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London, England

The London Eye Reviews

Bojasem Bojasem
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awosme Jul 09, 2017
Location South Bank of the river Thames | Opposite the Houses of Parliament, London London SE1, England (Waterloo / South Bank / Southwark you can came by Westminster metro station.)

The London Eye is a giant Ferris wheel on the South Bank of the River Thames in London, England. The entire structure is 135 metres (443 ft) tall and the wheel has a diameter of 120 metres (394 ft, It is the tallest Ferris wheel in Europe, and the most popular paid tourist attraction in the United Kingdom , there are many Ferris wheel in the world but in my mind one in Singapore & another in Barcelona.

The ticket fee are 20GB & fast track 29 GB but I advise you take package like London eye with Dungeon or aquarium or with boat or with madam Tussaud museum or all to gather. I advise you book online. The tour amazing I like the view of London in the London eye I do not feel the height of tube I fell it move in pillow it too soft.

it one of the best places to take picture in London.

Wonderful feeling in the tube I want go again I like it & I think it the

Top sightseeing in London
me in the tube 1
me in the tube 2
me near London eye
London eye
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sarahelaine sarahela…
651 reviews
The London Eye Feb 02, 2014
The London Eye dominates the skyline on the south bank of the Thames at Westminster. When it was built, it was the world’s largest observation wheel – it was intended as a temporary attraction but, like the Eifel tower before it, was so popular they kept it going. The wheel offers some of the most astonishing views out over London, which is a surprisingly low rise city in the centre, out towards Greenwich and Olympic park in the East and the rest of the city to the West. It’s probably the best place to get an impression of the sheer size of London, rather than the few square miles of history in the centre which is what most people think of as London. The views are particularly good at sunset. There are some interpretation boards to tell you what you are looking at, but you might be better off bringing a guide book as well, as these are at one end of the capsule. The capsules don’t dangle like normal pods, but rotate in their casing very slowly, so you keep a good view without being obstructed by the structure of the wheel all the way round.

I’ve seen some reviews complaining you have to share your capsule. This is true. The capsules are very large, and there is plenty of space for everyone to walk by each other and take their own photos. I can’t guarantee you won’t have a view-hog in your capsule but that could happen at any observation deck. Anyway, I’ve never been rich enough to get private viewings in the Eifel Tower, CN Tower or Empire State Building either – I don’t see why people think the London Eye should be different! I’ve also seen complaints that you just see “the top of some buildings.” This is the point of all observation decks everywhere. If you don’t like seeing the tops of buildings, this would be a very bad use of your money.

It’s expensive, at about £20 a ticket by the time you factor in booking fees if you book online. But the view from St Pauls doesn’t give you as good a view over Westminster, and although you can now see the view from the observation deck at the Shard, that’s more expensive and doesn’t have all the fun of being in a giant ferris wheel. Disabled access is good, especially if you phone ahead – if someone with you can’t manage queues easily, even if they aren’t registered disabled, the staff will let them sit down until the rest of the group get to the front of the queue, and I think in some cases wheelchair users can even skip the line. They will slow the wheel right down to help you on and off if needed, and there’s a seat to rest on in each capsule. The ride takes about half an hour. The queues used to be astonishingly long, and probably still are at peak times like Easter Weekends, but on the February Sunday when I went it was only about 5 minutes. Tickets can be pre-booked online, although that only skips one of the queues.

All in all, this is good attraction for your first trip to London and for any fans of observation decks and impressive engineering. It’s not cheap, and you should skip it if you don’t like heights, or aren’t impressed with views. It is, of course, a great big tourist trap, but it never pretended not to be and sometimes that’s OK.
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spocklogic says:
Long time since I was in London (way back in 1995). I have a short blog on it highlighting how much this city has changed since I was there -
Posted on: Feb 18, 2014
sarahelaine says:
They might be, I guess, if it's tall enough :) It's good fun, but I really like being up high.
Posted on: Feb 17, 2014
Zagnut66 says:
A real estate developer in Washington is opening a copycat just outside the city this spring, though it's far enough out that the views won't be much.
Posted on: Feb 17, 2014
london110 london110
25 reviews
Great view of the city! Apr 23, 2013
I went on the London Eye during summer trip to England during the Olympics. This was my favourite attraction in London. This attraction gives you a spectacular view of the entire city including all the major monuments/buildings.

Fun fact: The height of the London Eye is 135m (equivalent to 64 red telephone boxes piled on top of each other) making it the fourth tallest structure in London after the BT Tower, Tower 42 and One Canada Square in Canary Wharf.

