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Keflavik, Iceland

The Blue Lagoon Keflavik Reviews

wagslikeadog wagslike…
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What's All the Fuss About? May 23, 2012
I visited the world famous "Blue Lagoon" on a cold, windy day in May on the final day of a 10-day trip around The Ring Road of Iceland. I had high hopes... It's located in the middle of nowhere about 40km's from Reykjavik and 20km's from the airport at Keflavik. There is lots of parking on-site.

It was 30 Euros to get in, 5 Euros to rent a towel (robbery) and 9 Euros (criminal) to rent a robe! I didn't bother "renting" a towel and just allowed myself to be fleeced the 9EU for a robe and used it as double-duty for drying and staying warm.

Essentially, it's a large, outdoor, geothermal hot-tub set in volcanic rock and eerie blue, steaming water. The actual building that houses reception, restaurant, change areas, etc. is large and futuristic-looking with lots of windows.

You get a wristband that operates the lockers and charges for drinks or food while you're on the property. The lockers were a little confusing to operate, but I eventually got it. There are open change areas and showers, and also a few private ones for shy-types.

I hung out for about an hour and half in the water itself and then had some hot dogs in the cafe. All the other food items were ridiculously over-priced, like everywhere else in Iceland.

Truthfully: I don't understand why this place is so highly touted as there are hot tubs everywhere you look in Iceland. I guess if people only visit Reykjavik then this would be interesting, but if you travel around the rest of the country and see what Iceland has to offer, you could easily pass on this place and not be disappointed. I'm glad that I went to check it out, but wouldn't bother returning if I'm back in Iceland.
The Blue Lagoon
The Blue Lagoon
The Blue Lagoon
Africancrab says:
Ewww Sarah, that is gross indeed. Really? when we were there? But I guess all the minerals keep it safe. The hair thing in yukky though.
Posted on: Jun 02, 2012
sarahsan says:
Posted on: Jun 02, 2012
wagslikeadog says:
That's pretty gross... :(~ (yukk!)
Posted on: Jun 02, 2012
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amandap123 amandap1…
2 reviews
Most Magical place I have ever been Apr 24, 2011
The Blue Lagoon in Iceland is truly the most magical place I have ever been I went to Iceland for 4 nights and spent my last evening (6-9pm) at the blue lagoon. I am very disappointed that I didn't visit the lagoon everyday that I was in Iceland. It costs quite a bit to go, but not compared to all the other trips I went on, was about the same price. The facilities are amazing and clean. One thing tho, you have to shower naked before you enter and these are communal showers, so if your shy, don't be! There is a swim up bar and you have tag things on your arm which are for the lockers and if you want to purchase anything whilst swimming. Plan to spend a good few hours here if you can. Also, I hear that the massages are lovely too. Not to be missed.
oliveev oliveev
3 reviews
The amazing blue lagoon! Apr 28, 2011
I really enjoyed the Blue Lagoon simply because it was something I'd never experienced before! Bathing outdoors in hot volcanic water, using the mud pots on the side and the massage waterfall - AMAZING! Its not exactly cheap but I would definitely recommend a visit to this place!
trippinginnederland tripping…
60 reviews
Luxurious Geothermal Pool. Nov 03, 2010
Fancy a nice warm pool? Well, we paid 12,000 ISK for two of us (entrance to the Blue Lagoon and return bus rides from the hotel). We went to the tourist information in the central of Reykjavik. We booked the package from there and made payment too.

There's a range of time for you to choose/pick for the mini bus to pick you up from the hotel to the FlyBus terminal. From there, you will board a bigger bus whereby it'll bring you to the Blue Lagoon. You can simply spend the WHOLE day there, but you must be aware of the bus timings when you want to leave. When you're leaving the Blue Lagoon for the hotel, do let the bus driver know which hotel you're staying.


I forgot to mention this, the tourist information will provide a printed piece of paper. Do note of the time printed on the paper and a notification that the bus will arrive 15 minutes (or 30 minutes, not sure...but it is printed there) before the actual time you have chosen (example you chose 11AM, you have to be at the hotel lobby at 10:45AM). You present this to the driver whereby he'll present the tickets to you (this leaflet has the entrance ticket and return bus ride ticket for you to tear out. It also provides the information for the bus timings).


When you're at the Blue Lagoon, you will have to queue up for this blue wristband thing (like a watch) and make sure you do it tightly on your wrist or else, you might lose it in the pool. This blue wristband (electronic) is the key to access the locker (there are lockers outside the male and female changing area and lockers INSIDE the changing area. I would recommend for you to use the lockers in the changing area as it is easier. The blue electronic wristband can also be used for you to order beer (8 Euro), whereby you will make payment once you leave the area.


