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Koh Phangan, Thailand
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The Full Moon Party Koh Phangan Reviews

sarahjayne87 sarahjay…
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Top Tips for full moon party - Koh Phangan!! Jan 29, 2013
Right so you’ve heard all the horror stories and Im guessing you are reading this to decide if you should risk going to the full moon party or not!!

Or possible (more than likely) your parents are a little worried :) let them read this.

Well I have now been to around 13 full moon parties and plan to go to a lot more. I have witnessed most of them horror stories that you all hear about:

Drugs – yes!

Muggings – yes!

Broken bones – yes!

Dead people – yes!

The lot!!!

However a large 98% of these people involved in these activities are idiots, (sorry I don’t mean to upset anyone and I know that some people have just got involved by accident and I am really sorry if I have offended you) but I feel like somebody needs to write a review to stick up for poor Koh Phangan which is getting a beating off previous reviews!

Right so as I have mentioned I have been to a fair few full moon parties! Which means I have spent a fair bit of time on Koh Phangan – so if you need any questions answered, you are welcome to message me.

Ok so full moon party!!

Accommodation = yes most places do set a limit of days you need to stay around full moon party, no you don’t have to book in advance (unless it’s the new year full moon, then book ASAP) as long as you arrive 5/6 days in advance then you will find a decent accommodation actually I have found accommodation 2 days before full moon, just depends on how much money you have and how fussy you are. my personal favourite place to stay is coral bungalows (check out my review on this place) however coral does book out so I normally stay next door if I have arrived to close to full moon, which is called sea side bungalow which I believe is around 400baht for a fan bungalow, coral is abit pricier around 1000baht (please note that prices are not normally this high, it just goes up around full moon period)

Full moon to me is not all about that one night; it’s not all about staying as far away as possible and then arriving for the full moon then going to another island as soon as the next boat arrives!

Full moon, is not just a 1 night event!!

About a week or so before the full moon party! The parties begin; coral pool parties, the beach starts getting busy, beach football tornaments, The larger louts arrive (yes they are annoying but part of the package).

Then its full moon and full moon is what you make of it! I always go with the locals who I have made friend with over the years and I always have an amazing time, dancing till dawn, after full moon party there is also an after party. If your around at that time, your know where to be.

TOP TIPS (I don’t mean to sound like a kill joy but I guess its needed)

• Im not saying don’t have a good time but just don’t be stupid!!! If you don’t do drugs at home and don’t know what your body can handle don’t do them in a different country!! also remember Thai drugs are different to back home so be careful, they might affect you differently and nobody wants to ship you home in a bodybag (and dont buy off a local, chances are they are in with the police and you will recieved a hefty fine, at best)

• If you have an expensive camera or lots of money don’t go flashing it around!! 1000baht is way more than enough, buckets range from 100 baht to 300 baht, yes if you go to the stalls you will get it cheaper, however check that the alcohol bottles are new and unopened as a lot of these stalls do fill them with water! (why not buy a throw away camera just for the night?)

• Don’t drink and drive!! – The majority of accidents I have seen on Phangan are mainly from this and although most not serious, it can be!! Especially if you are staying in Ban Tai and have to go up that evil hill.

• Dont save money and get the cheap dodgy boats from Koh Samui. If you are staying on Koh Samui and plan on getting the boat over book it asap, as the ferry does book out fast and then there are the illegal boats. I was at one full moon where aload of people jumped on one of the illegal boats and it crashed with another boat (they are illegal so dont use lights) and people drowned at sea. Book the ferry or book with a larger organisation, personally id say stay on Koh phangan but i understand that some people prefer Samui.


Oooo and jumping through fire when drunk = bad idea!!

Then the best part of full moon party the week after!


No one is there – no one!!! Its so quite and nice, you will get the odd backpackers who missed the parties and the ex pats who normally escape full moon. You will meet real people in this time and get to know the locals!