This attraction is well worth the $30 for a 30-minute trip around London!
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london110 says:
Haha very lucky =)
Posted on: Apr 24, 2013
mosted says:
Blue Sky in London? Lucky you! :)
Posted on: Apr 24, 2013
dieforu says:
and seems u where lucky with the weather;)
Posted on: Apr 24, 2013
AussieSusan AussieSu…
1 reviews
suprising clear veiws for a dull day Jan 02, 2013
I was pleasantly surprised by this attraction as on the day I went it was wet and not very clear, so I wasn't expecting to be able to see much. One the day the weather was typical London and the umbrella's were out in force the best things was that the waiting lines were not too long, which I certainly appreciated. The ride was worth it and the photo ops were plentiful, the ride was a little messy as people had split drinks in the carriage but there were signs saying no food and drinks allowed. Great way to get an overall view of London town and I would recommend it.
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Glynnes says:
Thanks for sharing your review.
Posted on: Jan 02, 2013
traveltoworld travelto…
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EYES OF CİTY:) Aug 15, 2012
It was a perfect experience to see whole city from high place..

and it is turning ,

so you can see new pictures of london in minutes. Everything was fine.arriving just 15 minutes before your experience and skip the majority of the queue with fast frack, or can choose flexi fast track and arrive any time.

i like it:)

i went to england from turkey , for a nice holiday and improve the language...

i live in london was little different city for me.
Ozito Ozito
2 reviews
A view of London Mar 22, 2012
I loved the London eye. It was nice to see London operate at that height and I also had nice company. During the ride I had much to soak up and take in.

This experience was amazing and will soon not be forgotten. It is definitely recommended. There is a scary house and dance performance not to far from it, not to mention the London bridge being in hands reach as well.

Best to take the ride with friends or people you just met. It wouldn't be fun to take alone.
evansA93 evansA93
16 reviews
Sightseeing must Mar 23, 2011
A package came up to do the London Eye & a Thames boat trip! This package cost £25 a person! Which was average for this sort of trip! The London Eye queue wasnt very big at all making it much easier and less hassle to get onto the actual Eye. We shared the little capsule with around 4 other was annoying because there were so many of us in one capsule and there were 2 prams too. There arent many seats making you have to stand for around an hour. After it starts to move it is so lovely because there is basically no feeling of movement making it more enjoyable and the views are fabulous..i would love to go on it in the night as all the lights would be very special! On the way down we got to have a picture of our capsule making it extra special so we bought a magnet at the end and it is still on our fridge to this day haha! I enjoyed the ride just the seating and amount of people in the capsule did ruin it a bit. However the views and actual ride definately do make up for it :)
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sylviandavid says:
nice review...
Posted on: Jul 29, 2011
evansA93 says:
worth doing! not too busy, go on a week day at a time such as 10am or 7pm to avoid the rush of people!
Posted on: Mar 27, 2011
marksreynolds says:
We are thinking of doing this when we are in London. How packed was it??
Posted on: Mar 23, 2011
Anya888 Anya888
1 reviews
London Eye Queue Apr 08, 2011
Guys, please pay 10 GBP extra and go for the fast track queue - had to stand for 2.5 hours in the longest queue in the world just for a 30 min ride - so not worth saving this 10 pounds!!!
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sylviandavid says:
REALLY good idea to go to the fast cue line....
Posted on: Jul 29, 2011
Si_7 Si_7
3 reviews
Once in a lifetime experience, possibly twice. Jul 24, 2011
I visited the London eye last year, i pre-booked the tickets on the internet to ensure i could get on and to help with the queue. I still had to wait, but it was not that long, but thats partly because i went on a week day. My ticket (or flight as they call it) cost me £13.

The eye is like a massive Ferris wheel of course, except you have a pod. I shared my pod with about 10 people i think, but that was ok because I had plenty of space to get around in there and take photos from all angles. There is also seating in the pod if you get tired. The views over london are fantastic, you can see a long way. They also provide you with a guide so you can identify some famous places.

There are toilets and a restaurant in the ground of the eye. Make sure you go before you get in or else it wont be as fun going round.

All in all , it was good and im glad i did it. I dont think i would go twice though, once is probably enough.
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sylviandavid says:
LOL.... good idea on the restroom... nice review.
Posted on: Jul 29, 2011
Della Della
14 reviews
London Eye, my review Sep 20, 2011
It was an experience. I think I wanted to experience the eye after seeing the movie "Fantastic Four". It was okay. I don't understand what the fuss is all about. I enjoyed it. It is off my bucket list.

Tip: buy tickets online so you can avoid standing in the long line. I was able to skip to the front of the line that had at least fifty people waiting.

