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Otherwise known as simply The Lone Star State, Texas is the second largest state in the U.S. and has a distinctly Western and Hispanic mixture of cultures, often referred to as Tex-Mex when it comes to talking about the food. As such a massive state, there is a wide variety of things to see and do, and it is absolutely impossible to do on just one trip. From the great plains and cities like Amarillo and Wichita Falls in the Panhandle region, to Houston and Corpus Christi along the Gulf Coast, to the Dallas and Fort Worth area, there’s a lot to pack into just one state, regardless of how big the area might be.

In terms of cities, pick one. Each city in Texas is distinctly unique, and each has a completely different vibe than any of the other cities in the state. From Austin, home to the University of Texas and known as the Live Music Capital of the World, to the capital of Dallas, to El Paso along the Mexican border, to San Antonio and the Alamo, they all have something unique to offer. And while it's true that most Texans have a larger-than-life attitude, perhaps that comes from the knowledge that their state has so much to offer, and makes the others pale in comparison.

There's plenty of beaches along the Gulf Coast area, or you can strike out into the interior of the country and experience such sites as Big Bend National Park, Guadalupe Mountains National Park, the King Ranch (which is larger than the entire state of Rhode Island, and is the largest working ranch in the U.S.), or Palo Duro Canyon. And the food…well, the food is a blend of Western and Mexican, and depending on which section of the state you are in depends on which style is more prevalent. Either way, if you come to Texas, be prepared to experience a lot of different things in your time, and make sure to prepare for additional trips to see it all.

East Texas has the tall eastern forests. Moving west the land gets progressively arid changing the ecology (smaller trees & Junipers) with far west Texas being a near desert.

Texas is known as the "Lone Star State" cuz it was the independent Republic of Texas for ten years before joining the US union.

