The Alamo

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300 Alamo Plaza, San Antonio, TX, USA

The Alamo San Antonio Reviews

ikcelomsn ikcelomsn
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Nice to stop by and see a piece of history, but a little over rated... Mar 26, 2012
I lived in San Antonio for 3 years, and I would always take my visitors here...

It is a place that everyone should go to, but it is not what everyone expects. Its literally in the middle of downtown by the mall, and is not as big as you would imagine it to be.

You may have to drive around to find parking, or pay for the parking garage that is connected to the mall right there if you are staying at a place outside of downtown...or walk if you are staying closer.

This is a site that you should see, but don't plan on making a day out of takes about an hour max.
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mdfehmel mdfehmel
233 reviews
The Alamo Dec 04, 2012
A trip to San Antonio could certainly not be complete without a visit to The Alamo. This iconic symbol of American perseverance and bravery is the traditional symbol for and reason for being for the city of San Antonio. It stands in the center of the city, well preserved despite its turbulent history. As a former member of the military I saw this visit as a sort of pilgrimage, however, any American will feel the surreal environment of this sacred place and international visitors will be witness to one of the most famous battles in U.S. history. The U.S. Park Service has done a tremendous time in conjunction with other non-profit preserver organizations of the Alamo. To tour the facility (which takes up approximately 1 city block) is free although there are places where you can donate money to contribute to its upkeep. The experience begins with a short 15 minute video produced by the History Channel which will educate you on exactly what happened there over time. This is a good 2-3 hour activity even if you fly through it. If you really take your time and read all of the placards or take advantage of the audio tour headsets, you can actually spend at least a half day here.
This church is the final resting p…
This large holds the remains of th…
Map of The Alamo
Inside the grounds of the Alamo.
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starryx starryx
3 reviews
Historical must-see Apr 12, 2011
The Alamo was the most conveniently located mission in San Antonio, and would definitely be a good start if you're planning on covering all the missions (or at least most of them). We watched a free 20 minute documentary introducing us to the history of the Alamo which helped to put everything in perspective. Touring the Alamo was fun too although the place was one of the smallest out of the rest of the missions. But definitely a must see!
Africancrab Africanc…
777 reviews
Mision San Antonio de Valero Dec 06, 2010
This year we spent Thanksgiving in San Antonio. WWhile in San Antonio my family and I made a stop at the Alamo. I had heard little to nothing about the Alamo up until a week before travelling to San Antonio. I remember Travbuddy Dan (Rotorhead) asking me to stop by and remember the Alamo. The history of the Alamo while sad is debatable as it borders on the lines of evil vs good. That I will leave for another time.

Mision San Antonio de Valero is the name of the home of earlier missionaries who strived to convert Indians to christianity in the earlier centuries. For narly seventy years, the mission was home to believers and their converts.

In the later years, the Spanish military decided to station their troops/ a calvary unit at the mission (at this point it was not being used as mission anymore). The soldiers called the mission the Alamo which means cottonwood in Spanish. This was to honor their home town of Alamo de Parras, Coahuila.

The Alamo played a historic role in the Texas Revolution in which the Texans defended themselves against Santa Anna's Army. For 13 days, the defenders held out even though they were seriously out numbered.

The Alamo is the remains of what was the former mission and the history that was made on it's grounds. There is really not much to see if you are expecting a huge monument or building. The 300 years of history however has been well preserved in the museum and parts of what is left of the former mission.

There is a Shrine, Barrack Museum, DRT library, museum, the Alamo Hall the Calvary courtyard and the stone walls and arcade. I enjoyed the wall of history the most. Dedicated in 1997 the wall of history is an outdoor exhibit that tells the history of the Alamo from beginning up to present.

It is recommended as long as you are in the San Antonio area. This and the riverwalk. Check out my review on the riverwalk for more information.

Admission to the Alamo is FREE!, no excuse not to visit.

