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7701 E Interstate 40, Amarillo, TX, USA - (806) 372-6000

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David David
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Attempting a 72oz Steak Sep 01, 2009
The Big Texan is famous for its 72oz steak. If you finish eating it, along with the sides in under an hour--it's free. Last weekend my friends and I decided to take a road-trip in an attempt to finish the 72oz steak.

We arranged for their courtesy limo to pick us up from the hotel. Upon arriving at the restaurant we informed our waiter that 3 of us would be taking the 72oz steak challenge. The table where you take the challenge is set in the middle of the restaurant on a stage near the grills. We took our seats and then the big moment came. Sitting on each of our plates was a 72oz steak cooked medium, along with the sides: a shrimp cocktail, side salad, dinner roll and one baked potato. Right before we could began our waiter announced to everyone in the restaurant that the three of us would be taking the challenge. This got everyone's attention and quite a number of people came up to take pictures of the steak and wish us luck.

After that the countdown began and we proceeded to devour our dishes. Hungry from skipping lunch that day, everyone got off to a good start. We each finished our side dishes but around 40 minutes things started to slow down on the steak. Eventually it became tough to chew the steak and eat it. While they can reheat the steak for you, it won't make much of a difference once you begin slowing down and realizing that you can't finish it. In fact, none of us finished it, I ate 36oz and my friends had about 45oz each. It was a good attempt, we left with extremely full stomachs and a few t-shirts to commemorate the experience.
Our limo, if you call ahead they c…
The Big Texan
Inside the restaurant.
The 72 oz steak. Huge.
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poohstanggt says:
Congrats on your feature. We are watching the video now and I am cracking up! David, as shy as you are, I am shocked that you were able to do this with that entire crowd...I know I couldn't have! And look at all those's like a West Coast TravBuddy meet up!! LOL.
Posted on: Sep 04, 2009
sylviandavid says:
I watched the video....yikes... that was a big steak. Who was who on the video... the guy in the white kept going... did he do it?... sylvia
Posted on: Sep 04, 2009
bernard69 says:
congrats on yr feature and having eat 1,020 kg of steak(thanks to u i have checked the conversion table which reminds me that 28,349 g are one oz,I have forgotten the conversion since the sixties!!!)
Posted on: Sep 04, 2009
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bkretzer bkretzer
69 reviews
Fun place for a meal Jul 13, 2009
The Big Texan is an Amarillo institution dating back to 1960 and declining years of Route 66. The original location of the restaurant was on Route 66, but with the construction of I-40, and it’s subsequent siphoning off of traffic, the owners moved their restaurant to it’s new location just off the interstate.

The Big Texan is famous for it eating challenge. They declare that if you can eat their 72 oz (that’s 4 ½ pounds) steak, plus all of the trimmings, in under an hour, it is free. Otherwise you pay the $72.00 price of the meal. Many people take the challenge each year (I was not one of them), and a surprising number eat it all.

The food at the big Texan is good. They have nice steaks. The biggest factor in how good a steak tastes is how it is cooked. So if you don’t get a steak cooked the way you like it, it won’t matter how good the meat was to start with. No one at our table complained at all. Not everyone had a steak. Aunt Murrel had chicken tenders and I think Wonda Carol had some sort of salad. Everyone enjoyed their meal. The prices are about what you would expect for a steakhouse, so don't expect value menu prices.

In addition to the food, there are various attractions and diversions around the establishment. The animal trophy heads all around are one example. The “horror” pictures, near the restrooms are another. They have a shooting gallery and some slot machines (not for gambling). The gift shop is full of Texas and Route 66 memorabilia.

Adjacent to the Big Texan is the Big Texan Motel, which was designed to look like the front of an old Western town. It has a stable in back and a Texas shaped swimming pool.

We thought the Big Texan was fun and would go back again!
The Big Texan
electricapples electric…
51 reviews
Best Steak Ever Mar 21, 2009
My husband and I had been on the road all day and were wondering what we should have for dinner. I figured out that we would be in Amarillo around that time, so we decided we'd stop at The Big Texan. It's hard to miss because it's yellow and right along I-40. Plus there are tons of billboards along the highway (even in surrounding states) advertising their free 72oz steak. It's only free if you eat in within an hour, including your sides. And you have to eat on a stage in front of the restaurant. But besides that, this place makes an amazing steak. It's the best steak I've ever eaten. Even the sides were really good. I had a salad (they make all their dressings), and a baked potato that was fully loaded. They have typical pricing for a steakhouse. You're looking to spend at least $20(USD) per person. Our bill was a little higher because we had to get our beers in souvenir glasses. I got a nice beer glass and my husband got a cowboy boot.

