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Phuket, Thailand

The 'FINE' Country Phuket Reviews

extremesportchic extremes…
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City of smiles - Thailand Phuket May 13, 2011
If you ever feel down and out and desperate for some excitement in your life. I recommend Phuket, Thailand!!! The people there will definetely fix it all. I have never seen anything like it, the people are so friendly is out of this world. Smiles, smiles, smiles everywhere!!!

If that does not work (which I doubt), the food should do it. But you must be willing to go all the way in, no holding back. Eat, eat, eat!!!

Thanks to the people of Phuket for making my experience of their country an amazing one.

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stabber911 stabber9…
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Singapore is a 'FINE' country Feb 10, 2008
1) Walking across the street in non desinated area will be 'Fine' if you are caught! If you are not then it is 'Fine' too

2) You will required a medical certificate to buy the chuing gum. Singapore government has ban the gum due to teenager stick it on the door of the MRT

3) Another fact! Student who is over weight must stay behind in school to attend componsery 1 hour exercise until he can control his/her weight within medical recommendation standard.

4) Rubbish must be put in the bin, careful because big brother is watching! and you will understand why Singapore is a 'fine' country!

5) Taxi after midnight will charge double the fair and if you are going to the airport then it is 5 Singapore dollars extra. If you have book the taxi more than 30 mins in advnce that is another 5 SingDollars. If you catch the taxi in CBD (Central Business District) there would be another additional charge too.

6) You can easily travel from the airport by MRT or bus. The MRT Station is in the Terminal 2 and could easily take you near any hotel that you might stay in. You might also want to check out the bus because sometime bus will be much easier to get to the airport from the town.
Traffic Accident, in Singapore??
Jay Walking in Singapore??
Singapore Traffic Police,
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rintjez says:
I don't really like to know the fact that the overweight students has to stay 1 hour behind just for exercising. So what if they are overweight? They can enjoy life and do not disturb other people's life?...
Posted on: May 24, 2008
Strife says:
1) Hey yeah, i've heard of the $50 fine stories,though i have not experienced that personally before. I don't think it's as rampant as it sounds ;)

2) Actually the chewing gum ban pertains to the import and sale of chewing gum rather than eating it per se. So no worries, you won't be fined for chewing, just remember to throw the remnants into the litter bin!

3) Yes they group overweight kids into this mandatory fitness regime. Then again, we get detention now and then too :)

4) Well, let's help to keep the city clean! It's an act of consideration really, and should not be driven by reluctance to pay a fine.

5) That is correct, in fact if you take the taxi into the central business district (Raffles place area) mon - sat 730am - 930 am and 530 - 930pm (approximate times, i don't remember the exact ones), you are required to pay an extra 35% on the total fare. that is excluding the booking fees (if any) and CBD surcharges.

6) I recommend taking the MRT (mass rapid transit) if you're on a budget or taxi. Public buses are not that frequent. The easiest thing is really to just take the MRT. Plus, it's not pricy! Around S$2.50 from Orchard Road to Changi Aiport station. Price of access card (we call it EZLink) will cost fare + S$1. Rem to refund your card with the counter to get $1 deposit back.

Posted on: May 10, 2008
stabber911 says:
You look at the car that go on the curb right? The car look fine and I am sure you can still drive it but the police would not let him drive and get the tow truck to tow it out!! So so strict
Posted on: Feb 17, 2008

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