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BlueEagle BlueEagle
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One of the Great Wonders of The World - The Great Wall of China!! Nov 07, 2015
Once in your lifetime, everyone should visit this great architectural build - how far can human efforts go to make live history for entire future? Too long to cover in one day, every part is unique. Standing for hundreds of years to tell the history to our next generations until the end of the earth's life. It reflects hard working Chinese culture, ancient kingdom and their dynasties, power and wealth.

Advisable to book local travel agent to avoid transportation delay and language barrier.
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marareid marareid
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The Great Wall Feb 05, 2012
I don't think you can camp there - at least not where I visited. It is definitely a must see. Do wear comfortable shoes for the climb to the top as some sections of the stairs can get pretty steep. The view from the top of the section I visited was awesome! Leave Beijing early to avoid traffic plus it is a long drive to the accessible parts of the wall. Always bring tissue and hand sanitizer with you as there will be none in the bathroom.
Scoti2303 Scoti2303
3 reviews
Go to the left! Jul 14, 2011
The Great Wall is a MUST visit regardless, but to get the most out of your experience, go towards the direction that no one else seems to be going, which for me, was to the left. Not only did I have the opportunity to get amazing pictures without other tourists in them, but I also got a chance to speak with some locals who spend their days chipping pictures into slate to sell in order to take care of their families.
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nyprne says:
Good insight!
Posted on: Sep 21, 2011
LHill LHill
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The Great Wall of China/mini coaster Sep 30, 2011
The Great Wall of China is one of the best places I have ever been. I highly recommend bringing a camera, good walking shoes, and water. Allow yourself plenty of time to walk up all the way to the top, enjoy the views and walk all the way down. The Chinese people are wonderful and very friendly. If you are from a different culture be prepared to be asked to take pictures with people (especially if you have blonde hair). Many people may not know that there is a Great Wall mini roller coaster. This coaster takes you down to the starting point quickly and offers views you may not get the chance to see otherwise. I would say this isn't quite a thrill ride and for the most part that it would be family friendly. The coaster does take some sharp fast turns so it may not be for small children who are easily scarred.
The Great Wall Mini Coaster
charlie7486 charlie7…
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Great Wall of China, Mutianyu Aug 19, 2011
I went to China a couple of months ago and had to check out the Great Wall. There are several different sections to the Wall, each with varying degrees of refurbishment and difficulty to climb. I chose to visit the Mutianyu part. Located only a few hours by car from Beijing, this part of the Wall offers gorgeous views of the surrounding countryside and much of the Wall is in its original state. Climbing the Wall at this section was not to challenging but the sheer heat made it much harder. I would just advise to take your time and enjoy the whole experience. There are several look-out towers to explore and they provide much needed shade. On the way up you take a skilift but on the way down you can take a toboggan ride down which is so much fun and highly recommended. If you are undecided about which part of the Wall to see, I would definitely recommend this part.
kc_chan17 kc_chan17
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Great Wall- Its really great! Jul 04, 2011
I went to Beijing and it was an obvious fact that I should visit one of the wonders of the world.

I embarked on a hiking tour of the great wall. The cost for about a whole days tour set me back 280 yuan. That included an English speaking guide, transport to and from the great wall, and a Sneaker bar.

It was a great experience walking the wall, except for the locals who walk beside you trying to sell you stuff. They don't pester you in the beginning, but if you don't buy from them, they send you on a guilt trip on how poor they are and that their only source of income is the from tourism.

