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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thai Massage Course Chiang Mai Reviews

fabiofarinayes fabiofar…
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so many options... but not all good Jun 09, 2014
I've been in Chiang Mai 3 times now, I did Lahu village which I enjoyed, unsual experience, Loy Kroh school, maybe my best option, then Old Medicine School (3th and 4th level), very friendly place but teachers are a little too lazy and old-fashioned, then joined some Pichet's classes - I would not recommend him as you take ages there to learn and he just bla-bla all the time (although many love him). Lahu was ok and fun but they teach you very basic techiniques that now I never use in order not to get my thumbs crashed, in Loy Kroh there are both beginner and advanced level, courses are private but still cheap and I was so lucky to have a very nice teacher, an enthusiast Thai woman good english speaking with great knowledge about anatomy and many interesting massage techniques, . If anyone want more info I'll be glad to help
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joshlucas joshlucas
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My Amazing Thai massage course Jun 13, 2012
I ve visited Chiang Mai for many years and had many experiences with the big school where i do a course together with 10 other people that don't know anything about massage and 90% of my feedback comes directly from them while the cost of the course is 5000 baht or more per person. That's overpriced. After experiencing the independent thai teachers network i realized that the best way for someone to learn massage is one on one with a teacher for the simple reason that the feedback is absolutely superior and the time you spend is 100% useful and effective learning without unecessary theories and words that used to give value to someone that's overvalued eitherway. I love the idea that they bring you in touch with really good independent thai teachers and gives them the opportunity to work for themselves so they are highly motivated and the price of a private course is literally half then any group course out there. I learned thai massage for 3 days and i was able to understand things better then weeks in group courses. I love thai massage and i think is an art that everybody should have the right to know without spending a fortune. I embrace the idea of the independent thai teachers network. Keep up the good work.

For anyone interested you can find out more on their website (www@artofmassage@webs@com). Thank you again for that wonderful experience.
khoye98 khoye98
3 reviews
Chiang Mai Thai Massage Masters Part I Jun 01, 2011
After spending nearly four months in Chiang Mai studying Thai Massage with over 6 schools and masters I finally found the best fit for me. Here is a synopsis of my experience with all programs studied along my journey.

Sunshine School Chiang Mai ~ taught often by western teachers~ bonus b/c if you are an English speaking student, you will receive more detailed verbal instruction in areas such as anatomy, physiology. drawback ~ I felt a little jipped being in Thailand, studying the healing art from Western practitioners.

Sunshine School Lahu Village ~ A WILD adventure of living and learning from the indigenous people of northern Thailand. Bring your own sleeping bag, and any amenities such as toilet paper, toothpaste, etc b/c it is VERY remote and primitive, but an amazing learning and living experience.

ok... travbuddy wants me to dish out 3 reviews total, so see part II and III for the other programs I experienced.


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yarayarinha7 says:
Kristen, I'm going to Chiang Mai soon for a Thai massage course. I'll take the 1 month course at the Old Medicine hospital (because I need the theory and a diploma to be able to work professionally) but then I'm planning on taking a few extra classes with the independent teachers. How did you manage to stay for 4 months, did you make a student visa or visa runs?

Posted on: Dec 02, 2012
khoye98 khoye98
3 reviews
Chiang Mai Thai Massage Masters Part III Jun 01, 2011
Mr. Nat ~ blind masseur in Chiang Mai who offers INCREDIBLE thai massage sessions as well as private classes. You can google his name for more info.

All in all if you are just starting out with your studies in Thai Massage I suggest you take a 10 day course. This is the norm and serious practitioners will often take a 10 day course several times. From here, I suggest you explore and find the right teacher for you.

Best of luck and have fun!!
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yarayarinha7 says:
This topic has been discussed before, with people giving feedback over most of the big famous schools. I wonder if anyone here has studied with Pichest Boonthume?? How much does he charge for his classes? I can't find any info on how much he charges.

I hear he's a great master and I'm heading to CH in 2 months, so I'm trying to work out my small budget.

Thank you
Posted on: Dec 04, 2012
Curlylocks1207 says:
Hi there.
I am hoping to go back to Thailand in spring 2013 to study Thai massage.
I am a full time therapist already so am looking for a course where I will learn enough to start working with it as soon as I return to the u.k.
I have heard mixed reports about the sunshine school.
Which other schools did you train in? Have you heard of the tcm school?
So many to pick from but as I will only be there for 3 weeks(training for 2 probably) then I want to make the right choice.
Thanks :-)
Posted on: Oct 24, 2012
magnificent magnific…
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Study Thai Massage Nov 05, 2009
There are many massage schools in Thailand and especially in the city of Chiang Mai. You can choose a basic introduction class for a day, get certification in first level courses, or a full on Professional program.

You can also find well-known private instructors. There are also other interesting Thai massage techniques that you can explore such as Herbal Compress, Tok-Sen, and many more.

Depending on your time you can go to a reputable school and take a 30 hour week course under $150. Just shop around based on your needs. Some schools will let you check out things before you commit. The school I went to was great for me in that moment of time. I intend on returning and deepening my study of Thai massage.
Practicing on instructor for feedb…
Small classroom setting.
People come from all over to study…
Taking it to another level!
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