The London Pass, Fast Track, and Oyster Cards were God sends:
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Karenkcs Karenkcs
4 reviews
Nice, but slow and boring Jun 05, 2011
Not the best attractions in London and for sure not the cheapest..

Is beautiful and you`ll do it once in a life time only.. ( you will not want to do it again)

If you think you must go.. than I recommend you plan what time and how sunny it is.. Unfortunately the sun is almost 90% of the time against you.. just behind the Big Ben making sure you cannot see what you go there to see and also showing the dirty glasses of the Lindon eye.. Ohh and just to remind you is about 20-30 people inside one capsule...

Although outside the view is beautiful.
sylviandavid says:
nice review
Posted on: Jul 29, 2011
ot1105 ot1105
4 reviews
Nice but not necessary May 06, 2011
I did the London eye when my family came to visit me in london. it was quite expensive to get a ticket and honestly it's really not worth it. Ok you get a view of the whole city but it's a long time up there and you can probably get another great view from a tower or else.

I wouldn't recommend it. the best part of it is actually to look at it from outside because the wheel itself is quite pretty !
sylviandavid says:
thanks for this review
Posted on: Jul 29, 2011
megan13 megan13
6 reviews
Not bad Apr 25, 2011
I went with my boyfriend from chile, so this was his first time in london and I thought the london eye would be a great thing for him to see all the sights from high up (I hadnt been on the eye either). But once we got up there, it wasnt as great as I had heard. There was no iformation, exept the booklets you could buy, but after deciding not to buy one, we regretted it once up there. We bought the tickets as a packege, toghether with tickets for another attraction, which worked out cheaper, but to buy them seperatly, would have been way too much money than it was worth! We enjoyed the experience, but not sure if I would recomend it.
sylviandavid says:
Nice that there are discounted tickets...
Posted on: Jul 29, 2011
kieranmcdermott kieranmc…
2 reviews
Beautiful City Break Apr 21, 2011
London hosts a wide variety of cultures and religions. But there are so many things to see in London not just the Eye. You can also see the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, The BT Tower, Buckingham Palace and The Tower of London.

The Streets are very beautiful and the people are very nice aswell. I have been to London many times and I loved it.

P.S. You can't go to London without going on an Old-Fashioned Open Top Bus
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sylviandavid says:
nice review... thanks for sharing
Posted on: Jul 29, 2011
frivolousat25 frivolou…
16 reviews
Night view best! Apr 15, 2011
I had the London Pass so was able to go on the London Eye and no extra cost on the fast track queue!

Definitely go for the night view! What amazing panoramic views! The lights from that high above look like a once in a life time experience.

Worth atleast one visit! You can see the London Bridge, Westminister, Big Ben, Thames river & much more!

I was there for winter & it was a good respite from all the walking & the cold.

Unlike a ferris wheel, the speed is very slow so you do not feel the movement & can take your time looking around. The seats provided are sufficient if the pod is not too crowded.

If you expect an adrenaline rush, sorry, this is not for you. If you want to experience the beauty of London from a tall enough point, yeah!, go for it!
bigstoney82 bigstone…
29 reviews
Long Lines Feb 25, 2011
Well, i did a bus tour of London, and it came with a ticket to the London Eye, i was pretty excited for it, but i was the only from my tour to go. It has so great views of the entire city!

I enjoyed the half hour ride, even though it was a little hard to get pictures with out glares and reflections from the glass, it was pretty sunny the day i went.

The only bad thing about it was the line, I would say i stood in line for about an hour(plus) but for it being my first time in London, i think it was totally worth it.
solans solans
5 reviews
Great View Nov 29, 2011
I loved the Eye! Although it was only a few minutes ride, I enjoyed the view of the city. London doesn't really have a high place where one can go to see the view of the city (or at least not that I'm aware of) and so the eye provides for a great way to see how pretty the city is! Loved it!
imperialbedrooms imperial…
1 reviews
The London Eye Sep 18, 2011
Such an amazing view of the whole entire city! Very enjoyable and long as you don't have a fear of heights! Perfect for taking photos. Personally I didn't find it too scary being up that high, although people I was with didn't find it all that pleasing, haha!
RBlaylock RBlaylock
2 reviews
Great views of London Jun 15, 2011
Its a good way of seeing the whole of London from different angles, great for helping to get your bearings and can be quite breath taking on a sunny day or at sunset. It is obviously a tourist trap but its affordable and not as busy now compared to when it first opened.
elliotjp elliotjp
5 reviews
Enjoy your flight..... May 22, 2011
For what you get I think the oLondon Eye is pretty expensive. Sponsored by BA, you dont get a ride, you get a flight! The views are nice but dont expect much change from £20 :-(. Get there by tube or train the accessabililty is pretty good
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