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May 8, 2018
to May 12, 2018
A TravBuddy member is traveling to Tarragona, Spain
Good to meet up for a drink
October 21, 2018
to October 22, 2018
Andrea is traveling to Tarragona, Spain
I do not come here very often, so if I do not respond immediately, my apologies in advance :)
dream destination
A TravBuddy member wants to travel to Tarragona, Spain
From Paris, France, knows about Occitania as well, lives currently in Spain, want to go to either Brazil or Thailand after my internship this summer!!! Will live in either England or New York next year!
dream destination
Daniel wants to travel to Tarragona, Spain
Hey! I'm Danny, 25 from Liverpool in the UK. Always saving to travel & see the World!....Next stop .....! Currently exploring where to go next, so any suggestions etc just give me a shout!
interested in meeting new people
interested in meeting other people to travel with
dream destination
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