Remember the Alamo!
"The Alamo" in San Antonio, Texas.
"The Alamo" in San Antonio, Texas.
"The Alamo" in San Antonio, Texas.
"The Alamo" in San Antonio, Texas.
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Janeofalltrades Janeofal…
8 reviews
The Alamo! "VICTORY OR DEATH!" Aug 24, 2010
By far one of the best stories in Texas history, if you visit Texas I strongly advise putting it at the top of your To-Do list! Free of cost and absolutely hours worth of information and sites to be seen its only a short walk from the River Walk and gives you a true look into the Texas spirit and what we here are all about. As I said the site is in the heart of San Antonio near more than its fair share of restaurants and other sorts of entertainment. I love the Alamo and have been more than once but this time was a reminder of how much I loved it the times before!
williamsworld williams…
285 reviews
The Alamo with air conditioning May 27, 2009
The world famous Alamo is only a short walk from the River Walk in San Antonio. The Alamo is one of the most visited historical sites in the United States. There are many antiques on display at the Alamo showing what life was like during the siege. They also have a gift shop with souvenirs at the Alamo. You can take a stroll around the shaded grounds and absorb the history of the Alamo.

There is a nice shaded park in front of the Alamo in case you are looking for a place to stop and rest. Across the street from the Alamo you will find the Visitor's Information Center with free brochures and advice on what to see in San Antonio. There is also a City Tours office which provides guided tours and free information about the San Antonio area.

While at the Alamo, you will have plenty of photo ops, but you can not take pictures inside. The building is now air conditioned, so that makes the step inside even more inviting. It is free to visit, but there are numerous donation boxes scattered around. I like to carry some pocket change with me and drop it in. There is a lot to do and a lot to see here, but the real fun comes in what you will hear. The tour guides and staff are always willing to answer any questions you may have. There are signs and posting all over, so you can’t miss anything. I think the most interesting thing I heard was a lady talking to her husband and she said, I am not making this up, “It is really interesting how they built this right in the middle of the city?” I wanted to just die laughing and then, I realized just how sad that statement was. Oh well, maybe she will read some of of the information provided. This is a great place to spend part of your day. Enjoy.
Me in front of the Alamo
The layout of the Alamo
One of the walls of the Alamo
The flags that flew over the area
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Dr_Seuss says:
and you hadto take a photo to prove you gave money :-D
Posted on: Jun 07, 2009
Dr_Seuss says:
Nice one mate. Good review. I've never really thought what The Alamo looked like. Now I know :-)
Posted on: Jun 07, 2009
montecarlostar says:
Great review and congrats on the feature!! I had fun in The Alamo as well.

Posted on: Jun 07, 2009
montecarlostar montecar…
326 reviews
There's two sides of every story... Jan 21, 2009
The Alamo is definitively a historical place that can produce hard feelings both on Americans and Mexicans. For Americans, it means the place where the evil Mexicans slaughtered the brave rebellions, and for Mexicans it means a crushing victory over the pernicious enemy who wanted to tear Mexico apart. Whatever version you buy, the Alamo is an essential place to understand the turbulent Mexican-American relationships.

I remember I felt a bit angry when I was standing behind a couple of American guys that were saying "Yeii! We took all that land from Mexico!" looking at the map of the Guadalupe-Hidalgo treaty.

I think the history of this war is taught in a very biased way in both sides of the border. For many Mexicans it is the excuse to hate the USA and for many Americans a chance to mock the weakness of Mexico.

There's always two sides of every story, but if you love history, this is a place you must visit when you are in Texas.
The Alamo
The patios of the Alamo
Me at the Alamo
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jofustx jofustx
35 reviews
Remeber the ALAMO! May 02, 2008
The Mission San Antonio de Valero (a.k.a. The Alamo) where Mexican General Santa Anna's army defeated David Crockett, Jim Bowie and 188 others on March 6, 1836, is the most famous spot in Texas. Its museum displays items from the Republic of Texas and documents the story of the Alamo's fall. Built in 1718 as the city's first mission, the chapel is one of the United States' most photographed facades.

This is a wonderful place to really get some history of various eras in San Antonio's History. I had the great opportunity to visit this particular museum as a child, and it was well worth the visit. I hope the have the opportunity to do so again. I see it all the time when I am by the Rivercenter Mall or by some of the other attractions in the area.