Personally I think to truly appreciate Koh Phangan you need to spend at least a month there, as all these people who says its overrated have normally only experienced Koh Phangan at its worse, when all the tourists come in and trash the place – stay a little longer, get to know the locals and I promise you will fall in love, just as I have :)
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sarahjayne87 says:
yes i have, however i have lots of friends on the island now so its different for me. but you are sure to make friends
Posted on: Jun 27, 2013
maddisonrm says:
Have you travelled on your own to the full moon parties?
Posted on: Jun 25, 2013
Crazy_Raj says:
Awesome Review...Lemme know when you go there next time ..may be we can team up
Posted on: May 20, 2013
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cindytan12345 cindytan…
1 reviews
Sunrise Beach, Haad Rin Nov 18, 2013
I have been to FMP twice, in Sep'12 & Jul'13! Here's some tips about FMP;

1) Book your hostels/ hotels before travelling there (I spent an hour walking around with my heavy backpack, trying to find an available hostel/ hotel room)

2) Watch out for your belongings at all times (I was half drunk and I was pickpocketed. ): There goes my handphone with photo memories...)

3) Always wear slippers/ covered shoes for safety (broken glass bottles)

4) Avoid the sea area (people use it like they were toilets)

5) Do not tip excessively to the locals (ruining the culture; money-obsessed locals)

6) Experience jumping through the fire circles & wandering under the fire ropes only if you're sober (seen many people getting their hair/ arms burnt w/o realising it)

7) Stay in hostels to make many new friends.

8) Sign up for the pre-parties organised by hostels.

9) Try out the street food; local and western.

10) Special Mushroom shakes at Mellow Mountain Bar.

11) Weed are available at the Cactus Bar (might be overpriced)

12) Bring less cash & inexpensive cameras/ handphones.

Hope these helps! I'd definitely attend FMP again in 2014. (:
ansonjennm ansonjen…
2 reviews
Full moon party May 26, 2011
we grabbed a hostel on the beach and drank cheap buckets of red bull & vodka. it was actually more fun the 5 days up until the actually full moon party cause it was easier to walk thru the crowd, with just as much music, fire, dance and entertainment! They even have 'sleeping' areas on the beach fenced off if you choose to drink too much. be careful for pick-pocketing....I had my ipod and $300 stolen right outta my zipped up purse! It's a once in a lifetime party with people from every neck of the world!
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SpiffyDark SpiffyDa…
1 reviews
Full moon party in Koh Phangan Mar 12, 2011
Getting There: Full moon party in Koh Phangan

First, we must break down a few steps.

The first step - Getting to Koh Samui

To get to Koh Samui, the easiest and most expensive would be to fly to Bangkok. Airlines flying to Bangkok Koh Samui is Bangkok Airways and British Airways of Thailand. Bangkok Airways is usually the cheapest option, but Thai Airways is the flag carrier of Thailand.

How much to get there by taking a train or a bus to Surat Thani, then take the ferry. I recommend you try to take a bus to the destination like Koh Samui of the new Southern Bus Terminal (if you're on the right Southern Bus Terminal near a large shopping center and there is no air conditioning, this is not what it is years). To access the new Southern Bus Terminal in Bangkok, the best advice I can give you is to Google the address Phutthamonthon Soi 1 in northern Thonburi, which is across the river from Bangkok. Technically it in Thonburi, but it is part of the extended metro Bangkok area. So if you get a bus directly to Koh Samui you should not worry about how to get to Koh Samui ferry and come to the island.

If you do not get a bus ticket direct to Koh Samui to try to get a boat or train ticket coach-bus-boat from a travel agent directly on the island. You may want to wait for long periods waiting for a bus to the ferry when you arrive in Surat Thani, but at least you know everything is sorted. Try different agents to get the ferry as soon as possible if speed is important to you. There are private companies, high speed boats, but it is not compatible, so you need to look.

If you have to worry about how to get to Koh Samui ferry coming from Surat Thani, noting a number of things. There will be a taxi (or tuk tuk probably songthaew, the sooner you see in Bangkok and they are pickups with benches in the back) to the bus station at Surat Thani, who will lead you to the ferry. The problem is that there are several ferries to be taken. Probably you'll be taken to a travel agent who will book you on the ferry, they send tourists, but if you can take a ride through Donsak songthaew or a local travel agency, you will find the fastest ferries to Koh Samui it.

You'll no longer there, the airport of Koh Samui site has good information on all the ways to reach Koh Samui is

Step Two - Staying in Koh Samui

You might want to find a nice bungalow in Koh Samui to relax away from Bangkok. I suggest you go to Chaweng Beach, because it is the most populous area of Samui and spectacular beach screaming and the camera takes the photo. Chaweng is the other side of the island away from the point of Samui Nathon pier. There are many places to stay on the beach so I recommend just get in there and find a place where a reasonable price you like.

