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The Hermitage Saint Petersburg Reviews

odiseya odiseya
233 reviews
The Hermitage - The Famous Museum Feb 02, 2017
It was wonderful day to visit the city. Wonderful day to visit one of the largest museums in the world.

The State Hermitage is long time back know like Winter residence of royal family Romanov. Today is known as one of the largest and oldest museums of the world. It was founded in 1764 by Catherine the Great Romanova and has been open to the public since 1852.

Winter Palace was design by Italian architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli, which was designed and Monastery Smolni. The building was design in,, Western-style''. The total area of the castle is 46 000 m2 and there is room 1057, 1786 doors, 1945 windows and 117 steps. In the middle of the castle is courtyard.

Impressive outside, fantastic surroundings and priceless collection inside. We dint have much time to see everything, of course. Four hours was pas very quickly.

I try to remember some interesting fact about Winter Palace:

- Today the museum has a priceless collection of over 3 million art objects;

- Although the October Revolution began with attack on the Winter Palace in 1917, fortunately, much of the splendor has survived to this day.

- Peter the Great never been in this palace because is build after his die but, yet, in Palace is build The room of Peter the Great.

- Hall of Arms - is room where is display all arms of Russians provinces. It was build after fire 1837, and restore after WWII.

- In the Gallery of portraits from patriotic war 1812th against Napoleon are display: General Kutuzov; Wilhelm III, king of Prussia and Franc II, king of Austria, both Russian alleys and Russian tzar Alexander I.

- The tron room, where tron itself is not original.

The design is work of Carlo Rossi, 1820th.

My group was enter for free, we all get plan of museum and ticket like souvenir. My tour guide say that this tour is a gift of Russian brothers to us - Serbs. Probably is a day for free entry like some other museums have and with ISIC benefit card the entree is free. Still, I like this story also. Like I wrote before - wonderful day!
The first sight at the Hermitage
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alectrevor says:
Brings back memories of my visit.
Posted on: Jan 10, 2018
odiseya says:
I planing to visit it again! Fantastic place! I also visit Peterhof, Tzarsko selo and Pavlovsk summer residence. It was a great trip!
Posted on: Feb 02, 2017
DAO says:
I love this place. I have been twice.
Posted on: Feb 02, 2017
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odiseya odiseya
233 reviews
Hermitage cats Feb 02, 2017
Favorite thing: Famous Hermitage museum is huge collection of priceless art works pieces and part of cultural heritage of Russia. All that is well protected and guard and even by cats.

Hermitage cats are best know secret of Hermitage museum since 1745. In that year the Empress Elizabeth, daughter of Peter the Great and Empress of All Russia signed a decree ordering that cats were to be found in the city of Kazan. Since then cats are tradition. Today they have even their own ID. Many voluntaries take care of this huge army of furry guardians (about 50 but even more).

Fondest memory: I like to take many photos as I can. I like especially to take photos of cats whatever I can. I take photos of cat in inner courtyard of Hermitage museums. I was take surprised when I saw big feline to take deep sleep just next to paths trough yard. I didn't know that is famous "Hermit".
JasperO JasperO
51 reviews
So big! Mar 26, 2013
The Hermitage is a great museum in Sint Petersburg. In this museum you can find all kind of different art pieces which exhibited in the great winter palace and some smaller buildings. From the inner yard you can enter the museum. In the museum you can buy your ticket (400 rubles) and your ticket if you want to make photos for your own use (200 rubles).

After you have paid your ticket you can visit the museum. First you will come in the big entrance of the museum with the big trap in the middle. The hall is completely decorated with marble and gold. After that you will come to the rooms with the most well known art pieces.

When you buy your ticket at the entrance you also will get a map of the museum. At this map you can find all the different themes in the museum. So already from the beginning you can see where you have to go for your own interest.
The Hermitage from the outside in …
The Hermitage from the outside in …
The square in front of the Hermitg…
The wall of the Hermitage
Johnpro Johnpro
208 reviews
Amazing too :) Apr 17, 2012
I don't know if it's necessary to write something about this great Museum ! Most of the peoples know some things about it !

So I will write in a breath my experience :)

I heard to be the biggest museum all over the world about exhibits and had a really curiosity to see this museum :) When saw it I surprised because are huge from outside and of course inside ! You need hours and hours just to walking in the halls and I don't remember how many time you want to see all the exhibits !!! (of course take months) !

So I been there and discover almost all the halls but spend my time only to some of the exhibits and some more time about the paintings , like Leonardo da Vinci ,Rembrandt etc!