San Antonio is a tremendous place to really gather a large portion of Texas' history!
The Alamo
tx_bnb_girl tx_bnb_g…
13 reviews
The Alamo Aug 27, 2008
I have been honored to visit the Alamo several times in the past several years. It is one of the places where you go that its serene. It's located in the heart of downtown San Antonio surrounded by tall buildings and yet it is strangely quiet there. The building in its self is not very big. If you are a history fan this is a definite must do. The Alamo really makes you stop and think about the sacrifices made by our ancestors as they fought for the right to be a free and independent nation.
X_Drive X_Drive
837 reviews
San Antonio's "must see" Apr 16, 2008
The Alamo, just the name says history! Originally built in 1718 as San Antonio’s first mission this site was built in 1744 and lasted as a mission until 1793. From that point on it was used as a fortress. In 1835 it was surrendered by Mexico to Texas during the Texas Revolution but two months later it was the scene of the most famous battle in that era’s history. Approximately 6,000 Mexican forces battled for 13 days to retake the building which was defended by 187 men including Davey Crockett. The last was killed on March 6th, 1836.

Today, the Alamo is a museum, and houses many interesting memorabilia. No entry fee. No pictures are allowed inside but outside feel free. It is one of the most recognized building facades in the world.
mospeed1 mospeed1
7 reviews
alamo May 15, 2008
Great place to visit for history but alot smaller in person
koi pond
heatheranderson heathera…
1 reviews
Feb 14, 2008
The river walk offer a variety of different shops and resturants to see. The water is so clear. The paths are easy to walk on, and clean. We ate at Mad Dogs a British pub the food there was great. It is located across from the Hard Rock Cafe. I highly recommend it.
the riverwalk way
ppang ppang
1 reviews
Jan 06, 2008
Exciting to see the famous historic landmark. Very educational. Disappointed that pictures and/or videotaping is prohibited within the buildings. On the bright side, its free.
celest712 celest712
1 reviews
Jan 04, 2008
The Alamo is a very unforgettable sight and there is many places around here for people to see. To go in the Alamo is free But it will cost you extra to buy from the gift shop. It shows our history like where the battle of San Antonio was fought. It is around many of our cafe's and resturant.
vances vances
581 reviews
Apr 13, 2007
I realize there is another Alamo review here, but it didn’t have the details that I’d like to share to entice folks to visit this amazing piece of American history.

The coolest thing about the Alamo is that admission is free, though this reinforces why you need to arrive early in the morning! They are open 9AM – 5:30PM all year except Christmas + Christmas Eve…pretty sure the closing hours expand to 7PM between June-August (open 10A on Sundays). I’ve been there four or five times and it gets packed as the day grows long! I am always amazed that this site is nestled in the downtown of a major city (notorious for its twisty roads described best as a “kettle of snakes”, lol…but please don’t be intimidated as it’s really not that awful).

There is a grand reverence here and the Alamo always reminds me of that humble feeling you have when visiting Pearl Harbor…it is very moving and reinforces the bravery of our forefathers. The grounds are lovely but please ask for directions to the Long Barracks --> it's there on the grounds, but many people overlook and this area which has some great displays and info.

Some day I’ll pen a review of the River Walk, which is another amazing facet of San Antonio, although I have the option of visiting this jewel off-season – it is awful when jammed with people. But if you are staying around River Walk, the Alamo is only a few blocks away! We were back in San Antone for Easter weekend to introduce my brother-in-law’s family to the beauty of San Antonio and I was struck by the emotion stirred whenever I visit the Alamo – it is a temple.
I'll "Fess" up that this is the li…
Entrance to the Alamo - you will u…
The grounds of the Alamo are beaut…
Behind the Mission.
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andrewcsikes andrewcs…
19 reviews
May 05, 2006
If you vist San Antonio, you must visit the Alamo. There is a lot of Texas history associated with the Alamo. It is a wonderful and educational experience no one should miss.

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