The Duomo (Duomo di Milano)

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Milan, Italy

The Duomo (Duomo di Milano) Reviews

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Climbing the Milan Duomo Jan 30, 2017
While the Milan Duomo is a magnificent site to view, climbing it is even more exhilarating.

First off you have two choices for getting to the roof of the Duomo. Take the elevator for the price of 11 euros which will let you off at the lower of the two viewing points. Or climb the stairs for 7 euros. The climb is not a difficult one and even though the steps can be a tad slippery when it is raining it is by no means a dangerous climb.

Once you ascend on the roof level there is also little danger. Walking on the roof is easy and there is little chance of falling. Views from the two roof levels are great. It feels amazing to see the detail in the spires. Just a great amount of detail at the roof level.

TIP: To avoid the long lines for tickets, purchase your ticket across the way at the tobacco shop. You will then be allowed to go to the head of the line saving many minutes of waiting.

Definitely worth the cost to walk on the roof and see the great detail.

At the time we went the line opened at 9 am and the last trip up the stairway ceased at 1720. Everyone had to be off the roof by 1800 the day we were there.
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stef7sa stef7sa
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A Giant Typewriter Feb 24, 2013
Definitely the most famous sight of Milan , the Duomo Santa Maria Nascente is also one of the largest religious buildings in the world . Its splendidly white marble facade with thousands of spires and statues opens up to the large Piazza del Duomo , where all great festivities of Milan take place (like Inter or Milan soccer championships).

Walk around the building for an impression of its size and beauty, then enter through one of the 20th century bronze doors. The space inside is impressive. The very large stained-glass windows behind the choir in the back are spectacular.

You may also visit the crypt , the treasury and the underground baptistery (where St.Ambrose baptized St. Augustine), remains of the 4th century Santa Tecla basilica .

The one thing not to miss is to visit the roof (by stairs or elevator) where you enjoy a panoramic view of the city and possibly the Alps. It also allows you have a closer look at the statues among which the gilded copper Madonnina .

Tickets for Duomo rooftop, treasury and baptistery are available at the MilanTourismPoint and Autostradale Offices and with MilanoCard there is a special and exclusive discount of 10%. The prices are rooftop elevator 10€, rooftop stairs 6€, rooftop, treasury and baptistery 13 resp 10€.

A virtual view from the roof is available at the 360cities website.

In summer you might be so lucky as to be able to attend one of the few concerts on the roof terrace . Must be a spectacular experience! See the Viviilduomo website for the calendar of events.

In September the so-called Rito della Nivola is celebrated, in which the chiodo relic, that is believed to be a nail from the Holy Cross, is taken from its position in the cathedral. It is preserved in the apse in a case inside a tabernacle, about 45 m above the ground, and taken from there by the bishop who is lifted up by an elevator, called the nivola (cloud). To experience this event, in 2012 on the 22 or 29 September 2:30pm, you need to make a reservation at the Venerando Fabbrica.

Audio guides are available at the Duomo Info Point ( Via Arcivescovado ) and recommended. Audio Guides may also be downloaded from the VisitaMilano website (in english).

Fully accessible to the disabled.
martacherry martache…
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Duomo in Milan,an exciting experience! Jul 12, 2011
I love Milan's Duomo! I was there on June 2th with a trav buddy friend for System of a down concert in Rho(near Milan)and the visit was amazing!Even if i'm italian I've never been to Milan before,but always thought of going:) The church is amazing,especially if you love gothic's art! In fact the church is the biggest european goth monument!The entrance is big,and inside the church a serious organ music will be played,and some amazing glass windows displayed.Being a Rome citizien is difficult to me to visit some goth church,because Rome is full of baroque churchs! (San Pietro is a perfect example!)so I was really happy and even my friend was:) If you want you can pay a little sum and visit the underground galleries(I think there are some of them,but didn't go)with some old treasures displayed ! So I highly reccommend this visit,and even the Duomo's terrace is amazing,you pay 5 euros and after a while(you'll meet some steps)you'll be on the top of Milan,with an exciting sight!

