The BBH Club Card / Buying a van in New Zealand

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New Zealand
The BBH Club Card / Buying a van in New Zealand - after 6 month travelling, we forgot how it feels to possess so much money;-)
The BBH Club Card / Buying a van in New Zealand - desperate people trying to express their feelings by writing them down on the wall. first i thought they are funny and actually felt bad for them, but after a week in the car market i really knew what they were talking about...
The BBH Club Card / Buying a van in New Zealand - we finaly sold our van!!
The BBH Club Card / Buying a van in New Zealand - emptyness in the backpackers car market...
The BBH Club Card / Buying a van in New Zealand - well, this was our van and it didn't work

The BBH Club Card / Buying a van in New Zealand Reviews

kiwiasli kiwiasli
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Dec 25, 2007
For every independent traveller in NEW ZEALAND, who wants to make use of the budget backpacker accommodations, and don't want to spend all his money for expensive hostels. You can save a lot of money!

The BBH Card costs 40 NZ$ (20 euros), but a phone card is also included (20 NZ$).When you chooce BBH hostels, you pay 3 or 4 $ less than usual, so it is profitable when you plan a longer stay in New Zealand. When you intend to travel just for one or two month, it's probably not worth it to buy such a card.

For me it was really helpful, because we travelled 6 month and always tried to stay in BBH hostels, which you can find in almost every city in New Zealand.

Another plus are the hostel ratings, which you can read in the brochure.(I recommend not to ignore those! I made the experience, and say better pay a dollar more and get a clean bed/ bathroom...)

Another hint for those who want to save even more money:

Some people still ask if it's better to buy a van/car or travel by bus. I'm sure the most of them realised the advantage of buying a van and also sleep in it.

Good choice! That's what we did.

When you sleep in your van, it is sometimes possible to park in the parking lots of the hostels and pay even 5 $ or so less. Then of course you can use all the facilities like everybody else.

Even when you intend to travel just for 2 month, I think it's worth it. Buy a car in a backpackers car market, and maybe sell it for even more at the end. When you are lucky you can make profit!


We started our trip in Auckland on the north island (that's where we bought our van)and planed to finish our trip in Christchurch on the south island.

Finding a van was not that difficult, but selling it in Christchurch, in the end of January, was kind of frustrating!

I would say 80% of the travellers start their trip in Auckland, so possibly a little amount of cars and too many people looking for them.

In Christchurch: Many many vans but almost no buyers! We spend a whole week in this stupid car marked, sitting there the whole day and just waiting. It was frustrating but it was also kind of funny, everybody changing there prices every minute, in hope to get rid of their beloved cars...

(greetings to Steffen;-)how many dvds did we watch on this day? Three i think. It was another boring day in the car market.I remember his white van parked next to ours(also a white van). I still can't believe, he sold his van before we did!

Thanks to the danish couple who bought our van, it was a good choice!...anyway, where was I.

I wished somebody would have given me this advice: Start your trip on the south island in Christchurch or for my part in Auckland, but try to sell it in Auckland! You will probably make profit!

Oh, actually i just wanted to write about the advantage of this BBH CARD, but thanks to those who really read all of this...:-)
emptyness in the backpackers car m…
well, this was our van and it didn…
desperate people trying to express…
we finaly sold our van!!
calone2012 says:
awww but I cant drive:( but the bbh card sounds great, thank you!
Posted on: Apr 29, 2009
wildstylz says:
Thanks for this information. I'm thinking of buying a car in New Zealand for my trip next year. But after reading your story probably not in Auckland.:)
Posted on: Oct 03, 2008
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