Turn on Samui Island you will need Songthaews or taxi. These drivers love to rip the Thai and foreign tourists. As the cab air-conditioning charge a minimum of 100 baht to get somewhere, I know that you should never pay more than 60 baht Songtaew. Discoveries and stay on the field, as always with a smile.

Stage Three - Getting the Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan to Samui

Samui, Koh Phangan to go is easy. Just take a ferry from Nathon pier. There are many travel agencies across the road from the spring that will give you a fair price. Alternatively, if you are in Chaweng, you can take a short trip or Maenam Bophut on the north side of the island who have speedboats to Phangan.

Then you can find your way. Fun Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan, and remember to be safe.
rdlemos rdlemos
17 reviews
You gotta make it at least once in your life! Dec 23, 2011
I went to Koh Phangan in january 2011 to attend to the Full Moon Party.

I gotta say it was one of the best experiences in my life!

The vibe, the feeling, the friendship around. It is a must!

People there are so cool and you feel you own the world!

I stayed at Green Peace bungalows (there's a review in my profile bout it), but you can stay in guest houses if you are short in money, and the experience will still be great!

The party happens in the south of the island where you can also find some hotels and guest houses. I do not recommend staying in this area because it is totally messy, dirty and crazy. And the "taxis" in the island are pretty cheap. But you can stay there in case u are really in the mood and has no need to rest.

Be aware of pickpockets and also do not take your eyes off your bucket (there u get ur drink in a small coloured bucket) because there are mean people everywhere in this world and some may try to put some drug in your drink.

So try to be as sober as u can and do not accept anything from strangers.

The bars by the beach play their music and groups of people form in front of each bar. I mean, a huge amount of people (FMP during july or new years are more crowded than the usual). So just skip from a group to another and have fun. No strings attached!

There are attractions at the beach to entertain people, such as rope on fire, inflatable slide, etc. it is fun!

Just disconnect from ur routine and have fun. I am sure you will have a blast!

ps.: there are also similar parties, but not that big, such as Black Moon Party and Half Moon Party. They seem to be great too! Check more bout it online and also on the Full Moon Party website!
FMP Jan '11
strattus99 strattus…
3 reviews
NYE 09/10 - sick! Apr 24, 2011
So I kind of really want to start sending messages through TB so I decided to do the Full Moon Party 09/10 for NYE.

It-was-the-sickest-night-of-my-life! I’m stumped to even know how to start describing it. We had to pay 100 baht since we weren’t staying in Haad Rin, the beach where the FMP takes place. We got in, and all of the bar people were shouting to come buy drinks from them. We went to the Tony Montana stand, bought a bucket of Red Bull and Vodka each and from that point it was a complete blur.

A lot of things happened which I will not write here just in case my mum comes across this review. None the less, ask me if you want to know.

The party is a 1.5KM stretch on the best with bars and DJ’s all along the way. I’m sure the DJs and the music was good, however I was a bit pre-occupied with some other stuff. We stayed till 11AM the next morning dancing like I’ve never danced before.

I saw some guy get taken away buy plain clothed police (?) as they suspected he had drugs. I would feel bad for him but he looked like a trouble maker.

If anyone is thinking whether they should go here – GO! If anyone has been to Thailand and not gone to this then I feel bad for them!

One more review to go…
comptrav comptrav
2 reviews
Great party ! Jun 18, 2011
Hi guys,

a lot has already been said. Of course, there are both good and bad reviews. I am here coz i thot it was a great party !

Loads of booze, all sorts, whisky, vodka, gin, beer, breezers and of course red bull n all.

There are fire shows..sliding thru burning ropes, fire eaters..etc.

The flourescent paints n what not !!

The party heats up by 11 pm till the sun of next morning ! and its a great feeling all night.

Lots of friendly ppl all around..

Important is:

Know ur limits of alcohol. Dont over do.

Dont drink n drive, there are plenty of morons already. (no offence)

No to Drugs !

and u shd be good n safe !

Cheers !
ant_i ant_i
2 reviews
This is a party that you must attend once in your lifetime! May 17, 2011
You dont have to bring anything with you to the island, simply an empty tummy for filling up with alcohol in the party and get wasted. that's it :P

real recommendation:

1. to me, better not to stay on the island, unless you can stay up for few days. music is so loud that keep you awake.

2. remember to drink red bull, 'cause you have to dance all night, till the sun comes out, and then go for a swim.