Houston #1 most popular location
Houston, we have a problem… overpopulation, namely, which is forcing the city out of its boundaries and across the surrounding countryside at an ever increasing rate. That does make for mul…
2,063travelers 142reviews 78blogs
San Antonio #2 most popular location
The city of San Antonio, Texas, is so heavily Hispanic that you could almost have drifted across the Mexican border already. In fact, had you come here a few hundred years ago, you would have…
708travelers 123reviews 49blogs
Dallas #3 most popular location
As the corner of Texas where modernity and a sometime tragic history bang their heads, Dallas is an odd mish-mash; an exuberant and bordering on brash city self-branded as ‘The Big D’, an…
1,512travelers 104reviews 49blogs
Austin #4 most popular location
A bustling city that manages to give the impression of a tight-knit small town, the ever growing and heat-ridden Texan centre of Austin lives by the motto ‘Keep Austin Weird’, an off-hand…
1,397travelers 129reviews 54blogs
Fort Worth #5 most popular location
If two cities were ever more opposite it would be Fort Worth and Dallas, however together they provide the perfect combination of style and arts to please everyone. Fort Worth, also known as…
280travelers 26reviews 9blogs
Irving #6 most popular location
Irving is a suburb, west of Dallas, and is most famous for being the home of Texas Stadium, where the Dallas Cowboys play. Irving has become a powerhouse for industrial business and lower-…
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Corpus Christi #7 most popular location
Corpus Christi sits on the Gulf of Mexico and is the eighth largest city in Texas (pop. around 280,000). The climate is subtropical and you will rarely doubt this because of the constant hot…
97travelers 15reviews 6blogs
Amarillo #8 most popular location
Located in the middle of the Texas panhandle, Amarillo is a popular stop on Historic Route 66. There's a wide range of activities to offer visitors and many are very family-friendly. Outdo…
48travelers 27reviews 15blogs
El Paso #9 most popular location
El Paso is a city in Texas with a population of more than half a million. It is one of the most important border cities in the world due to the Ciudad Juarez-El Paso crossing everyday. It for…
203travelers 22reviews 18blogs
Galveston #10 most popular location
The city of Galveston on Galveston island, is only about an hour drive south of Houston and is a great place for a quick getaway. Do not expect to find the most gorgeous beaches in the world…
40travelers 11reviews 3blogs
Arlington #11 most popular location
Arlington lies directly between Dallas and Ft. Worth and is the home of the amusement parks. Here you will find Six Flags Over Texas, Hurricane Harbor (formerly Wet n Wild), The Ballpark in …
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Lubbock #12 most popular location
Lubbock is also called the “Hub City”. This is cowboy country where you can actually ride off into the sunset, and yes this is the best place in the world for sunsets. The dust and flat…
55travelers 15reviews 9blogs
Abilene #13 most popular location
Abilene is a nice middle sized city with all services. It is on I 20 halfway between Fort Worth and Midland. What treally made Abilene to grow many years ago was the old cattle drives meeting…
36travelers 3reviews 2blogs
Tyler #14 most popular location
Tyler is the called the Rose Capital of America. Everything about Tyler is a rose. It is a city seeing large economic booms. The population has grown to over 105000 people in the last couple …
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Plano #15 most popular location
Mention Plano to anyone in the US and the first thing they will say is "isn't that where all the kids do heroin??" Well, there is much more to Plano than that! It is located about 20 minut…
79travelers 10reviews
Waco #16 most popular location
Waco rests midway between Austin and Dallas in McClennan county, and is a pretty community if you can dismiss notions regarding the Branch Davidians. Hilly and rich with trees, the community…
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South Padre Island #17 most popular location
South Padre Island is a town of under 3000 (up 20% since 2000) located between Laguna Madre Bay and the Gulf of Mexico just off the coast of Southern Texas in Cameron County. It is not far fr…
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New Braunfels #18 most popular location
New Braunfels is a German settlement town that has kept many German traditions and festivals close to its heart. There Octoberfest brings people from all over the US. It has been a staple in…
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Beaumont #19 most popular location
Beaumont began in 1835 and has grown to a population of over 120,000. Located 30 miles inland from the Gulf of Mexico it boasts a humid subtropical climate. The city has 10 employers with mo…
58travelers 6reviews
Laredo #20 most popular location
Laredo is the nation's largest inland port and one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. With 700 of the Fortune 1000 companies doing business in Laredo, the city is ranked four…
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McAllen #21 most popular location
McAllen is a town of about 140,000 (up 31% since 2000) located near the intersection of US Highways 83 and 281 in Hidalgo County in the South Texas Plains section of Southern Texas. The sett…
45travelers 2reviews
Killeen #22 most popular location
Killeen is a fast growing town of about 140,000 (up 59% since 2000) located along U. S. Highway 190 a bit west of Interstate 35 in Bell County in the Prairies and Lakes Section of Central Tex…
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College Station #23 most popular location
College Station is most famously the home of Texas A&M and the fightin' Texas Aggies. You won't get very far into the town without being reminded of this everywhere you turn. The incredible…
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Longview #24 most popular location
Longview, Texas is a growing city located in E Texas on I-20. The city really lives up to it's tag line, "Real East Texas Living." This means the people are friendly, the pace a little slower…
