Temple Bar

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Dublin, Ireland
Temple Bar - The red entrance
Temple Bar - The red entrance
Temple Bar - The red entrance
Temple Bar - The red entrance
Temple Bar - The red entrance

Temple Bar Dublin Reviews

Chokk Chokk
1733 reviews
The place to party Mar 08, 2014
In the Temple Bar district The Temple Bar is maybe to most crowded and popular place to be. I was there on a Saturday evening after a win for the Irish Rugby Team over Italy in the Six Nation Tournament and the place was totally packed. The music was great and the atmosphere was really crazy and I was amazed about the amount of Guinness that some people could drink. The amount of people there was staggering and there were entering in waves.

Another thing that surprised me were the prices, I paid 9,40 Euro for a 2 cl gin & tonic, which I found was quite expensive. Guinness’s were around 6 euro. The bar was totally packed and the bartenders did a nice job keeping up with the wishes from the crowd. This is not a place for a calm and a relaxing evening, it is a place to party.
The red entrance
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Chokk says:
Hopeless expensive
Posted on: Apr 15, 2014
jeminigirl says:
Blimey drinks are expensive =(
Posted on: Apr 13, 2014
fransglobal says:
Temple Bar can be a rip off the tourists place...
Posted on: Apr 12, 2014
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schurch schurch
1 reviews
Fun even on Sunday Nov 26, 2013
You would not realize it was a Sunday at the Temple Bar in Dublin. The place is packed, the clientele is beautiful, and the music creates a jovial environment. All the beer is good here but if you came all the way to Ireland, at least try out the Guinness.

The bar feels like you are in a maze with multiple independent sections with somewhat different feels to each of them. Sports bar, music venue, gaming area, etc.

The bathrooms are downstairs and were in better than average condition for a bar.

Waiters and waitresses seem a bit understaffed but maintain a friendly attitude. The place really starts to fill up around 9:00 PM on Sunday.
yur yur
8 reviews
Is it worth it? Jul 02, 2011
This is the most popular bar in that area. A lot of tourists visit Temple Bar, that's why I went. I don't know if it's worth the wait though. My friends and I waited for thirty minutes and seems like no one is leaving. So we remained standing the whole time. Too many people and not enough seats as well so not good if you want to hang out and chill with your buddies. Aside from that, the place is overpriced.

It is located on the old part of the city, by the River Liffey. This area is so lively at night, you wouldn't want to go home. A perfect area to go bar hopping, because of its close proximity to other bars.

The bar itself wasn't bad, there is an open air area where you can smoke all you want. However I wasn't too happy to visit it. Maybe it's just bad luck for me, I might try to go again if I'm in Ireland.
manna1111 manna1111
3 reviews
Temple Bar Area Mar 26, 2011
We went to Ireland as a few girls on a weekend trip from studying abroad in England. We signed up for a musical pub crawl in the Temple Bar area. This was the best way to get a feel for the different pubs and people and it was a blast! We followed one band the entire night. They would play a few songs and drink a beer at each place before moving onto the next. I think we went to six different pubs having a great time meeting people and listening to the music. When the pub crawl was complete my friend noticed that her passport was missing. So be careful of pickpockets:) Good thing there was a subway close by so that we could eat subs in the police station while filing a report. The next day was spent at the Embassy but it was beautiful weather in October so we were able to hang out on the front steps of the Embassy while visiting Ireland:)
younggun555 younggun…
3 reviews
EXPENSIVE May 29, 2011
ah temple bar. the palce where almost every single wknd english folks come over and get ripped off. Here i my advice, skip temple bar after a couple of drinks and literally go anywhere else. It is the most expensive place to drink in Dublin. Pints can go up to 7euro. nowhere else does this exist.
bonkarma bonkarma
1 reviews
The Mezz Bar (Dublin) Mar 04, 2011
The MEZZ Bar is in the heart of the Temple Bar Area in Dublin.It is a great place to enjoy rock live music, in a good atmosphere with nice people!
jameshendicott jameshen…
38 reviews
it's nice, but it's not the real Ireland, not at all... Dec 17, 2010
I just wanted to offer a bit more balance to the Temple Bar reviews. For those arriving in Dublin and seeing all the 'traditional' bars for the first time, it's great, but it's nothing like an authentic Dublin area. It's basically laid on for tourists and it's significantly overpriced compared to other areas. To give an example, the traditional music in Temple Bar is often not traditional at all, but covers of songs a few decade old, performed to get the tourists dancing. Most locals almost never go out here, with the exception of a central club called The Button Factory.

