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11589 US Hwy 259, Nacogdoches, TX, USA
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walterman9999 walterma…
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Terry Ady's Paint & Body Repair Aug 16, 2017
This review is travel related cuz I can not travel to great places if Old Blue needs repair.

I consider truck sales and repairs to be an overly expensive and sleasy business...but not always. I wont mention any names like Mercer Nisson in Lufkin, TX...or will I? I wont mention Mercer doing expensive "permenant repairs" that lasted less then 24 hours (LOL).

Over a year ago I posted a review on Terry Ady, and TravBuddy featured my review. (Who would have thunk that?) I got a very good deal on custom repairs that the dealership refused to do. Terry did inexpensive repairs to Old Blue (#4) to fix my stupid locking tailgate and use hydraulics and heavy chain to bend the rear bumper back into position so I can pull a trailer again.

Well, getting ready for maybe my last real travel adventure, Blue's tailgate latch self destructed. (Planned obsolescence is alive and well in the good old USA.)

I made a appointment with Terry Ady for repairs. For repeat customers Terry has his $ 10 USD specials if he can repair vehicle outside his busy repair shop without help from his employees. The back of Old Blue was filled with tree brush and I could not remove the brush with my permenant sealed and attached camper shell. Terry did a temperary repair for free and ordered a generic latch for Blue. The dealerships charge over $160 USD for latch and $160 USD for latch installation. Terry made me a great deal @ $40 for latch, and his $10 special for installation. Not bad!

Less than a week later Terry and Blue were ready to repair. Terry installed the latch in about two minutes before I could shoot him. Then I had Terry customize Old Blue, so now Blue is a Chevy Silverado...a truck with cohones. Total cost for repairs was $ 50 USD, as quoted by Ady.

Since the fan belts on Blue were squeeling bad, another shop wanted $ 150 USD to replace two belts. Terry told me about his friend Barrett just down US Hwy 59 (soon to be US Interstate 69 toll road, or Rickie Perries Folly) so I stoped on my way home for a price quote. When I arrived, Barrett stoped what he was doing and did a tightening of the two fan belts and the squeeling stoped. Barrett told me that the belts were good and did not need replacing. Total cost of repairs was zero USD. Not bad.

An old saying in Texas is "when lady luck is smiling on you...keep rolling the dice". So I made two more pit stops on my way home. First I stoped at the Dollar Tree (the only dollar store here that charges only a dollar) and got me some survival foods for my upcoming trip. Then I stoped at Lowes to see their trees. I found some chestnut trees marked down 50% cuz nobody wanted them. I found one chestnut tree in good shape so I got it.

All is well here in Nacogdoches County.
busted tailgate
temperary fix
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walterman9999 says:
Yes Ils,
Ready for a great adventure in two weeks.
Posted on: Aug 17, 2017
Ils1976 says:
I hope it is now ready for a now adventure! :)
Posted on: Aug 17, 2017
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walterman9999 walterma…
221 reviews
Terry Ady's Paint & Body Repair, Nacogdoches, Texas USA Jun 26, 2016
I was in need of repairs and custom modifications on Old Blue before my summer camping-survival test in the wilderness. I was tired of hearing "for insurance reasons you are not permitted in the shop", bla, bla, bla. I was tired of paying big money to the local dealership for permanent repairs that lasted less then 24 hours. I wont mention the name of Mercer Nisson, Lufkin, Texas...or will I? So with a good word of mouth review from a friend I had nothing to loose.

This is something I never seen before. Terry invited me and Mr Nikon into his shop to watch the repairs and modifications to Old Blue. Terry used heavy chains to fasten Blue firmly to the lift. Then he used a large hydraulic jack to slowly and carefully bend the rear bumper back upward into the general position. Before he used the special hydraulic, he advised me to scoot over cus in the off chance the heavy chain would snap, it would inflict serious injury to me. Slowly he used the special hydraulic to finish the bumper repair.

Then Terry made a custom weld to dismantle the stupid tailgate locking device that imprisoned me inside Blue on a previous camping trip. He used self tapping screws to hold the tailgate latching assembly into place (that Mercer refused to do). Without even asking Terry, he used a suction device and a large hammer to repair a large dent in the starboard side of Old Blue for no extra charge. Then Terry told me where to get steel clips for safety chains, so Blue can pull a trailer. Terry didn't have the right bolts, so he told me how to vertical mount tire # six out of the way inside the back of Blue. For other custom modifications needed, I know how to do that.

Ady just won the Nacogdoches annual award.

This was a lucky day for me and Old Blue.
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Terry Ady sign
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walterman9999 says:
Thanks Paul and Brian,
Trip advisor would have rejected this review.
Thanks TravBuddy!
Posted on: Jul 04, 2016
Paulovic says:
Congrats on the feature!
Posted on: Jul 04, 2016
walterman9999 says:
Thanks Brian,
In todays newspaper they won a city award for their service.
Posted on: Jun 26, 2016

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