Taxis In Medellin, Colombia

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Medellin, Colombia

Taxis In Medellin, Colombia Reviews

alexindc alexindc
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Great way to get around Medellin Nov 12, 2009
Taxis in Medellin are ubiquitous, cheap and not to be feared! They are the preferred way to move about town, as long as proper precautions are taken.

Hotels, metro stations, malls and most tourist destinations and major parks have taxi stands. Simply approach and enter the next taxi in line.

When catching a cab in the street, only hail and enter taxis that have their license on the sides of the car. Unless you are negotiating a service (such as multiple stops, extended waiting, a destination outside of the city, etc), make sure that they turn on their meter.

As in any city, do not get into a taxi that already has someone else besides the driver riding in it. Take extra care late at night if you are a female leaving a club alone...that's not a good idea anywhere!

Know where you want to go, in it's local (ie Spanish) name. For example, you will probably get a puzzeled look if you say "Barefoot park" instead of Parque de los Pies Descalzos. It's also a good idea to be familiar with the name of the barrio and street number, just in case, especially if your destination isn't a major hotel or landmark. Streets are calles, and avenues are carreras...there is a difference! Be prepared, because hardly any taxi drivers in Medellin speak English at this time.

Most taxis do not have AC, or do not use it, so your window will likely be rolled down. Be prepared to roll your window up quickly if you are about to be riding or idling next to busses...otherwise, prepare to have diesel fumes blown all over you. Also, heed the taxi driver's advice to roll up the window when stuck in traffic in a bad neighborhood.

If you need to go to the international airport, acall (or have someone who speaks Spanish call for you) a specialized taxi such as Areotaxi. Always ask about the rate before departing, it's generally a flat one between $40,000 and $55,000, depending on how nice the car is.

And finally, be prepared for a wild ride, especially going to and from the international airport! Drivers in Medellin are generally crazy, and as in every city, cabbies are even worse! Hang on, pand enjoy the ride!
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tomassgringo tomassgr…
17 reviews
Hang On And Enjoy The Ride Sep 07, 2008
Medellin, Colombia is a thriving Metropolitan city and like touring most large metropolitan cities, taxis are the easiest way to get around town. But, you need to know.... stop lights, speed limit signs and proper lane change laws are only SUGGESTIONS!! It is best to pretend that you are on a roller coaster and just enjoy the ride! My Spanish was very limited and most taxi drivers were able to understand my simple request to get me to "Blank" location alive!! lol A couple of times the driver wanted to practice their English which is always a great thing to do while changing lanes, going through a red light at 130kph!! lol
Hang ON!!!
nada says:
Posted on: Jun 25, 2012
sprockel says:
The taxi drivers drive like you!! lol
Posted on: Nov 08, 2008

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