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Unit 20, Serengeti, Tanzania
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Tanzania Serengeti Balloon Safaris Reviews

Jen1107 Jen1107
24 reviews
Fun experience but maybe not worth the cost Apr 19, 2016
I went on a Serengeti Balloon Safari in June of 2015. The day before my balloon safari, it was discovered I was accidentally booked for the wrong date. I think this was my tour company's error and not the balloon company's mistake. It was resolved fairly quickly and wasn't a big deal.

A driver from the balloon company arrived at our campsite around 4:30 am and drove us to a large field where we would take flight. We watched the sun appear on the horizon as the balloons filled with air. That's always a fun sight to see.

The flight is supposed to last about 1 hour, depending on the winds. It didn't seem very windy on our day, but the flight lasted only 30 minutes. What wildlife you will see also varies. Our pilot told us that they saw lions hunting zebras the previous day. We saw 3 hippos.

Immediately after your flight, you are greeted with a glass of champagne. You are then taken to a beautiful breakfast in the middle of the open Serengeti. This part of the trip was beautiful.

The cost is outrageous. I paid USD $539 for a 30 min flight where I saw a pretty sunrise and 3 hippos. For me it wasn't worth it. Others on my trip loved it as this was their first time in a hot air balloon. You may have a longer flight and see more wildlife. I personally preferred my hot air balloon ride over the Valley of the Kings in Egypt.

Only do this if you don't mind spending the money and you're only doing it for the experience of being in a hot air balloon. Seeing wildlife is too big of a variable to rely on. If $539 is a lot of money for you, consider doing this in another pretty location.
Sunrise from the hot air balloon
A hippo, seen from the hot air bal…
Another hot air balloon in the Ser…
Hippos chasing each other
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annikepanni says:
Wow .....
Posted on: Apr 26, 2016
Jen1107 says:
I booked a 22 day trip altogether, so I'm not exactly sure what one day in a Land Rover would cost. It would certainly be much cheaper and you'd see more animals. Maybe I'd feel differently if we had a full hour and had seen 50 plus animals.

It'd make more sense to do this in Cappadocia or Bagan like you say. Even better that it's less than $539, although still costly.
Posted on: Apr 22, 2016
nolan says:
How much cheaper would it have been had you taken a Land Rover instead? The Serengeti is pretty flat so a balloon doesn't seem an advantage compared to balloons in places like Cappadocia, Turkey or in Bagan, Myanmar (which we found outrageous at $350).
Posted on: Apr 20, 2016
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ean030 ean030
10 reviews
Floating above the Serengeti Nov 15, 2010
If you are on the Serengeti, and have money to spare, you must do the balloon safari! Its absolutly amazing :)

The Balloon company come and pick you up at around 4.30 am, but it is totally worth getting up early for. After driving through the dark you arrive at a huge field where they fill the balloons. This takes a while, bu you can enjoy watching the process, and the sunrise.

The basket lies sideways when you climb in. Then rises up through the air and the amazing journey begins. Nothing beats the feeling of gliding through the air, completly silently, with just the sound of thegasburner from time to time. As with all safaris, you never know what you will see, and I did't see that many animals on my journey, but it was pretty cool to see them from above.

After about an hour, the balloon desend for a bumpy landing. then you are served "champagne" and the pilots tell you the story of the first hot air balloons and why one serves champagne at the of balloon trips (but I'm not gonna spoil the surprise here!)

Then there is breakfast in what they call "out of Africa" style. As I haven't seen it, I can judge on the accuracy, but the breakfast was really good. And there is a outdoor toilet they call "loo with a view", since its open on one side. An American women asked me how I said it on my language. Of course, loo with a view isn't all that interesting or poetic in Norwegian, but she thought it was beautiful! Beat that!

You have to book some days in advance, as there are only three ballons and they only take 16 passangers each. Also, when I took it it cost 500 dollars, so its pretty steep. Luckily I got it as a birthday present ;)

Oh, wear some warm clothes, it cold in the middle of the night. But make sure you can take them of afterwards, as you likely wont go back to your hotel/camp and daytime Serengeti can get pretty hot!
Sunrise over the Serengeti
A flat balloon
Its a whole prosess filling the ba…
Frank the pilot explains the proce…
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tirsomaldonado tirsomal…
322 reviews
Aug 07, 2007
There is just one thing I couldn´t do in my trip to Tanzania and that I regret so much! The Balloon Safari! There is just one place where you can do that and it is in Serengeti. You have to book it in advance, at least 3 or 4 days as they only do 32 passengers a day! They come to pick you up at the hotel and you leave around 5:30am. The flight lasts 1 hour and you see the sun come out. When you finish the flight they prepare a nice breakfast under a tree which is totally cool! they say they give you champagne, but in fact it is CAVA ;) which is the Catalan Champagne (Freixenet Cordon Negro as I saw the bottles). They produce it very close from where I lived when I was young. By the way and VERY IMPORTANT. If you get the flight from your travel agency it might cost you as much as 450€. If you get it in the hotel it could go up to 340€ but if you call straight and you get it in their office in Arusha you can save some dollars. You can buy it for 290US$. Amazing eah? if you save that amount of money per person following my tip you owe me a beer when I go to your town! hahahah cheers
world-traveller123 says:
that is a bit much i paid 200 for a 2 hours in austrlia
Posted on: Apr 17, 2011
hdao74 says:
I asked about the balloon ride...they said it's 450 US dollars for one hour. I just can't see paying that much.
Posted on: Sep 28, 2007

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