3. be aware of the lady man (for both men and women). some of them and pocket-pickers. This is my real experience.

wish you enjoy your time in FULLL MOOOOON PARTY!!!
Daniel_Soul Daniel_S…
2 reviews
The Full Moon May 09, 2011
First thing to do when you reach the island is to hire a bike, this will allow you to visit all the avilable pool parties at the hotels dotted around the island, and be warned if you take drugs then watch your back,

saw allot of people being lookced up for smoking weed when at the party, plus thos buckets they give you are like drinking petrol very cheap booze that can leave a killer hangover
nawabkt nawabkt
4 reviews
Best party ever Jul 14, 2011
Went there in 2009 it was a blast of a party cant forget that moment will be going again on this new year eve dont wanna miss it the best place is live at haad rin its the place where party happens other places are a bit far you have to take taxi cant go by walking
biggles31 biggles31
1 reviews
WOw :) Jun 24, 2011
Great experience ! on the party front ! as i was on my own kept the alcohol down cause had no one to look after me ;)

DO NOT smoke joints on beach you will get caught and your holidays will end up in jail, Trust me i saw it happened to travel buddy's... !
NJFirefighteR NJFirefi…
3 reviews
CRazzzzIIIIInnnneesssSSS Mar 04, 2011
Hit Mushroom Mountain! This is a party that you must attend once in your lifetime. Trust Me

You really don't have to stay on the island. A lot of people stay in Koh Samui and take the speed boats over probably 25 minute boat ride. Definately gotta put this event on your check list.
Stigen says:
I liked staying on the island :) except that it raine constantly for a week..
Posted on: Mar 04, 2011
arun339 arun339
6 reviews
Full Moon Party Aug 13, 2010
With a bit of persuasion I decided to make the trip to Koh Phagnan for the full moon party. I heard so many mixed reviews of the night i wasn't sure whether it was worth the journey,

I made it Haad Rin Beach just after lunch and met up with few other mate's. Am I glad we made the trip over... we spent all day hangin out t diff bucket spots! Such a luxury for us.

After dinner it was time to head down to the beach. Apparently at this time of year there are a lot less people about, which suited us just fine. We didn't lose each other once - and there were seven of us! We were told before we left Koh Tao that there was a good chance you'd lose each other in the masses and spend hours finding one another again (if you didn't have a meeting point).

The full moon party is an excuse for people to excessively intoxicate themselves (they sell alcohol by the bucket load - literally), and party like crazy the whole night through. Theres different 'tents' down the beach pumping out various kinds of music, from cheesy dance to drum and base. We spent the night working our way down the beach through each one. By 4am I was getting really tired. Some people had already conked out by midnight (not exactly sure what they had ingested!). There is even a designated sleep area in the middle of the beach where you can go and sleep in 'safety'.

