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yuness yuness
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“A good place to know more about Indonesia” Dec 05, 2013
On from Jakarta I want to explore more of Indonesia ? but to travel is to take a long time, so here in the South of Jakarta we have the experience that is Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII). Which is part Adventure/Theme park, the theme is to explore around Indonesian cultures and habitats of our large nation, so a 2/3 hour tour will give you a small insight, from here you could go on to explore for the real, these habitats that in most instances still exist to this day, as I am to do later in my life.

At the Park can be seen how many beautiful traditional buildings this Country has to offer and with the Museums, Science Center of Oil and Gas, Stamp Museum, the Golden Conch and many other exhibits to wet your appetite. It will be like taking a bridge to bridge tour across various areas. Traditional villages stand majestically, buildings, most of which are full size, give us an appreciation of what so many Indonesian cultures have created for themselves over many centuries.

The park is set out in a beautiful gardened area, every building, accentuating the style and traditional architecture, complete with sections showing the characteristic regions. Such concepts, are applied to keep alive these cultures that may one day disappear, antiquities are also kept for the safe keeping. Here is a window which shows the dynamics of the local horizon represented to the outside world, in the Pavilions that are “TMII” which continues grow and serve as a vehicle for depicting various aspects of life and cultures of this vast Indonesia.

Unlike in Ancol, North Jakarta, who also have big theme parks, Taman Mini, is more Thematic than amusement. It does have areas that attend to childrens needs but in a more recreational, educational and broad sense, A Palace for our children, which is a ' paradise ' where they can freely develop their imagination, creativity, happy and playing, whilst still absorbing a variety of their heritages.

Another aspect visited and worth noting, is the Bird Park. Frankly, as we are a people who are closer than most modern civilizations to their wild life, so here the Bird life park is to be a refuge sanctuary, whilst we are disrupting their lives and habitats due to our own modernization developments. At least here the birds can be enjoying their singing, in this place it seems to bring back memories of childhood, the great bird song or sparrows and finches can be heard again, because now our ears are more familiar with the noise of car horns and the sounds of the city.

Also the park has the facilities to hold conventions and seminars to serve the community, Yes...TMII, is ready to accept a variety of todays social, heritage and wildlife issues, in a manner that we can enjoy for years to come.
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yuness says:
Thanks your comment Jim,really appreciated :)
Posted on: Feb 09, 2014
rsvpme says:
Nice presentation...very !
Posted on: Feb 08, 2014
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pearcetoyou pearceto…
205 reviews
Don't miss it if you come to Jakarta! Jul 13, 2011
The Taman Mini "Indonesia Indah" (which basically means mini park of beautiful Indonesia) was and is one of my highlights in all of Jakarta.

Many people often mistake Jakarta as only having malls, with little or nothing else to offer tourists, but the Taman Mini is the perfect playground for travelers. Indonesia has several islands that make up this country chain and it takes a lot of time and a bit more money to get around to all of them. So if you don't have the luxury of island hopping while you are in Indonesia, this park gives you a little taste of the variety of the cultures and islands without ever stepping off of Java. It's located in East Jakarta and takes about 20-30 minutes from the bus station in City Central.

It costs .90 cents to get in and explore, and you will also have to pay for certain things such as the skylift, bus and train rides, and the IMAX theater; but most of these prices are very inexpensive; your money will go a long way. For example, IMAX tickets cost a staggering 3USD per person, and 5USD per person for VIP seating (I recommend the VIP seating if you can afford an extra couple of bucks). A bus ride around the park costs .30 cents. It is a big park and if you want to see all of it, riding the bus is an easy way to get around. The skylift is 2.50USD per person. This was the first thing we did upon arriving and it gives you a bird's eye view of the entire park, including the lake with all the mini islands that make up the entire chain of Indonesian islands.

If you see a movie at the IMAX, the Indonesian movie gives a great overview of the cultures and some of the spectacular scenery that Indonesia has to offer. There are some other movies available, also, including "Arabia: the Story of the Golden Ages". And if you pay for the VIP ticket, you get escorted in ahead of the line and seated in a special section with cushy seats, individual armrests, and center viewing. They also have some of the best popcorn I've ever tried...marshmallow popcorn!

They have a waterpark that you pay extra to get into. We only seen it from the skylift but it looks like a lot of fun. The lake that has the mini islands has paddle boats if you want to venture out to the islands. There are many street vendors if you need to eat, but the fast food franchise that has exclusive rights at the park is CFC (California Fried Chicken...don't ask me why Indonesia decided that California is famous for chicken). There are plenty of souvenier and craft shops, live entertainment at the entrance, and a multitude of museums. We didn't get a chance to see many of the museums, although the reptile museum was pretty cool...and you can see the Komodo Dragon here!

The best time to go is through the week. Weekends are fairly busy, but even then the crowds aren't that bad. One day really isn't enough to see and do it all at Taman Mini; I suggest at least two days.
The Skylift gives you great views …
One of the cheap forms of transpor…
Indo Islands seen from the Skylift
The water park
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Vanessa_Mun_Yee says:
Oh yes, I was there many years ago!
Posted on: Jul 11, 2011
pearcetoyou says:
Yeah! Wouldn't that be nice!?!?!
Posted on: Jul 11, 2011
travelman727 says:
James, great review! Now, if it only cost 2USD more for VIP seating on the flight to Indonesia :-D
Posted on: Jul 11, 2011
anfieldsis anfields…
3 reviews
Where you can find Komodo dragon in a big city Mar 05, 2011
Here is in Jakarta where you can find the last dragon on earth Komodo. I believe Indonesia is the only country in the world which is keeping Komodo up to now. The largest population of the dragon is certainly in the Komodo Island (which is competing for the new world seven wonders), but you can also find one at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII), East Jakarta.

Besides feed and taking pictures with Komodo, you can find the various Indonesian culture here. There are also several museums inside the area, like the transportation museum, Indonesia's heritage museum, bird park, and fresh water aquarium.
My friend from England meeting his…
the collection of fresh water aqua…
snakes and komodo are inside the r…
try the cable car to see Indonesia…
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travelman727 says:
Nice review! Sounds like a wonderful place to visit :-D
Posted on: Mar 07, 2011
anfieldsis says:
yes i think you should ;)
Posted on: Mar 06, 2011
where-to-go-fmd says:
If I ever go Indonesia again I will go there !
Posted on: Mar 06, 2011
cilukba cilukba
9 reviews
The Best way to know INDONESIA in 1 DAY Nov 23, 2010
Surprise that TMII (Indonesia miniatur) is not even mentioned here.

This place is a MUST TO Do when you visit Jakarta- you can view various of indonesian cultures from Sumatera to Irian - from their traditional house to their cloths.

There's a cable car where you view miniatur of Indonesia island on the pond.

You can rent bike to tour around the park. There's also a museum near the entrance, It showcases ex 2nd president (Suharto) souvenirs from various countries.
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Mnawin says:
Wow.. Good information and keep it for next trip.
Posted on: Nov 23, 2010

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