It is a classy and I must say fancy-luxurious place. There are sorted parts in the changing area with numbers thus easier for you to locate your lockers. Each section has at least one changing room. There are about two WCs, I think, one at the entrance and one near the showering area. The showering area, some have doors and some don't. If you're brave and daring and perhaps have a nice figure, you wouldn't mind showering with the one without the door :D OR maybe someone who is in a hurry and doesn't give a damn if there's no door. I showered with no door (even though I'm not sexy) because I was in a hurry and the cubicle I chose was in the corner thus, it was alright that there wasn't any door as it is a little private there. There's a section for make-up area where there are cushioned seats and big mirrors, well-lit area for you to put on your make-up and of course! There are hairdryers provided! Oh and there are shoe-racks (I wouldn't recommend you to put your shoes there...dangerous, might go missing) and plastic bags provided to put your wet boxers/bikinis et cetera in.


To get to the pool, you need to go through the changing area, where the shower section is. Rocky and rough surface ground of the pool. Different gradients too...I guess the deepest is 1.5m and some parts of the pool are warmer than others parts. There's a little cave for you to hangout. Most couples like to go there and smoochy smooch. I'm thinking that many had done their activities there (doesn't want to think further about it). You can't see the floor of the pool but if you were to use your toes to grab some of the 'sand' from the bottom of the pool, and lift up, you will see that the sand is black.

There's a board telling you details of the pool about what good there is in the water and et cetera.

There's two stations whereby they have this silica mud thing for your face. It is white and waxy like, feels more like a thus lotion substance. You place it on your face...for better skin quality, they do sell it in their shop (VERY EXPENSIVE!). You do see many people with will eventually dry up and you will have to wash it. I have sensitive skin and the water of the pool was hurting/burning my skin. Thus, I tried my best not to get my face wet...but putting the cream stuff wasn't too bad. The funny thing is that, because they put up a notice of what those white stuff could do to your skin. Good see people putting it all over their body like as though it is some sunscreened lotion :P Funny funny.

There's a waterfall for you to go under for some therapeutic beating. OUCH! Some like it...but I don't. There's the REALLY hot sauna cabin near the waterfall, you can check it out. I went in, sat in there for 3 secs? I was SO hot that I couldn't breathe. It was my first time :D I will admit to that.


Please be considerate, at least we were...whenever we needed to pee, we would get out and go to the WCs to pee and then get back in. I don't like the idea of people peeing in the pool. I gave my boyfriend a theory of the colour of the pool. There's this section of the Blue Lagoon that's not in use (out of order as due to maintenance) and it is of a nice blue but the main-big pool that we were in...isn't blue. It was well...light green? I told my guy, what colour do you get when you mix blue and yellow together? I think you get the idea. Hehehehe...

There's a cafe there too, so after everything you could just buy something to eat/drink whilst waiting for the bus time to come. There's a viewing point too, at the top for you to view the Blue Lagoon. We spent about 3-4 hours there.

It is an expensive place/activity to do there but it is worth the try/experience. Got too much money? Spend it on the spa treatment and dine in their restaurant.

One more thing, it is best for you to bring your own towels as you'll have to pay to use theirs (5 Euro for one). I would advise you not to bring your towels along to the pool, you might lose it or mix them up with others. You may want to bring your own soap and shampoo. They DO provide conditioners (stuck to the showering wall), because you will need it a lot. I do mean A LOT because after using the pool, the salt tends to make your hair feel VERY VERY rough and entangled. Thus, wash your hair thoroughly.

Recommended? Yes, I would. This is something different. I must warn you though, becareful not to scratch or knock your toes against the rocky pool ground, they're really I stated, the gradient of the ground can differ/vary a lot.
Sign at the entrance
The unused area, The Bluer lagoon,…
The unused area, The Bluer lagoon,…
Free water provided.
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sarahelaine sarahela…
651 reviews
The Blue Lagoon Jan 04, 2010
The Blue Lagoon is a man made thermal spa near Keflavik airport. It is famous for the healing properties of its water, which is pumped out of the ground as part of a nearby geothermal plant. The healing properties of the water were discovered when the pools started forming in the lava where water was trapped; the silicate content of the water blocked the pores in the lava and the water couldn’t sink back in. The workers went swimming in the nice warm pools that suddenly turned up right outside their plant, and found that their skin diseases got better.

This is what happens if you are not too paranoid about swimming in strange blue water.

Over the years, the spa was built around the pools. There is a lovely modern building, with clean shower rooms and big lockers. You do change in front of people, but they have thoughtfully provided some quiet areas where us insanely self conscious Brits can get changed without too much embarrassment.

The water is wonderful, and the pool is great. There are also saunas and steam rooms, and when I was first there, an artificial geyser. Parts of the pool are hotter than other parts, so you can wander about til you find a place that suits you. It’s also possible to get into the pool whilst still inside so you don’t get too cold if it is winter. It is incredibly relaxing, and there is always something magical about swimming outside. Also, there are big wooden boxes of mud around the sides of the pool which is a famos mud mask, and my skin has been a lot less spotty recently. Possibly coincidence, but worth a try!