I stood my ground and not depart with any of my yuans. But, on the hind side, perhaps I was a little mean. For what 100 yuan to me is not anything of a sacrifice, may mean meals for a week to them.
cara1234567 cara1234…
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Impressive even on a short-time table Jun 04, 2011
To be able to say you actually stood on a man-made feature that can be seen from space is a pretty cool thing. I would definitely say that anyone visiting China has to ensure that they make a day trip from Beijing to visit the wall. There are definitely more touristy locations for visiting and more authentic experiences so do your research in advance. I visited the wall as a participant on a student tour, which my company organizes, so I didn't get much say, and trufully don't remember the name of the site we visited. I just know we were given 1 hour and we climbed on a point where it was extremely steep to the left but looked like a shorter distance to the tallest peek in that direction, and to the right it was a more gradual climb but you wouldn't be able to get as high. We took the steeper route to the left, finding the steps unequal in height but every step worth the view from the top. We could see the wall stretching as far as the eye could see, rolling with the landscape and disappearing into the smog (a constant) in the distance.
LHill LHill
3 reviews
The Great Wall of China Sep 30, 2011
The Great Wall is a wonderful destination point. The views are stunning! Just make sure you bring your camera, water and walking shoes. Give yourself plenty of time to get up to the top enjoy the views and then come back down. The Chinese are wonderful people and are excited to see people of all different cultures so expect to get stopped to take your picture taken (especially if you have blonde hair). Also, many people may not know this but there is a Great Wall mini roller coaster that takes you all the way to the bottom. Not only does it take you to the starting point fairly fast but you get some unique views that you may not see otherwise. It is definitely family friendly. I would not consider it a thrill ride but it does curve around corners fast so small children may get scarred.
tasha_83 tasha_83
4 reviews
The Great Wall - Secret Wall Jun 05, 2010
This tour takes us to the unrestored part of the Great Wall. It costs about 260yuan including, transportation and lunch at a local village. When it is unrestored, means that it is at it's best - original. Untouched beauty, the view was breathtaking. It was just us on the wall, no one selling souveniors, no flocks of tourists. It was just the historic wall, the beautiful nature, the fresh lavender scented air and us. If you are looking for something different, i'd reccommend this tour. The only drawback is that the climbing and trekking was rather intense. Just bring along lots of drinking water and a good pair of shoe and you will be fine. Tour can be booked at Leo Hostel. The guide is the hostel's owner himself, so you get no nonsence first class tour. Definitely a value for money.
No other tourists.. Really cool!
These were original, dated back fr…
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tasha_83 says:
I think other hostel provides the tour too but they are also booking from Leo's Hostel. So, the best price would be from Leo's.
Posted on: Aug 01, 2011
mosted says:
So I would have to watch out for Leo's hostel? or is there any other way of doing this tour?
Posted on: Jul 28, 2011
crystalevans crystale…
24 reviews
The Giantantic Flying Dragon -- The Great Wall Dec 13, 2009
China's Great Wall is the world's longest architectural structure and is widely renowned as one of the seven great wonders of the world. The wall stretches 6,700 kilometers (4,163 miles) from the Jiayuguan Pass in Gansu Province to the Shanhaiguan Pass in Hebei Province. Like a gigantic flying dragon, this imposing wall meanders across mountains, spans vast plains and trudges through the barren deserts of China's northern interior. This amazing marvel of engineering took over 2,000 years to build. It is acclaimed to be a most magnificent miracle created by the Chinese people demonstrating the tenacity, diligence and wisdom of the Chinese people.It winds its way westward over the vast territory of China from the bank of the Yalu River and ends at the foot of snow-covered Qilianshan and Tianshan mountains. It is seldom that we see such a gigantic project in China or elsewhere in the world.

The Great Wall of China was built mainly to protect the Chinese Empire from the Mongolians and other invaders. It was first built in the Seventh Century BC when China was still divided into many small states. The construction of the Great Wall never ceased during nearly all the Chinese fudal dynasties.

The decision of joining the sections of Walls was taken when all the states unified near 200 B.C. A strong and longer Wall was made by joining all the section of the walls to defend Chin from the invaders from the Tsongnoo Tribes from the north side. In 221 BC, Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of the Qin Dynasty (221BC-206BC), toppled the former states and unified China. To protect the country from intrusion of the nomadic Hun ethnic minority in the north, earlier separate walls were joined and extended dramatically. The walls at that time began at Linyao in Gansu Province and ended in Liaoning Province, reaching a total length of over 5,000 kilometers, hence it was known as the 'Ten Thousand Li Great Wall' (Li is a unit of length used by the Chinese and one li is equal to 0.5 kilometer.).

Thereafter, the Great Wall was restored and lengthened time and time again. The later walls were not a long and frail wall but were complete fortifications with more annexes such as: castles, watch towers and beacon towers. In the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), large-scale extensions generated the 'Great Wall of Ming', the ever longest wall in the history of China. The wall that we see today is primarily the result of a restoration that took place during the Ming Dynasty. However, some sections of the Great Wall fell into ruins.

The actual length of the Great Wall has not yet known because small sections of Walls are being discovered today also in excavation.The majestic Great Wall was built with wisdom, dedication, blood, sweat and tears. It has been estimated that somewhere in the range of two to three million Chinese died as part of the centuries-long project of building the wall.As one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in China, The Great Wall is not just a wall, but a symbol of the bravery and wisdom of the Chinese people

The Chinese call it the Wall of 10,000 li. Its size is better seen on a map or from an aerial photograph. According to astronauts who looked back from the moon, of all projects built by man, the Great Wall of China is the most conspicuous seen in space.

Now, sections at Shanhaiguan Pass, Badaling, Simatai, Mutianyu and Jiayuguan Pass have become celebrated tourist resorts. The Badaling Great Wall, a typical section of the Great Wall, is the most famous place in China and is always thronged with visitors coming from all over the world.
A great experience of building the…
he Great Wall is a miracle created…
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