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New Zealand
Taupo - Taupo Aerodrome
Taupo - Taupo Aerodrome
Taupo - Taupo Aerodrome
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adventure4ever adventur…
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General Taupo Info Jun 27, 2011
Living In New Zealand most of my life I was one for travelling.

One of these places I visited a few times was Taupo.

Taupo is a major tourist attraction but there’s more to it than just that. The lake itself is great to be on. It is better to go when the wind is down and the lake becomes a mirror. With being a Kiwi I love my water sports so I had spent many an hour either on the lakes edge, under the glassy surface or on top in boats.

If you plan to dive there, there are two dive shops one operates out of a bike shop run by an older man who is very helpful and works hard. He is open on Saturday as well unlike the other dive shop.

To dive in the lake is great provided you know where to go. Either talk to the local dive shop or grab the book Spot X. You will find locations where the usual thermal points are opposite getting warmer as you get closer to the bottom. Spots where you can run your hands thru the sad at 15 meters down and feel warmth.

The town itself has awesome backpackers. The most recent one I visited was Base Backpackers which is located in the heart of the town and for those of you who like the bars, on top of one too. All the local watering holes are within 200 meters of each other on the main stretch which leads to a good night out. Do not bring some ear plugs with you as a lot like to play overly loud music.

Some attractions.

You have Rocken ropes just a short drive from town. This is great fun. A bit on the pricey side but an assault course 18meters about the ground what more could you want.

The usual Bungy Jump. This is fun and a tad scary looking down while you are at the top. Hench the reason why I got pushed off/me jumping as well. Good on them too I am glad they did.

There is the Debrits (spelling) thermal pool which is great to relax in just clears the head. They even have a heated water slide.

Hopefully this has helped you choose what you would like to do.

All the best on your travels
Taupo Aerodrome
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deewilson deewilson
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Jul 28, 2007
I visited the Thermal Pools recently in Taupo, New Zealand and had a relaxing time! I was only on a weeks leave so I really wanted to do more of the relaxing side of things. It was great, they have several different temperature pools that you can freely move between. It also was really peaceful and in a nice location.

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