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It is very difficult to be unbiased about Tashkent, I spent 5 years in the region much of it in the capital city. It is not particularly safe. One is liable to be stopped and searched by the police or military at anytime of day or night and any cash or valuables taken. Resistance will result in a beating. Women should be particularly careful as abuse both verbal and physical is prevalent.
International standard hotels exist but with local standards of service and very high prices. Local hotels are generally very poor. Scamming on the streets is common place. The role of dollars found on the pavement should never, ever be touched as it was placed there to entice you into picking it up and then the scam begins.
Leaving the country can be very tricky with hold ups standard procedure often the only way to get out is to provide the official in charge with sufficient dollars to let you pass through as your documents were undoubtedly "wrong" There is nothing to see in Tashkent. The museum is about all and that's not up to much. Better to get down to Samarkand or Bukhara but beware of scams there as well.