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Humble #25 most popular location
Humble used to be a small town on FM 1960 that traveled through the countryside. Now Humble is a city with traffic problems especially so close to Houston. There is good shopping in Humble an…
16travelers 7reviews
Fredericksburg #26 most popular location
Fredericksburg is the crown jewel of the many sparkling towns that make up the Texas Hill Country. Founded by German immigrants, Fredericksburg continues to celebrate its heritage with some …
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Wichita Falls #27 most popular location
Wichita Falls, Texas is a small "city" with a population of a little above 100,000 people. Wichita Falls offers Sheppard Air Force Base, red draws (beer & tomato juice) and the world famous H…
25travelers 4reviews
Addison #28 most popular location
Addison is a city in Dallas County, Texas (USA). The population was 14,166 at the 2000 census. Addison is a northern suburb of Dallas. The city calls itself the Town of Addison but it is inco…
9travelers 7reviews
Grapevine #29 most popular location
Grapevine is a city located in Tarrant and Dallas counties. The city is part of the Dallas Fort Worth Statistical Area and its city limits are mostly within the Dallas/Fort Worth Internationa…
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Brownsville #30 most popular location
Brownsville is a fast growing city of about 180,000 (up 29% since 2000) located at the intersection/southeastern end of US Highways 77, 83 and 281 in Cameron County in the South Texas Plains …
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Midland #31 most popular location
Midland is a medium sized town on I 20 just east of Odessa. There are some services in Midland. It is a good place to stop if you can stand the smell of Hydrogen Chloride from the oil wells.
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Nacogdoches #32 most popular location
The Spanish were the first non-Indians to reach Tejas, what is now Texas. Their first settlement in Tejas was in Nacogdoches in 1716 with the Mission Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe; making it th…
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San Marcos #33 most popular location
San Marcos is a medium town and a nice place to stay. They have good shopping and are located on I 35 halfway from San Antonio and Austin. Texas State University is located in San Marcos. Aro…
19travelers 2reviews 3blogs
Denton #34 most popular location
Denton is a large town with most services. Denton is just north where I 35E and I 35 W murge together north of Dallas/FW. It was a dry city but its been a long time since I was there. There i…
Fort Stockton #35 most popular location
Fort Stockton is a good layover on the long trip from San Antonio to El Paso on interstate 10. They have fast food and limited shopping. There are some small motels there. Get supplies and…
3travelers 8reviews 3blogs
Richardson #36 most popular location
Richardson is a nice suburb on the north side of Dallas.
29travelers 1reviews 1blogs
Odessa #37 most popular location
Odessa is a small city with most services just west of Midland on Interstate 20. This is ouil country so dont mind if you occasionally get a wiff of hydrogen sufide.
22travelers 1reviews
Baytown #38 most popular location
Baytown is a conviently located city at Texas 146 and Texas 225. That new hwy. 146 highrise bridge as long replaced that miserable two lane tunnel. Baytown has good restaurants and hotels. Fr…
11travelers 1blogs
San Angelo #39 most popular location
San Angelo, Texas has about 88,400 people (104,000 people in the whole area of Tom Green County) which makes it the largest city in Amercia that does not have an interstate freeway within 100…
Mesquite #40 most popular location
Mesquite is an eastern suburb of Dallas that is bigger than most people realize. 129,000 people live in the town named after the tree that looks more like a bush. (I can make fun of the nam…
17travelers 2reviews
Kerrville #41 most popular location
Kerrville is a convient stop on interstate 10 between Boerne and Junction. They have full services and I dont remember if they only have motels or maybe Hotels.
7travelers 6reviews
Weatherford #42 most popular location
Weatherford is a convient stop for gasoline just west of Fort Worth on Interstate 20 on the way to Abilene. That is a good westbound stop to getting around the crazy Dallas-Fort Worth with…
10travelers 1reviews 2blogs
La Porte #43 most popular location
La Porte was founded in 1889 by French settlers. The name La Porte means "The Door" or "A Gateway" and refers to the town's location at the mouth of what is today known as the Houston Ship Ch…
4travelers 1reviews
The Woodlands #44 most popular location
The woodlands was a special built city for the "country" suberbs. It is a city with all services. The traffic is very high on the very busy interstate 45, a fast commute to Houston.
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Stafford #45 most popular location
Stafford is a small town near Sugar Land just SW of Houston.
5travelers 1reviews
Del Rio #46 most popular location
Del Rio is a town of about 36,000 (up 7% since 2000) located at the intersection of U. S. Highway 90 and U. S. Highway 277, in Val Verde County in Southwest Texas. The Spanish settled south…
13travelers 8reviews 2blogs
Eagle Pass #47 most popular location
"Where YEE-HAH meets Ole" Eagle Pass offers the fastest route between San Antonio and Mexico and has the resources and distributional reach to meet your business' expansion needs: and enth…
7travelers 7reviews
Katy #48 most popular location
Katy, with a population of less than 15,000, is located in southeastern Texas. Forbidden Gardens, an outdoor museum replicating some of China's major historic scenes, including the first E…
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Harlingen #49 most popular location
Harlingen is a town with services on US 77 north of Brownsville.
17travelers 1reviews
Port Aransas #50 most popular location
Port Aransas is a town of about 4000 (up about 22% since 2000) located at the end of Texas Highway 361 on the northern tip of Mustang Island in Nueces County in the Gulf Coast section of Sout…
1travelers 4reviews 1blogs