The Lion Park Game Reserve

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Johannesburg, South Africa

The Lion Park Game Reserve Johannesburg Reviews

ashasan ashasan
2 reviews
Well worth it May 16, 2011
I know it is not a safari - we still went to Kruger; but it was a great opportunity to get awesome photos of lions and other animals nearby. You pretty much drive through the grounds and there are lions just off the road. You could even pet little baby lion cubs in an enclosed area. An easy trip from Sandton.
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Africancrab Africanc…
777 reviews
The Namibian Dark Maned Lion & White Lions Sep 17, 2001
Three of my colleagues and I decided to go for a short trip to the The Lion Park located just outside of Johannesburg. It was the last day we had in johannesburg and being a Sunday, we had no plans, so we took a tour. The trip is less than an hour's drive and from our hotel, it was probably thirdt minutes or so. When we arrived at the park at about 10:30 am, it was starting to get busy with tours and mostly families. It is a nature park with over 70 lions including the rare white lion (I bet not many have seen a white lion huh!). The park is also home to some of the great dark maned lions from Namibia. We had a pretty knowledgeable guide who made this trip regularly and used to be a ranger at Mpumalanga National game reserve.

Our guide told us we wanted to be there at noon, at first we were not sure why he iinsited on noon time, but we soon found out that the lions are fed at that time. Our guide told us of the digestive system of these lions; the lions have very slow digestive systems and only need to eat once a week, kind of like crocodiles. It is during the feeding time that you can actually get a closer look at the lions, so many more people are there at noon. They are dangerous and so the reminders of what dangers they pose are all around not to mention their loud roars, presumably of contentment as they’ve just been fed.

Once we were done with the lions, we drove off to see the herds of impala, wildebeets, Zebras, and round the enclosures where herons, egrets, cheetahs and hyenas are kept. Our guide was very good, explaining everything as we went along; he told us that the Wildebeest is South Africa's National animal (well they are really ugly animals). Wildebeest herds can survive without water for a month, and blesbok for two months. Springboks never run. We see some cheetahs and the guide explains that they are the fastest animals on land with a speed of about 100 kilometres an hour. One is not likely to outrun a lion either as their speed is 35 kilometres an hour. Cheetahs are not true members of the cat family because their claws cannot retract, and because of this weakness they cannot take big prey, typically living on a diet of large birds. They’re apparently particularly fond of chicken, ducks and smaller birds like pigeons.

Well this was one of the more informative one day tour I took while in Johannesburg, I definitely recommend this is you do not have much time to go on typical 3-5 days safari or longer.
Africancrab says:
You should not have any problem with food. They have food everywhere, infact they are the only country in Africa with a McDonald. They have coffee houses and small canteens around. Going to the park normally is by 11:00 am and done by 2:00 pm. You can carry a snack with you.
Posted on: Mar 15, 2010
bernard69 says:
after reading your informative review,we'll have a glance,what's about the "canteens" there because we eat both at least 3 times a day!
Posted on: Mar 13, 2010

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