Beyond the restaurant, there is plenty to do. You can sit at the bar, shop in the gift shop, or play games. There is even a shooting gallery. This place is definately a hot spot. It was packed when we went. Bring your camera with you, because there are lots of photo opportunities. Also, if you're staying at a hotel along I-40, there is a free limo service to and from your hotel to the Texan.

This place is worth stopping for.
scubagirl76 scubagir…
34 reviews
Everything is bigger in Texas! Jul 19, 2008
If ever in Amarillo, Texas the “Big Texan” is a pretty neat little stop! It’s kind of a tourist trap really, but one of those places that you can always claim you’ve been to. The Big Texan is known for its BIG steaks! 72 oz. steaks to be precise, and if you can eat it all you don’t pay a dime! However if you choose to go for it they make you sit center stage on a podium, talk about having all eyes on you. Luckily they also serve normal size steaks for those of us that don’t want to stuff ourselves or attempt to. As well, they serve other non-steak meals. The waiting time to be seated is approximately an hour (yeah it’s that busy.) They do have things to make your wait go by a little faster though; a big souvenir shop, games, and a full service bar. While we waited we all decided to play a target shooting game and wouldn’t you know I got the best score out of everyone (an almost perfect score, only missed one target!) Well, I can’t help it if I’m just good at everything ;). When we finally got to be seated it was at least another 45 minutes or so before we got our food, but again plenty of stuff to keep you entertained in the meantime. For one just looking around the place can keep you captivated for several minutes. All around the place in every square inch of wall they have animal mounts both native and obviously not native. The waiters and waitresses are all cowboyed up in flamboyant western gear. And of course the center stage is interesting as well. If you ever go and decide to go for the big steak plus all the trimmings that go with it then be prepared to be gawked at, photographed by, and talked to by a bunch of strangers! Oh and despite the long wait, the food is worth it! The food was delicious and cooked to perfection!

Outside they have some attractions going on as well. A big “TEXAS” size cow, a boot, and a cute little western style hotel right next to the restaurant. Oh and if all that was not enough they offer free limo services to and from your hotel in case the western hotel next door is too packed for you to stay at! Of course, the limo is all decked out with a huge longhorn on the hood just so you make no mistake about it! “You’re in Texas now, baby!!!”
me :D
shooting range!
Bubbleso017 Bubbleso…
6 reviews
Jul 07, 2005
this place rocks!!! u first see it from the freeway and it

automatically catches your eye.. it's HUGE! and everything it's

decorated with is HUGE! they say everything is bigger in texas and they

are definetly trying to prove a point.. lol.. it's bright blue and

yellow colours also make it look really inviting..

once u get inside u see it decorated with typical "texas" gear.. cow

heads, horns, deer skins, cowboy hats and boots, etc.. the food ranges

from lots of different things and everything tastes really good..

especially the steak ;) so the highlight of this place is that they

have a 72oz. steak.. yea, that's 72oz!! the deal is, if u can eat the

steak in an hour, u get your meal for free (otherwise it's like $70!)..

so what they do is they put u on a table in the middle of the

restaurant that is raised on a platform, and u sit there with all the

other people who wanna try and eat it.. then they announce to the

restaurant that people are trying, and they start the timer.. u can

walk up there and ask them about it, or watch.. it's crazy!! the little

catch is that u also get side dishes with it that u have to eat (i

think there's a really small salad, potatoes, and maybe one other thing

i can't remember..). from what i've heard of the contestants, the steak

is reaallllyy tough and not very tasty.. haha! but what can u expect

for 72oz. :P another kewl thing about this place is on the other

side of the restaurant there is a giftshop and then lots of games u can

play.. they have a whole shooting gallery and just lots of neat things

u can look at! it's totally made for tourists, but it's really really

fun.. and you'd have to check it out if you're ever in that area :) get

a real taste for texas livin'! ;)
tell me this wouldn't get your att…
some people who wanted to give ol'…

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