Many things but little time ! As it have I toke a smell from the museum :)

Anyway I will post hundred of photos so you will have a better view for what I saw , because one photo thousand of words :)

Thanks to read me :)
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Johnpro says:
Thank you Max , and everybody for the smiles :)
Posted on: Oct 23, 2012
alessandrozzzz says:
Beautiful pictures of beautiful places! It suits wonderfully
Posted on: Oct 21, 2012
Katerina2010 Katerina…
3 reviews
Exhibition Prado until May 26, 2011 Apr 28, 2011
This exhibition will be good for somebody who loves art. Spanish King Juan Carlos and his wife Queen Sofia decide to initiate this sort of art exchange and bring about 66 art works from Madrid's Prado museum in Russia's imperial capital Saint Petersburg. The Prado exhibition includes works by El Greco, Murillo and Velazquez in addition to paintings by Goya and Rembrandt. Unfortunately, you can not take any photo in there.. but exhibition itself is real joy...
whitlock1983 whitlock…
3 reviews
Free on first Thursday of every month Jul 08, 2011
The Hermitage in Saint Petersburg, is a huge palace/art gallery. On the first Thursday of every month, it is free entry, so always great if you can take advantage of that. I walked around on my own un-guided, which meant I could not fully appreciate the sights as much as I could if I had opted for the tour. I would recommend the tour to fully appreciate.
alfredosandes alfredos…
1 reviews
Worth much more than a single visit May 01, 2011
If you go to St Petersburg, you have to go to the Hermitage. It's one of the majors museums in the world, and offers a trip to different epochs and art movements. Don't forget about the golden and diamond rooms, which are extremely impressive, and you can get the ticket separately from the basic ticket. A maximum of 15 people at a time are allowed in such sites.
mkarinaa mkarinaa
48 reviews
Hermitage Sep 16, 2010
Wear your walking shoes! The place is huge! I was there for most of the day and I still didn't see half the things. There is so much art from every little corner of the world. There is simply too much to start listing in here, plus there are temporary exibitions.

Some rooms are more interesting then the art in them, exquisitely done.

Go and check it out!
Africancrab Africanc…
776 reviews
The Hermitage Museum Jul 30, 2009
The Hermitage can be rightly called one of the world’s top ranking Museum because of it’s large collection of European art and masters, of course I would not disagree but I found the Louvre in Paris to be the best of them all including the Prado. To be perfectly honest I don't think any other museum in the world can rival the Hermitage in size and quality except the Louvre. I think that if anyone had to spend time viewing everything inside the Hermitage, they would need at least a year to do so. We found so many tourists there who had made a special trip just to visit the Hermitage.

I have always loved art and the appreciation of it came with my time spent with Don my American boyfriend who was art crazy, and by art crazy I mean so bad that his house looked like a museum of it's own. The people who come to the Hermitage come to spend time on painters whose work can be admired by seeing the originals in a city so rich in history; granted many can go to New York or Paris, but why spend so much money on high priced places like New York when for half the price Russia offers a world never seen before?. From modern art on the top floor, alternative options on the second floor and antiques on the lower level, the museum offers a feast to the eyes of the art lover and the historian. The second floor hosts the location of the chambers were the royalty of Russia held parties and feasts.

The Italian and French influences are very strong, the French impressionist paintings dating back hundreds of years. I have never seen so many collections of the works of Matisse and Rembrandt in one place like there is in the Hermitage. History praises Peter the great for being an art collector who started it all. It is said Catherine the great later on added to the collection too. I must warn you that this museum is big, by big I mean HUGE, nothing can prepare you for how huge it is until you decide to see as much as you can. Peter and I spent two hours and barely touched it. After two hours Peter decided he would wait for me outside, he was tired of walking and he was not the art ‘freak’ like I’m so the fun for him was about over after thirty minutes of viewing. My excitement kept me from feeling how tired my feet were becoming; I braved another 45 minutes before it was coffee time again. The entrance is located on the river front side of the building. I suggest you purchase your ticket and visit the museum in the morning hours.

I recall they closed the ticket counters much earlier than the museum closed and many people were disappointed by it. I can’t remember now how much Peter paid for the entrance fees, but it must have changed in the past ten or so years. But whatever the price, if you can afford to, visit this museum it is money well spent and a day going through a window to another time and another place. I should love to return there sometime again to see more . . .
The grand hall
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Africancrab says:
It is incredible place John
Posted on: Jul 06, 2010
world-traveller123 says:
I was amazing by this place as well,
Posted on: Jul 06, 2010
Africancrab says:
I should love to take you up on the offer, let's talk more about coming there when we meet in Cali, right? Yes I have heard of the White Nights, I should love to expereience them.
Posted on: Jul 05, 2010
Kramerdude Kramerdu…
54 reviews
An art museum even for non-art lovers Jun 12, 2009
The Hermitage Museum is simply put an amazing collection of artwork in what is also an amazing location (The Winter Palace of the Tzars in Saint Petersburg). I will be the first to admit that I am an art agnostic, not really caring one way or the other for the arts scene in general. But I couldn't travel through Saint Petersburg and not see the Hermitage Museum.

Needless to say the original plan to check out the highlights in a few hours turned into spending most of the day wandering through the collection of artwork and other artifacts in the Hermitage. Even then I only saw a fraction of the of the collection that is on display. And even more pieces are kept in storage being restored, loaned out for display, or because there simply is not room for all the pieces in the Winter Palace.

One big tip if you plan to go - BUY YOUR TICKET IN ADVANCE ONLINE. If you buy a ticket online you get a voucher which you can take directly to the ticket desk where you will get your ticket for entry to the complex. This allowed us to bypass what was easily a one hour line to buy tickets. The online ticket purchase is $17.95 which includes the photo option (the only ticket option available). If you want to save money and just get the museum entry (about $13) be prepared to stand in line to save the $5. There is also a 2-day ticket option as well.

