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Of all the major Central American cities, Tegucigalpa's climate is among the most pleasant due to its high altitude. Like much of central Honduras, the city has a tropical climate, though tempered by the altitude — meaning less humid than the lower valleys and the coastal regions — with even temperatures averaging between 66 to 74 degrees Farenheit (19 and 23 degrees Celsius).

Tegucigalpa was founded by Spanish settlers as "Real Villa de San Miguel de Tegucigalpa de Heredia" in 1578 on the site of an existing native settlement. The city remained relatively small and provincial until the 1970s when immigration from the rural areas began settling. During the 1980s, several avenues and some traffic overpasses were built, as well as a few large buildings, something relatively new to a city characterized until then by two-story buildings. Tegucigalpa continues to sprawl far beyond its former colonial core, towards the east, south and west, creating large but desorganized new suburbs.

On October 30, 1998, the city was significantly damaged by Hurricane Mitch, which destroyed most of the city. This devestated the towns people and to this day (2007) they are still suffering from what happened almost ten years ago!

Tegucigalpa is a beautiful city with a lot to do. You can go into the hills and hike or go into the valley and dine on fine cuisine. Either way the trip is a wonderful town that you will not forget it!