That's not to say it's bad - it's a nice place to meet other tourists, and the atmosphere is generally good, one of celebration. There are also a few genuinely interesting pubs (The Porterhouse for one, and The Czech Inn always has a good buzz), but it's just not a very authentic view of Ireland. So much so, that I'd estimate the population of Irish people in Temple Bar is typically around the 30-40% mark.

Have fun, just know what you're seeing. If you want real traditional music, try O'Donoghues on Merrion Row or The Cobblestone in Smithfield. If you just want a drink, I'd suggest seeing a bit of Temple Bar just to say you've seen it, and then heading to a more local spot for a real experience.
saMm04 saMm04
5 reviews
A night out in Dublin Mar 28, 2010
So after spending St Patricks day in Derry we road tripped for a night out in Dublin..Not really knowing where to go wed asked a few locals at out hostel and was told Temple Bar area ws the place to go..and they were definitely right...when we arrived we found a whole street alive with Pubs/clubs and entertainment along with restaurants also.. although the weekend we went was extemely busy due to a soccor match the pubs were great fun full of friendly people..

I found the drinks very expensive- a normal vodka and juice was 8.50 euros! not wanting to spend to much money we decided to sneak in a flask if vodka which we purchased from the next door convinience shop...a lot cheaper! :)

All in all in was a fun night with a street full of different things to do and not having to travel around all night place to place as it was all in the one area :)
rixi says:
I love temple bar. Actually was one of the coolest bars I've ever been :)
Posted on: Mar 28, 2010
yoyo_tm yoyo_tm
3 reviews
Party as a leprechaun! Jun 07, 2009
It's really great when you are in a new city, all exhausted after visiting, to go out for a beer.And it's annoying to have to walk more than 5 minutes from one bar to another..Because,ofcourse, you want to get to know the bar culture.Especially in Ireland.So this is where Temple bar comes in, where you can just jump from one place to another, most of them having live irish music, serving the best Guinness in the world (and not just "probably" i would say :P) and ofcourse presenting to you the nice jolly irish people.And outside the pubs, there's a great atmosphere with people singing and perfoming.To conclude, the first thing i heard when steping in Temple Bar was a dizzy irish man saying: "People from all over the world, welcome to Ireland!"..we really must have looked like tourists..:)
Robin1109 Robin1109
18 reviews
Temple Bar Apr 08, 2008
I highly recommend staying in the Temple Bar area if you're making a short trip to Dublin. It's a lively section of the city and full of great pubs! We spent some time in Temple Bar first before exploring the rest of the area. I got a little confused with all the whiskeys available but if you read the history of the bar, you'll understand why. At least while I was there, it seemed to be a good mix of locals and tourists alike, people of all ages. We enjoyed some traditional music in a few pubs and met some great people while enjoying our Guinnesses! We had such a great time, we didn't even pay attention to the rain!
adriana123 says:
i sure had a blast there! i spent new years 08 @ fitzsimmons. i'm prolly never allowed back there...lol. but hey i had fun so who cares!
Posted on: Apr 03, 2008
carolyn3723 says:
Thanks so much for the tips...if I see you there I will owe you a beer! :)
Posted on: Apr 17, 2007
joelennon says:
Good advice! There's plenty of bars, restaurants and atmosphere around Temple Bar. A very nice hotel (albeit very expensive) in the area is The Morgan. While we were there a few years ago, they were filming a movie starring Pierce Brosnan and Julianne Moore, which was cool! They tried to make the street look like NYC with US newspaper stands, cabs and US cars! Can't remember the name of the film though, never got around to seeing it! :)
Posted on: Apr 17, 2007
infatuated_w_culture infatuat…
4 reviews
Apr 17, 2007
In ergards to the other review, Temple Bar area is cool. But all tourists basically. Just an FYI. In my opinion, I would say stop by for a short bit, but venture further.

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