Which leads to another point. Even spending 6 or so hours in the museum, I did not come close to seeing everything. Pick and choose your favorite time periods and countries, rest assured there is something that you will find interesting at the Hermitage Museum.

See blog for additional photos.
Inside the Winter Palace/Hermitage…
Lots of paintings from around the …
Fording a River - Francois Boucher
Rembrandt Room at the Hermitage - …
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Anna_Persova Anna_Per…
2 reviews
smth. wonderful! Aug 18, 2009
St. Petersburg is defenetely the most beautiful city i've ever seen! Architecture is great and central area is very nice.
travelman727 says:
You're right, Anna! St. Petersburg IS beautiful :-D
Posted on: Dec 01, 2009
tj1777 tj1777
378 reviews
The Hermitage Museum Jun 06, 2008
There are a lot of museums which are described as world class museum of this or that but only a few really deserve the label world class museum. One that really deserves the title of world class is the Hermitage Museum in the Winter Palace in Saint Petersburg.

The art collection is outstanding. The only main problem is you can not really get around the museum in only one day. With a total of 3.000.000 pieces in the collection you will need to spend days, weeks or even months to see it all. Hence you will need to decide which part of the museum you want to see at your visit. Or you can just make a quick dash to see a few pieces - like the Michelangelo, van Gogh and Monet - well given the seize of the museum there is not really anything like a quick dash around it will take a while no matter what you want to do.

The only thing missing in the museum is arts later than 1917. There is a lot of paintings up until the beginning of World War I but not a lot after it. The main reason is the collection originates from old pre-Revolutionary Russian collectors and it was confiscated during the Russian revolution.

The biggest distraction from the arts is actually the building itself. It is one of the most amazing buildings in the world. The original parts of the building - the Winter Palace - was build as a winter residence for the Russian Zar and his family. It was later expanded and the first art museum in Russian was build as the Hermitage. The construction of the Hermitage was designed to be a place to display the art work of the Zarina Catherine. Hence the building is designed with art work in the roof and on the walls made to impress.

Some part of the museum is still just used to display the scale of the building itself and you can end up spending a lot of time just staring at the empty walls and at the sealing of the museum instead of the arts.

Today the building has got no sign of the turbulent history which have given it some scares at times. During the war the museum were hit repeatedly by German artillery and the people working at the museum had to make emergency repairs in the middle of the cold Russian winter at a time when they were only getting a few slices of bread consisting mainly of saw dust a day. But the building did survive the war and even without any art it would be well worth a visit.

The price for non-Russians is pretty high at 350 rubbles or 10€. If you can go along with somebody Russian who can buy your ticket you may be able to sneak in only paying the local rate of 100 Rubbles. Students of all nationalities get in for free. If you want to take pictures (highly recommended) it is another 100 Rubbles.

If you want to get guided tours of the museum it will cost you extra but may help you get in without joining the queue for the ticket counter which at times can get pretty long. There is also an additional fee for the Gold Room and Diamond room which contains some of the treasures of the Zar family. If you still want to see more arts after visiting the main museum you can get tickets for other buildings around the Hermitage again it is additional fees.
The entrance to the Hermitage
Vase on display
Glass roof in Italian hall. This w…
Carpets at display
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Africancrab says:
Great review, I enjoyed the museum immensely.
Posted on: Jul 06, 2010
yheleen says:
another wonderful review ;) thanks Mickey...
Posted on: Aug 21, 2008
jameson12 jameson12
1 reviews
The Hermitage Oct 18, 2008
One of the most wonderful palaces in North-Eastern Europe, is the Winter Palace of Tsar Peter 1 in Saint-Petersburg (Russia), also called The Hermitage.

Here you find a huge collection of art, crown juwelery, ancient history, Old Master paintings etc.

They say you need 90 days to see the total collection inside all the Halls.
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afchic1111 afchic11…
2 reviews
Nov 02, 2007
This is the Hermitage. It is the old Winter Palace. Nowadays it contains thousands of works of art in over 1,050 rooms and hallways! It is amazing. However, beware. It does NOT have a lot of Russian Art. That can be found in the Russian Museum.
Isn't it awesome?!?
Honestly, this thing isn't even bo…
The other side of the open square …
On the square of the Hermitage.
o_mendfornd o_mendfo…
45 reviews
Sep 11, 2005
I don't normally find myself able to stay in museums for any great length of time; I get restless and tired. But the Hermitage is the most fantastic museum I've ever been to. We kicked ourselves for not having allowed more time for going round.

The building itself is magnificent; there are many many grand rooms appointed with wonderful furnishings. But for me the collection of European paintings was fascinating; there were so many famous works in there, by such a range of famous artists. There are also all sorts of other collections, that we didn't have time to see properly.

I would really like to go back to St Petersburg just to go to the Hermitage again. Make sure you leave yourself lots of time for going round if you do go.

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The Hermitage Map
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