Good visit!I hope this little review can help

joe82 joe82
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Duomi di Milano Jul 28, 2011
The dome according to me is the biggest attraction in Milan (besides the gallery). It is easily reachable by underground. You will just stand there and you ll be amazed by the building. Also the surrounding, the place and the famous Gallaria next to the dome make this place unforgettable. Most important to see in Milan.
princebankole princeba…
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Duomo of Milan Jul 11, 2011
its the cathedral church of milan that took six centuries to build from gound up and it happens to be the fourth largest church in the world and the largest in italy. it is located in the northern part of italy in the Lormbadia region. the walls are made of marble and it is a recommended place to vist if you are in italy.
the top of the DUOMO cathedral
the front view
Lucyonamission Lucyonam…
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The Duomo, Milano Mar 23, 2011
I went to The Duomo in Milan in July 2009. It was about 5 euros to get in and worth everyone penny. The view from the top on a sunny day are amazing. I could of spent all day up there. I'd definately recommend it!
stewy88 stewy88
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Wonderful Architecture Dec 26, 2009
It is of course free to just observe the Duomo from afar. Italy is the home of many spectacular pieces of architecture, this cathedral is no exception to the rule! In fact the design of the building differs from the generic appearance of an Italian Duomo, for instance the one in Florence. The spires seem to soar into the clouds and their protruding shape pierces the skyline.

It is also possible to climb up to the top of the building at a little extra cost. In doing so you can see some great views of the city itself. Be warned that walking to the top can be a bit treacherous, especially in the busy high season. The staircase is very narrow and the ascent can be quite tiring and very cramped.

One of the highlights of Milan.
kel202 kel202
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Aug 08, 2007
When i arrived in Milano, Italy...the first thing i remember seeing is Duomo! It was breath-taking!!! I dont have all the historical facts like the review above, all i can tell you is that its amazing and it shouldn't even cross your mind on if you should go see it or not, you need to! Its the tallest building i have ever seen with SO much intricate detailing.

All around Duomo there are many places to see and visit. There is a building next to it that you would for sure notice because it is also very breath-taking. Inside this building there is a tradition. This tradition is to find the bull on the ground, put your heel on it and spin. It gives you good luck. You should be able to find it by the few people waiting to take a spin.

There's a castle (cant quite remember the name) but its just down the street also. When standing at the doors of Duomo (facing away) you should see two streets ahead. Take the left street and you shouldn't have too much of a problem getting there. But this castle is great! Inside is a museum and small garden, and after you pass through the castle and come to the other side, you come along another park. Much bigger in size and extravagant! Also down this street, befor you hit the castle, you will pass a store called 'LUSH'.. Its great! stop in and grab a bath bomb or something, its so relaxing...we have them in Canada, and i flipped once i saw their store in Milano.

All in all, i would definately suggest going to Duomo while in Italy.

It was the best trip of my entire life and i know it can't be beat!

Hope you go, and have a wonderful experience also!


Aww, Duomo!
realrv6 realrv6
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The symbol of Milan Nov 23, 2006
Everyone that comes to Milan MUST visit the Duomo (the cathedral).

It is the symbol of the city and the third biggest church in Europe

The building started at 1386 and it took 500 years to get finished.

Milan’s Duomo is an impressive and beautiful building. Everyone, not only tourist, stops in front of the facade to admire the magnificent gothic style and the particular white marble of the Duomo. There are 3400 statues that decorate the Duomo. Amazing...

People can even climb above the cathedral. (you have to pay, but it’s not expensive) There is an elevator available, or for the more athletic ones, thousands of steps. Up to you!

From there the view is priceless. And you can be a little closer to the famous Madonnina.
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realrv6 says:
I made the stairs too. Two times.
Yes. The facede was covered until 2 years ago I think.
Posted on: Oct 18, 2010
davidx says:
I visited the Duomo and walked all those stairs in 1957. I wnet with Pam to see it again this century -her first time - but sadly it was covered in scaffolding!
Posted on: Oct 17, 2010
sabzero sabzero
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Cathedral church Milan Mar 12, 2006
The Cathedral "Duomo di Milano" is one of the largest Catholic cathedral in the world.

Situated at the city centre, next to the famous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

"Duomo di Milano" is the main monument of the city.

Duomo is a stunning, beautiful building and has a mixture style between gothic and neo-gothic.

The building began life as a Gothic cathedral, but over the centuries the designs went through several modifications, and the finished Duomo is a strange mixture of styles.

The Piazza del Duomo (the place in front of the Cathedral) is the city centre of Milan and is always a great meeting-point for tourists and also inhabitants.

You can enjoy a fantastic view on the roof of Milans Cathedral.

It's possible to take the elevator or to climb up the steps.

ticket price: abound € 5,-

(more expensive if you take the elevator)

How to get to "Duomo di Milano":

It's so easy to get to the Cathedral!

Just take the metro (line 1 or line 3) and get off at the metro station: DUOMO.

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