Terracotta Warriors

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Xi'an, China

Terracotta Warriors Xi'an Reviews

harrylnic harrylnic
3 reviews
Awesome heritage Jun 08, 2011
I was terracotta warriors 2 years ago, that's the real china to visit, Xi'an is a city that filled with culture and tradition. It was an awesome experience and i will never forget that spectacular view to those warriors. is so real, the feeling of battle is just right there in the air.
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journey_44 journey_…
3 reviews
Pictures are just as good Apr 13, 2011
I went to visit this site in Xian a few years back. I went during the national holidays so everything was packed and waiting for the bus to take you there took forever. I wasnt that impressed... I mean its actually amazing that someone created this but You couldnt really get very close and everything looked like the pictures I've always seen.
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Julie92 Julie92
2 reviews
Overwhelming attraction Mar 19, 2011
The Terracotta Warriors are a good example of China's greatness. There are so many and you cannot image they were actually built by humans. Each creation is unique! Xi'an is placed some thousand km from Beijing by night train it takes about 12 hours to get there. Also the train tour itself is a special and interesting experience.
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miesielove miesielo…
25 reviews
Not imagine! Jul 13, 2011

You can not imagine what those people have trouble doing roach to the terracotta army. You see them be put back together.

You can also see an interesting movie about the terracotta army. It is interesting to see everything!
crystalevans crystale…
24 reviews
The Terracotta Warriors and Horses in Xi'an Nov 30, 2009
i think most of you must have some ideas about the Terracotta Warriors of China by the film "Mummy 3". Sure, it is worth your visit to see how those warriors had been guiding their emperor for thousands of years!!! Please, you can see each other face to face!!

A terracotta army guarding , the tomb of Qin Shihuang, which lures travelers from all over the world. In a quest for immortality and eternal power, China's first emperor chose to have himself buried with some 8,000 life-size, intricately carved soldiers, horses, and chariots. Discovered by farmers digging a well in 1974, the terracotta army then wore painted uniforms, but exposure to the air and sun has turned them black.

Terracotta Warriors and Horses - Ranking as one of China's and the world's top historical sights, it houses around 8,000 life-size pottery warriors and horses and chariots, ready to defend their emperor's immortal soul.The Terracotta Warriors are not to be missed by any visitor to China. The warriors stand guard in battle formation over Qin Shihuang's Mausoleum which has yet to be excavated. Their discovery in 1974 by local farmers was perhaps the most significant archeological discovery of the 20th Century. Work is ongoing at this 22,000 square meter site, which houses around 8,000 life-size pottery warriors and horses. The 2000 year old site has fast become the main attraction in Lintong County, Shaanxi province.

Every figure differs from those around in facial features and expression, clothing, hairstyle, and gestures. The horsemen, the longbow bearers, the archers and the senior officers and generals were positioned in strict accordance with the ancient directives on the Art of War. Many of the figures originally held real weapons of the time, such as bronze swords, longbows, arrows, spears, dagger-axes and other long-shafted weapons. Surface treatment of the weapons made them resistant to rust and corrosion so that after being buried for over 2000 years they were still sharp.

Standing in the vaults, you would be amazed by such a grand ancient army formation, which would transport you back to the ancient warring states period. The tomb is a treasury for the Chinese people, and for the whole world as well.
Terracotta Warriors and Horses are…
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antonyang antonyang
6 reviews
Dec 30, 2007
I must say the yesterday I went to Xian's infamous Terra Cotta Soldiers Site. It's so big and overwhelming. I definitely reccomend anyone that comes to northern China to take some time and go see the Soljiz(as my SA friend calls them), do get a tour guide as it is much more inspiring when you know what was going on 2000 years ago(this was brought up repeatedly by Linda, our tour guide). We did however go there in the winter so there weren't long lines. It is however near 0 temperatures.
me...only in my twenties..and this…
portia portia
216 reviews
May 06, 2006
You must see them when you are in Xian. They are world famous. And the soldiers really have different expressions and hairdo's. You can just tell they were individually made by artists. And there were so many of them. It was just really impressive. I saw them back in 1997. And of course the history of the First Emporer is well known by the Chinese (if you don't yet know, you will sure learn about him when you visit), even though he was a "bad" ruler, he had such influences in history that we must be awed. Especially after they found all these terra cotta soldiers who were made to be buried with him, to guard him. Supposedly some wise advisor convinced him that terra cotta soliders were better than real people, because they would last longer and protect him longer. Thank to that, we have an incredible archelogical treasure for all to enjoy. Ah, and none of the reproductions I have seen do any justice to the real thing.As to the "best season" to go, I was there in the July, and it was fine (don't remember it being real hot).
worldup worldup
30 reviews
Sep 28, 2005
I get to check off another on my list of sights to see in my life. This trip has been great. Sometimes when you see a historical site it often disappoints you, this didn’t. It costs $15 to get in and that is a deal.

700,000 workers worked for years to build the warriors. They were built by emperor Huang to protect him in the after life from his enemies. There are over 10,000 warriors uncovered so far and they don’t know how many in total there might be in the area. The archeologists stopped excavating new areas because the warriors began to degenerate. They need to find a way to stop this before they begin excavating again.

The excavated area is divided into two pits. Pit 1 has over 6,000 warriors in battle formation, including horses. It looks like each warrior has a different face, hairstyle, headdress, and uniform. Each warrior has all the weapons that he carried and the armor appears to be layered. It is a simple site, but an incredible sight. Inside the museum there are hundreds of artifacts including full statues so you can get a close up inspection.

The old farmer who found the warriors while digging was in the museum signing books. A local celebrity.

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