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redzzed redzzed
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Nov 20, 2007
I have been to Bangkok , Krabi and Chiang Mai

They are lovely people and well worth the title of 'thai smile'

they love thier royal family and will expect you to show respect , as they do .

there are buddhist temples ; 'bhats' i think they call them , everywhere and they usually have lots of cats hanging around the temples .

In one of the temples the monks were smoking cigarettes .

u might have to cover your legs to enter a temple .

i have nt done any jungles in thialand , besides a rain forest where we got soaked .

the cities are pretty grid-locked with vehicles but the driving is orderly and the country is generally tidy , unlike most other places in Asia. They drive on the left , same as in Uk , with rh drive cars .

food and clothes are cheap but u can make the clothes cheaper by bartering .

There is lots of cheap fruit and veg around , pinneaples . drinking coconuts , strawberries. in towns and cities they cook and sell food in little 'stands' by the roadside..lots of chicken and fish (yukk !! i'm veggie)

there is no shortage of internet cafes , usually for about 50p ($1) an hour .

the people are also very poor and i have heard that many village girls come to cities to make money in the sex industry , for some reason women are not valued by thai men and i know several pals/associates here in the Uk who have thai girlfriends and wives .

Elephant safaris are good and there is every kind of water sport available , but be careful with organized tours 'cos u will often get taken to all kinds of carpet/trinket/art factories where u can feel pressurized to buy .
young buddhist monks..bangkok
Elephant safari near Krabi
newtampo says:
This review is an useful info :) Yep it's called Wat, actually "wad" coz we don't pronounce the "t" but "d" but everywhere wrote "wat" ;). And also a lot of cats haha ..

And for Thai women, i have no doubt, you're right about what you've heard but some of them have the reasons to do. They have a different attitudes about sex, marriage and how to make money for lives. It's difficult to say if we are valued by Thai men or not coz different people, different thoughts, different mind. Depends on 'who' not 'everyone' :) And the people, some are very poor, some are very rich. Depends too :) Korrahh is right, lots of good and bad here, and i think same as everywhere. :) Goodday!
Posted on: Nov 22, 2007
korrahh says:
yeah Thailand's great. The temples are called "wats" the hookers come from Issan province (the poorest and most populous one)theyre dark and not so classy. The sex and relationships in Thai culture is very different from the west they have their own macho culture but they actually do value women its just a different value system and expression. There's alot of good and some bad there. Cheers!
Posted on: Nov 20, 2007
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