If you have long hair, try to keep it out of the water, as the mineral salts in the pool make your hair a bit unmaneagable (it took me three hair washes with oodles of conditioner to get my hair to behave normally!).

There is a restaurant, and a cafeteria. The café is actually one of the more affordable places I ate in Iceland, and does an excellent hot dog. You have to get dressed to go to the café. There is a bar that you don’t have to get dressed to go to, but it doesn’t do food.

I have read some very, very silly reviews being negative about the blue lagoon. Not everyone likes everywhere, but some of the reviews were just unrealistic and I will address the silliest things you will come across here:

It’s the run off from a factory/ sewage works! – this is just not true. It is the run off from a geothermal power station. Geothermal power works by taking clean water that is hot out of the ground, using it to heat clean water that is not full of minerals, and then pumping the water away again. Nothing nasty is in the water. Nothing nasty is added to the water. It is as clean as any other water that comes from the ground, which one way or another, most water that does not fall out of the sky does.

It’s really dirty – there is mud everywhere! Er, yes. Yes there is. The spa is famed for the healing properties of the silicate mud, so there is mud.

It’s totally fake, they make out it’s natural and really it’s man made! Er, once again, yes. It is man made. This is made clear on every single leaflet I saw, and begs the question, so what? The water is made of water, and the rocks are made of rock. The wood is a bit like tile where it has got coated with silicate mud and gone hard. I have no idea why this would be a problem.

It messes up your hair! Oh, for goodness sake. Use Conditioner, or just go somewhere else.
marleenkraaij marleenk…
1 reviews
Relax and enjoy! Jul 20, 2010
This place is the ultimate relaxing place in Iceland. Just soak in this wonderful warm water with it's nice color. Don't forget to make use of the free Silica Mud Mask, it makes your skin feel so soft. Another tip is not to forget to put conditioner in your hair! Although the water is super good for your skin, it is so bad for your hair. If you want a massage there, note that you have to book it online before you go...
vaar vaar
15 reviews
Apr 15, 2007
THE BLUE LAGOON !! It's amazing !! I loved it. It was so warm, cosy and great. Heehe.

In the Blue Lagoon you can just sit down and relax in the warm blue wather! You can also swim, if you like or you can put a mud-mask on. You can also get massage.

When I was there, it was very cold outside, so it was great to sit in the warm wather. And when it's cold you don't have to walk outside to get into the shower-room. You can swim into the house - and you'll not be so cold.

Your skin is going to be very soft after you've been in the Blue Lagoon. It's a nice feeling :)))

Everything is pretty new there - the house where the shower-room, informations ect. is.

You have to try it !! :D
Blue Lagoon water ;)))
vaar says:
It's open all times of the year, I think :p

Read more at:
Posted on: May 03, 2009
luuvbug85 says:
I have an 8 hour layover at Keflavik airport but it is from midnight to 8 am. I want to visit the Blue Lagoon. I know during June there is roughly 20 hours of day light so I'm not worried about it being dark, but I also know that Blue Lagoon is not open and the buses do not run in the middle of the night. I was wondering if it is possible to go anyway, while it is closed and just see it, not go in it, and take pictures and such. If it is possible to still go in the middle of the night, how would I get there from the airport? Would a taxi be very expensive?
Posted on: May 03, 2009
Ann_Hells says:
It sounds so amazing! I can't wait to go in March. It's a good thing to hear that you don't have to leave the water once you're there haha!
Posted on: Oct 05, 2007
Traveling_Brian Travelin…
32 reviews
Sep 08, 2005
The Blue Lagoon... its a must see for anyone landing in Iceland. I'd even go as far as to recommend a long layover in Iceland just so you can experience this relaxing spa. (The Blue Lagoon is right down the road from the Keflavik airport and I believe they have buses directly from the airport to the Lagoon. And there is plenty of locker space to store your luggage while you relax).

Most of Iceland uses geothermal energy (sometimes you can smell the sulfur in the shower!). The water in the Blue Lagoon actually comes from a geothermal power plant. They use the steam coming from deep underground to generate electricity, and when the steam condenses, you get this beautiful powder blue water.

People first realized the medicinal properties of the water and they opened a medical center nearby. It wasn't long before the Blue Lagoon spa was opened up as well.

The water is naturally heated, but I can't remember the temperature. There are different parts of the "lagoon" that are hotter than others, so its just a matter of finding the right spot.

The blue water is complemented with black lava rock and black sand, making the blue even more pronounced. But its not just the landscape that is remarkable, the spa facility itself is quite amazing. It definitely looks like something out of the future. Everything about the place is remarkable.

The Blue Lagoon is a full spa. You can find anything you want here: facials, massages, etc. They sell an assortment of lotions and health products, but they are very high priced. There are also healthy eating options on the premises.

In one word... its simply relaxing. It is well worth the money and time.
The Blue Lagoon, Iceland (2005)
The Blue Lagoon, Iceland (2005)
The Blue Lagoon, Iceland (2005)
The Blue Lagoon, Iceland (2005)

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