The Big Shot at the Stratosphere

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Las Vegas, Nevada
The Big Shot at the Stratosphere - Relieved to be on the way back down!
The Big Shot at the Stratosphere - Up, up and away!
The Big Shot at the Stratosphere - The view from the starting point
The Big Shot at the Stratosphere - Ready for lift off
The Big Shot at the Stratosphere - There it is...right at the top!
The Big Shot at the Stratosphere - Photo Credit: Mark Hansen

The Big Shot at the Stratosphere Las Vegas Reviews

austin37335 austin37…
62 reviews
Big Shot madness! Jun 16, 2011
The Big Shot is one of those thrilling rides that can be found in many amusement and theme parks around the world. It is a square tower with seats arranged arranged around the outer perimeter. Riders are strapped in to the seats and are catapulted into the air up the full height of the tower, 160 feet in this case.

This is exhilarating enough when the starting point is at ground level, but in this case the starting point is from 921 feet - on top of the tallest freestanding tower in the US!!

The heart rate starts rising in anticipation as you are strapped tightly into your seat. Even from the starting point you can look out across the Vegas skyline and beyond and you have a very real sense of the height you are at.

Then there is a moment of intense expectancy just before lift off as the machinery arms itself with the sound of a short but meaningful burst of air pressure. Then the madness begins. Your stomach is left behind as you are fired suddenly into the air. Before you know it you have travelled 160 feet upwards and your only view is a spectacular uninterrupted panorama of Vegas and the desert beyond. Just as your brain registers this you then experience a moment of weightlessness and you are on your way back down, plummeting back down toward the starting point. Then the 'g' forces multiply expotentially as the ride reaches the lowest point again and you are back on your way into the air to repeat the fun all over again. The screams from your fellow riders are relentless and the adrenalin is guaranteed to flow in copious quantities.

This ride is regularly featured in the top 10 thrill rides around the world and for any thrill seekers in Vegas, this ride is a must do experience, I promise you will not be disappointed!
There it is...right at the top!
The view from the starting point
Ready for lift off
Up, up and away!
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hannajax hannajax
63 reviews
Oct 31, 2005
i did this ride to get over the fear of free out my toenails, pour salt on my eyeballs, put me on the rack, put my hand on a hot grill...nothing was worse than that sensation of falling. just being strapped in, waiting for lift off, was making me tremble with parkinsonian trepidation. 160 feet in a mere 2.5 seconds at 45 mph, was a taste of weightlessness i never want to feel again. going up was not as bad as coming down, though when i got to the top, having reached the 1,081 feet max., i saw nothing below and around me but the city. so, my worst nightmare: flying but knowing i was going to come crashing down. and sure enough, three or four more intolerable times i went up and down and up and down, dropping 160 feet the first time. 1 minute of pure hell. i never stopped screaming. people could clearly hear my screams below, while my friend amused himself by laughing at me the entire time. once safely off the ride, i was hyperventilating and shaking terribly. so, for those of you who are sadists, enjoy!
Photo Credit: Mark Hansen

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