More ever un Mountain Bar.
Ma Mate's Durin e Party!!
Safe sleep area
Haad Rin Beach
everywhereandnowhere everywhe…
6 reviews
THE beach party Apr 18, 2010
If i could go to this party every saturday night I would... it is pretty much the perfect party by my standards. For starters it's on a beach, so dress standards don't exist. in fact i ended up with nothing but my boardshorts by 2pm the next arvo. don't expect to keep your thongs, no chance (although i basically lost most of my clothing every night i went out in koh samui anyway..). of course they have buckets of everything too so alcohol is sweet. another key ingredient are the people - it is insane how packed the beach gets, this is good and bad. good because there are unlimited people to meet and have a great time with, bad because even if you had all week you can't meet them all ! i had the craziest time as usual - lost my mates about 10pm spent about an hour looking for them, was wasted and it all got too hard so ended up spending the rest of the night roaming around meeting randoms and having one of my top 5 parties ever. ended up in the morning on what was apparently mushroom mountain - but i didn't even know this. was soooooo loose tho. i was hooking up with this one girl and then she started pashing the girl next to her... only at the full moon party.. ended up on a ferry back to koh samui about 2pm the next afternoon. unfortunately i was supposed to get a plane at 8am from samui to phuket... next flight wasn't for another 3 days AND my mates had got the flight and taken all my luggage, all they left me was my passport in the hotel safe. WHOOPS ! haha
buckets for afternoon tea at chawe…
johnny fucing buckets - best fucki…
smithers8 says:
so when exactly are the full moon parties on? my friends are going in november? will they be successful?
Posted on: May 18, 2011
Stigen says:
The full moon party I went to was was raining all night , and really cold..
Posted on: Mar 04, 2011
everywhereandnowhere says:
ahh yes and no.. you can stay at koh phangan and then it's not really an issue plus they have mini parties leading up to the big night and after. or you can stay on a nearby island, eg koh samui and get a speedboat across the night of the party. i heard plenty of feedback that it was pretty and insane and downright dangerous getting back early hours of the morning (like 3-6am) as there weren't enough boats and everyone is drunk etc etc. my advice would be to keep the party going, there are plenty of people kicking through. might be an idea to prebook your ferry ride back the next day as i think they were all booked out. i'm not even sure how i ended up on the ferry.....
Posted on: Apr 19, 2010
hannahbonanner hannahbo…
18 reviews
Full Moon Party Dec 31, 2010
Ahhhhhhh what else is there to say that hasn’t been said!? If you have never experienced a FMP then you haven’t lived. An all night party that never ends! Glow paint, bright colors, and more alcohol then you can ever imagine. This might have been one of the highlights of my life. The adventure I had just getting there was even worth wild! Koh Phangan is an amazing place. ;o) I was here for New Years Eve 2011...Awesomeness!
FMP 2011
sky69 says:
Koh Phangan is on my bucket list :-)
Posted on: Jun 30, 2014
alpgalip alpgalip
75 reviews
"Craziest party i have ever been" Nov 20, 2010
One of the most popular party around the world. Full Moon party is organized at Haad Rin beach in Koh Phangan. It is just 30-40 minutes far away from Koh Samui by boat. It is possible to stay in Samui then go to party at the same day. It starts evening time till next morning. Hotels accept minimum 3-4 day booking in Koh Phangan. Its possible to have parties during the Full Moon party week. Its better to go there with a friend group. Otherwise you will look people how they are having fun. Be careful about broken glasses on the beach. There are many place to buy alcohol and foods.
sammylou1987 sammylou…
2 reviews
Amazing.... Best party you will ever go to Nov 01, 2010
The full moon party is just simply a week long party on the beach, buckets and meeting strangers....!

Watch out for the redbull in the buckets, it's not the redbull we drink it has extra ingredients which is what makes everyone dance and talk a lil bit more than usual but much fun!
missjezz missjezz
4 reviews
Do go-Do party-Do pay attention to advice you hear! Mar 10, 2009
By now you've probably read or heard about this. I'm not going to say anything here that you can find by doing a search online--just that we went when it was a down time and we had a good time and it is a great place to meet people. People say it can be too crowded, loud, smelly, dangerous, etc. That was not what it was like when we were there-maybe this is the case in the high season--try one of the other moon parties if you want a smaller party-they have them for other phases of the moon!

People were jumping a rope that was on fire, people were dancing, people were having a good time (in various ways if you catch me drift). It was not too crowded when we were there in March and if you've ever been to any sort of festival or concert you will do fine at the full moon---that said: we did not meet any other people from the USA when we went as it's just enough off the beaten path for most of the sort of people many of us would like to avoid to be weeded out. We stayed up in Ban Tai and that was really beautiful and not too far from the party by any means. Do NOT rent a bike. You will probably get hurt and we personally saw more than one accident and tons of people bandaged and scabbed up throughout our trip. No joke-doesn't matter how good you are at driving it's the other people & variables that cause this. Besides-you'll have more fun if you don't have to worry about driving and there are taxi's everywhere. See my other tips about this/Thailand and those regarding the Pirate Bar as well...

Also, in Hat Rin (where the party is) there are several cool bars off the main beach on the side streets---we had a good time hanging out at Fubar and it seemed like a good place to go to meet people (as usual-I made a friend in the bathroom line)! They had good drinks/music/food.

Wish we had gone to a TB meetup before the party. Check out the pics from the party on my profile (once i get them up again)! ;)
flaming jump rope and drunk people…
sun beginning to rise-one of my fa…
people dancing in the sea as the s…
texastony texastony
7 reviews
Apr 30, 2006
It gets wild...i met up with about 8 travlers all by themselves, becasue my friends sold had a blast and love to travel...will probably travel the rest of my life by myself and meet random travels.
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ashu_1221 says:
Full Moon party must really be fun.. I am going to thailand in aug-sept and will definitely attend it
Posted on: May 16, 2009
sincitytraveler says:
Haha! I know what you mean...once you see how much fun it can be to travel by yourself you'll never be afraid to go alone!
Posted on: May 02, 2008

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