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Timmeh90 Timmeh90
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Depends who you go with Nov 05, 2013
Firstly i had some crappy people i experienced it with hence the title and if i was able to do it with more than just two funny blokes the rating could be different. On top of that i rate this better than Halong Bay.

Tour guide - 2/5, Bad english and copped flak from alot of people but i he was nice so that's a 2 for being a nice local.

Food - 0.5/5, The restaurant we went to was crapolli, but in saying that i don't rate vietnamise very highly.

Visiting the temples - 1.5/5, nothing special about this place. You visit a couple of temples about 200 mtrs away from each other which were reigned in the 10th century. Besides maybe a photo or two outside it.Not special.

Boat rides- 4/5, I had the luxury of being in a boat with two guys who were the outcasts of the tour that ended up being funny as all hell and with the local rowers, rowing the boats with there feet, splashing other people and just having jokes. It was alot of fun, you get to go under some nice caves. I liked it.

The bike ride- 4/5, Again it's as fun as your going to make it. You get to ride through an old village and through the rice fields. I even strayed off from the group cause they wanted to go back and rode off by myself for 20 mins. ( My profile pic is me stopping along the road after leaving the group)

Finally the transport - 0/5, But hey what do you expect from a third world country. Does'nt bother me. Maybe in australia though!!!!

Conclusion. I'd say if i had the chance all over again i would do it.Better than halong bay, but in saying that everyone on the halong tour hated me.
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