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Termini Station

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Rome, Italy
Termini Station - On the Roman metro, everybody is your friend.
Termini Station - Descending into Dante's Inferno.
Termini Station - Arriving into the terminal
Termini Station - Sharing a tiny space with 3 other people is not so bad when everyone is asleep, but if you never wear them before, use earplugs and sleep with the alarm clock nearby.
Termini Station - Every metropolitan train station is busy and bustling
Termini Station - The DB
Termini Station - Big and busy.  Just look like you know where you're going.  You'll be fine.

Termini Station Rome Reviews

HuBison HuBison
417 reviews
Keep your basic whits about you Jun 11, 2010
This info is free, to take a train costs.

I took the Deutsch bahn (German train) from Munich over night and pulled into the Roma Termini an hour an a half late. There was a dealy in the train from Austria, but since I was asleep, I didn't really know til I woke up.

The Roma Termini is like any train station in any other major metropolitan city. You have to keep your things close and don't flip open a map that announces your a tourist. If you're going into Rome's subway system, you can buy a ticket at the cigarette and candy stores located around the terminal. If you're going to take a bus, get your info before you arrive.

Try not to arrive or depart or linger around the station when the sun in not up. The information desk is not helpful about tours, but people linger over there cause they have AC (great to know on a hot piping day).

The rate to exchange is not great and you should wait til you get to a better place, but it's a wonderful place to get ice cream!

On the night train, it was so worth it to pay a few extra bucks to sleep in a car for 4 people rather than in a car for 6 people. It's the same car, they just lower the beds and in the 6 person car, you can't sit on the bed and be upright!
Arriving into the terminal
Every metropolitan train station i…
The DB
Sharing a tiny space with 3 other …
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rrpslflorida rrpslflo…
2 reviews
Guys helping you expect a tip Mar 24, 2010
There will be guys at termini station helping you to buy a ticket on the machine. They do not work for the train company. If you don't expect to pay a few euros, don't let them touch the screen..:)
moonpics moonpics
3 reviews
Termini Station-Give it a try! Jul 20, 2008
We had heard a number of "warnings" about the Termini station (the con men, thieves etc), so much so that we almost decided to cancel our train trip into Rome. But we went ahead as planned, and it was a good thing we did because we enjoyed the experience. It's important that you don't go out of your way to look like a tourist (ie an "American" tourist), so don't gawk around, pull out your maps or leave your luggage unattended. We stayed nearby, and my wife and I actually made a point of having our cappuccino and coronetta at the Express coffee stand located there. This is actually a great train station, and although I wouldn't recommend traveling there alone, that goes for any large city anywhere.
Big and busy. Just look like you …
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Eric Eric
408 reviews
May 08, 2007
Termini is the main metro and train station in Rome, and it will likely be your first glimpse of the loud swarming chaos that characterizes Rome. Trains leave here regularly for Fiumicino airport and it also is the transfer point for the two-line metro system. Be careful with pickpockets and thieves here, especially if you are lugging around lots of luggage, as the crowds can get thick.

If you are coming here to catch a train, I'd recommend getting here a bit early, as the station is large and a bit confusing to navigate through. There are machines on the main level where you can buy point-to-point tickets for most destinations, and if they are working this is the fastest and easiest way to grab a train ticket. The machines have "English" display options and also take credit card. To save even more time, you can book your ticket via and simply print out your tickets from these machines when you arrive. If you are trying to book an international train, you probably need to buy your ticket at the International ticket office, and should plan to spend at least 3 hours trying to do so.

If you are planning to ride the metro, look for yellow machines scattered around the station. Unfortunately, there seem to be only 3 machines total in the large station, and they are broken 95% of the time, so your best alternative is to go to a newstand or tabacchi store (look for the white "T" sign against a black background) and buy your ticket there.

If you are homesick, there is also a McDonald's within the station and another one directly across the street from the side entrance. Most of the food within and directly around Termini isn't too great, so this is a cheap and reliable option before your trip.
On the Roman metro, everybody is y…
Descending into Dante's Inferno.
paul_gr says:
Very helpful. Thanks for posting this.
Posted on: Mar 16, 2008
jenn79 says:
SO helpful - thank you Eric!
Posted on: Jan 24, 2008
Eric says:
hehe, i was always too afraid that my stuff would get stolen if I slept in are a brave soul.
Posted on: Jun 04, 2007
zoecricks zoecricks
4 reviews
Jul 02, 2007
Be very careful at night especially if your a women travelling alone try to avoid the outside of the station, i had a bad experience with a group of 4 unsavoury characters to say the least and thankfully i got saved by a very nice passer by before things got too hairy thank god, it is fine in the day but just be cautious at night, try to appear confident and like you are going somewhere and avoid getting the map out or appearing lost if you are abit lost go into the station or a shop and ask instead of running the risk of looking like an easy target!

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