and Roman areas. The highlight of these galleries is the Court of European Sculpture which has some really excellent examples of Renaissance sculpture. Much of the statuary is of classical figures like Aphrodite, Andromache, Paris, Sappho and Leda amongst others. In 2006 there was also a Garden of European Sculpture which was a very pretty area in the museum but this wasn't accessible in December 2007 and I don't know if it has been closed temporarily or is perhaps being replaced.

The ground floor level is also home to the African Art Gallery. Upstairs there are more fine examples of sculpture in the Renaissance style but much of the gallery is of paintings. At the rear of the museum is the modern art collection and there are many quirky, interesting and provacative pieces, as well as some uninspiring ones. This area is definitely worth at least a brief look though.

On the right hand side of the upper level is the Asian Art Wing. There are many beautifully ornate pieces, mostly sculpture from India, China, Japan and South East Asia. There are some fine Buddha statues and the Indian sculpture is particularly beautiful and impressive. There is also a traditional Japanese home and garden which has been recreated in the museum.

On the left hand side of the upper level is the Near East Asian Art. There are lots of great Abyssinian pieces, including some great relief sculpture and a pair of fine bestial sentinels. There is also some Babylonian art of note.

The MET offers a really wide array of beautiful art. I'm not a big fan or art or a big fan of museums unless they are really very impressive and I can say that the MET is definitely one of the best museums I have been too and I spent a long time in the museum both times that I went there. You could easily spend a whole day there (though your back and your legs would get tired) and at the same time you could easily breeze through in an hour or two, taking in the highlights. The visit is as cheap as you would like it to be so it is definitely worth a look and if you think you don't like art then visit the MET because it might just change your mind. It changed mine.
Renaissance Art
lynnep lynnep
5 reviews
there are more exciting museums out there... Apr 07, 2008
What is with the one dollar sign rating? Yes the museum operates on a donate-what-you-wish basis, but what about the fact that the "suggested donations" are totally way too high...and when you pay what you wish (obviously less than the suggested amount) the employees at the front desk cop SUCH AN ATTITUDE. This review is not based on one trip to the Met (therefore, I didn't simply run in to one disgruntled employee).

Okay moving on...yes there are some famous swirls of paint in this museum. But what's so great about that really? You stand there and admire it for a second. You've seen (fill in with famous painting) on tv thousands of times. You've seen a copy of it on numerous apartment walls. The only thing that's different is you're in the presence of the original. Sure it's thrilling for 0.3 seconds, but I guarantee you will be more moved by the MoMa's displays (and the staff is MUCH friendlier...and p.s. if you go on Friday between 4pm and 8pm it's free to get in! Otherwise it's $20 - keep in mind the MoMa does not get government funding like the Met does.) I'd suggest the Guggenheim over the Met as well.

For those who are into this one particular type of art, then I guess you'd enjoy it more than me. But if you appreciate all kinds of art (or at least more than one type), take your money elsewhere. This place is way overrated.
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portia portia
216 reviews
Feb 10, 2006
If you are an art lover, or even one who is interested in mummies or other beautiful or unusual things (how about arms and armors, or all kinds of musical instruments from all over the world?), you have to go the Met. You can spend a whole day there easily. It is the single place that has 5 Vermeer paintings in the whole world! One of my very favorite is Young Woman with a Water Pitcher, it is just such a timeless work of art. If 15th century Dutch painting is not your favorite (but you should still go see the Vermeers, you might change your mind), you might like their extensive impressionist collection, many many top rate paintings. There are also many modern art pieces too for those who like things in the last century or so. From ancient to medieval to modern, they have lots of everything! Buddhism, Islamic and Christian art and artifacts abound. From silver to furniture to costumes and textiles, something must appeal to your fancy. A Japanese room, or a Chinese garden or an Egyptian tomb replica are some of the places you can experience within the museum itself. They have a huge museum store too, so you can take something with you when you leave.
Admiring Vermeer's Young Woman wit…
Sitting at the steps in front of t…
Arms and armors room in the Met
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