The Blue Hole

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Lighthouse Reef, Belize

The Blue Hole Lighthouse Reef Reviews

camwilde camwilde
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Great for Snorkelers and Divers alike Oct 19, 2013
We booked this tour through Amigos del Mar. It was pretty expensive ($180 for snorkelers and $250 for divers) plus $40 per person to get into the park. It was totally worth it though.

The Great Blue Hole is basically a circular collapsed cave surrounded by corral. From the air, you can see the full circle, but on a boat, it is equally impressive.

My wife went diving and went down 144 feet. She was scared to death as she never had gone about 70 feet. In the end, she was just fine. When I got back to the boat, she was smiling from ear to ear and excited to tell me about how she explored the caves below with all the stalactites and stalagmites. There are some fish (sharks and the like) in the hole, but mostly, you go down for the geological formations.

While she was in the hole, I stayed on the surface and snorkeled the exterior. It was some of the best reef I have ever seen. Lots of beauty and wildlife.
Description of the Great Blue Hole.
Karren was visibly scared to have …
Our boat guide yelling at poachers…
Karren about ready to dive the Gre…
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lee-arnold lee-arno…
6 reviews
That was one of the best dives that i had done. getting there from our island was just the start of it, we needed to first get to the main land to get our yacht. (very nice).. it was a long jurney, but we had a stop on the way to a hotel on stilts and it was amazing..

When we got near to the dive area you could see the difference in the water, at first it was a bit mind blowing as you knew that there were sharks in the water. After we got kitted up had our briefs we headed in, in pairs doing the buddy buddy thing. The depth i was hoping to go today was 40 meters :-)

As we were decending the change in temp was very sudden you could even see when it was going to get colder getting to my target depth i started looking around in even more detale and looked down and could see the hammerhead sharks circling there must of been about eight of what i could see, it was amazing to see.....
Down we go...
What a view, its massive....
malimited malimited
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Diving in The Blue Hole Jun 28, 2011
I recently started diving a couple of years ago and I only have around 20 dives under my belt. I kept on hearing about The Blue Hole in Belize where Jacques Cousteau dove in 1972. My opinion...from an aerial view and simple nature of it all, its beautiful. However, from a diving perspective, I wasn't that thrilled with it all. You immediately descent to 120 feet, stay down there for about 5 minutes while you ascend and then do your safety stop for about 15 minutes. There was nothing that extravagant or beautiful for me. I'd rather dive around 60 feet to have a longer bottom time. Has anyone else dove here...thoughts?
waynedharmon waynedha…
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fresh water blue hole May 09, 2011
So i have been in belize for a couple weeks now and it's beautiful. Ive decided to stay here for a while. Last week we headed down to southern belize and went to the fresh water blue hole. It was tucked away in the jungle and was a beautiful site to see. I recommend you check it out if your in the area.
rrroyalll rrroyalll
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Great diving spot Dec 22, 2010
This is one of the most beautiful diving spots in Dahab and the red sea.
The Blue Hole Map
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Lighthouse Reef
photo by: camwilde