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Lot ET 6 3rd Floor IOI Mall Puchong 47100, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Teh Tarik Place - Sunset
Teh Tarik Place - Roti Murtabak
Teh Tarik Place - Nasi Kerabu
Teh Tarik Place - Teh Tarik Place
Teh Tarik Place - Teh Tarik Place
Teh Tarik Place - Teh Tarik Place
Teh Tarik Place - Teh Tarik Place

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Teh Tarik Place aka Pulled Tea Place Sep 18, 2015
16th September is Malaysia day to commemorate the joining together of Peninsula Malaya, Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore. Alas, Singapore later ditched us (traitors... kidding!) to form their own independent country. Since then, Singapore prospered to become the world's most expensive city in 2015 while we battle with corruption and racism.

Teh Tarik Place offers Malaysian delights such as nasi lemak, nasi kerabu, teh tarik, roti murtabak, curry laksa, asam laksa and more. Nasi kerabu or rice salad is a unique dish with Thai origins. It is available at Teh Tarik Place only from Thursday to Sunday. In the past, the northern states of Peninsula Malaysia were controlled by the Siamese Kingdom hence the Malay Sultanate used to pay annual tribute in the form of ritual tree with gold flowers. Due to the close proximity of these northern states to the South of Thailand and inter-migration, northern Malaysia cuisine became heavily influenced by Thai cuisine.

Nasi kerabu is known as khao yam in Southern Thailand. Khao yam recipes varies. Especially in traditional Thai Kelantanese households, khao yam recipes are often very elaborate involving the use of more than 40 to 100 types of local herbs. One will probably need a degree in herbology to make khao yam. This is not a joke! I can assure you that I can barely recognize most of the herbs which shows how excellent of a forager I make.

In the age of immediate gratification, the recipe for making the nasi kerabu was simplified to using just the butterfly-pea flower or Clitoria ternatea to stain the rice with bluish pigment. Nasi kerabu in Malaysia is usually eaten with fried fish or grilled chicken, salted duck egg, fish crackers, chili paste, coconut gravy with fermented fish sauce as well as salad consisting of long bean or four angle bean, cabbage, bean sprouts, toasted coconut dessicate, Vietnamese coriander and ginger torch flower. It is a dish high in nutritional value accented by hints of floral aroma from the presence of many fresh ingredients.

Depending on the region, nasi kerabu is also sometimes eaten along with mango salad, another Thai influence. I can't speak on behalf of all Malaysians but this is my second favorite after nasi lemak. Do try it if you ever have a chance to visit Malaysia.

Roti murtabak originated from Arab. The difference between roti murtabak in Malaysia and that of Arabic countries lies in the technique of enveloping of the meat stuffing. In Arabic countries, layering of dough and stuffing on top of one another is common. Whereas in Malaysia, the meat stuffing is wrapped within the dough kind of like paratha bread but with stuffing.

Up to date, Teh Tarik Place grew to 30 branches nationwide within the short span of eight years. The one that I visited was at Puchong. It had a nice view as it was located on the top floor of IOI Puchong Mall. A nifty location to enjoy pulled tea with a view.
Nasi Kerabu
Roti Murtabak
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iramalama iramalama
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Teh Tarik Place Sep 18, 2011
Teh Tarik Place is a small chain restaurant that serves some basic Malaysian dishes, including the namesake national drink, teh tarik. I suppose this would be a good place to suggest trying teh tarik if you've never had it! The menu is fairly simple as are the interior decorations (mostly wood and stone).

The typical range of fried rice and noodle dishes (RM6-9) are on hand, as well as laksa (RM7), nasi lemak (RM4-8), a range of roti dishes (RM 2-7), and a small nasi campur bar. They also have set lunch combos (RM7-9) and serve breakfast (RM2-3) too. Some popular snacky foods that I could eat daily if given the opportunity, like curry puffs, ABC, and cucur udang. The drinks are also the standard ones that you would find at a local mamak stall. Prices are pretty good for restaurant, and it is a cleaner option than the typical mamak for those who value hygiene and cleanliness at restaurants.

At the time of writing, there were six stores open in malls around the greater KL area, including the Curve, 1 Utama, IOI Mall, Sunway Pyramid, Empire Shopping Gallery, and Sooka Sentral. None of these are really central except for the one at Sooka Sentral (right next to KL Sentral Station). But it is worth a trip to one of its locations to give it a try. I don't go often, but I would if I had one closer to my house (hint, hint).
Teh Tarik Place
Teh Tarik Place
Teh Tarik Place
Teh Tarik Place
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