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Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei 101 Reviews

trippin_jen trippin_…
169 reviews
Taipei 101 Nov 05, 2014
I'm not really a fan of Towers. Given the choice, I wouldn't put too much effort to go up to the 87th floor. But since I was nearby, and invited for dinner in one of the restaurants there, yeah, why not.

I heard that the ticket price to go up the tower is between TWD 500- TWD 550. If that's true, then it's actually quite cheap in comparison to other towers.

I would recommend you to go sometime in the evening just before it gets dark so you can see the view, both in daylight and night time. I personally prefer daylight view cos you get the see the mountains among the sky scrappers. By night, the mountain part will be all dark.

I find the view from this tower more special than the others I've seen, because of the contrast between nature and buildings.

Worth a visit.
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Bojasem Bojasem
205 reviews
must see Jun 17, 2014
if you are in Taipei, Taiwan & you should visit 101 shopping mall & tower. Taipei 101 formerly known as the Taipei World Financial a landmark skyscraper located in Xinyi District, Taipei, Taiwan.Tallest building in Taipei so you have to go see it. The main area houses a lovely mall with many high end luxury stores

it contain shopping mall in the lower level,cafes & food court.

the shopping mall very nice but expensive.

also There is a tour that takes you to the top. there are offices & the top level 85-86 floor there are very good restaurant i eat with

my & friend eat in panorama restaurant & in my opinion the food very very good.

nice place to take photo especially near the love word close to the shopping mall gate.

Visited June 2014
101 outside in after noun
my near love word close to 101
love word
color paint close to 101
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Bojasem says:
i hope you enjoy in Taiwan
Posted on: Jun 18, 2014
spicyricecake says:
This is definitely on my list of places to go. Watching Taiwan TV in the past they always show this building and the Love sculpture
Posted on: Jun 17, 2014
fivefatfleas fivefatf…
5 reviews
Awesome view, had a great time with friends Feb 23, 2012
I had a great time here especially since my friends and I managed to go up to the highest viewing level which was open-air and VERY windy. It was super cool to be so high up and looking down on the city. You also get to take some AMAZING photos because of the height and nice lighting and also the remaining part of the building (if I'm not wrong, you can only go out to the 91st floor, so there are still about 10 floors left of the building above!). I was there with a group of friends and we all had a really enjoyable time. Do note that they would only open the deck if there is good weather.

There were quite a lot of security around, though. Not that it's a bad thing -- just an observation. You aren't allowed to jump around on this open-air deck too -- we kinda got reprimanded by security because we tried to take photos of us jumping in mid-air. I believe it's because of safety reasons! Nonetheless, the security personnels were still really friendly and cheerful.

I didn't come to Taipei 101 with a guide, so it was fun exploring the whole building.

The queue for the elevator was pretty long though, but it didn't kill our spirits anyway. The elevator was SUPER COOL! Children will surely find it fascinating (as I did... all of you who're a child at heart will, too!) because it goes REALLY fast, and the ceiling of the elevator is a simulated starry night sky. Really pretty. The lift experience itself was a bonus to our Taipei 101 trip.

Another cool part of the building was the massive balancing "ball" -- kinda like a pendulum sort of thing. It's to stabilise the building in times of earthquakes and very strong winds, if i remember correctly. It's pretty cool to see this part of the structure of the building.

Taipei 101 is perfect for you even if you're travelling alone, with partner(s), or with your family. Loved it!
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rabrown rabrown
32 reviews
Very touristy but a must see May 15, 2012
Taipei 101 is the epitome of a tourist trap, but with that being said Otis also a must see to anyone who comes and visits taiwan. Taipei 101 is the 2nd tallest building in the world, you do not have to go all the way up to the viewing deck but taking a picture with it is a must and the tour, though expensive, is quite interesting and much better than the one for empire state building, with more interesting architecture. You can see it basically see it whereever you go on the mrt and around Taipei but actually getting there is pretty interesting and there is a ton of shopping around if that is something that interests you, from the top luxury designers to some popular brands. I highly recommend the Taiwanese restaurant on the basement floor called din tai fung as it has the best steamed pork dumplings I have had in all of Taiwan. Enjoy!
Taraveller1981 Taravell…
1 reviews
This time it will No 43 country in my travel plan and only 54 remaining ? Dec 01, 2012
I was in Taipei , Taiwan at 8 Nov 2012

And really it's beautiful tower and every body who like travel need visit this city and this tower and really Taiwanese people friendly and hospitality

I liked and one thing is unbelievable their Every thing it's expensive , why? How more than some Europe countries

But I hope back their some days with new trav buddy to see Taiwan again ?????????

Any buddy ready to visit Taiwan as soon

If any buddy interested jut contact me
canuck_downunder05 canuck_d…
57 reviews
It's just something you have to do in Taipei Aug 25, 2011
We had a really great time visiting the 101 building. My advise it to go first thing in the morning. I believe we were there around 9 or 10am. It wasn't very busy when we arrived so getting in went rather quickly, but when we were finished and coming down, the line up was very long.

The building is currently the 2nd tallest building in the world and the trip up to the 89th floor is pretty quick. The lady in the elevator did a commentary, but it was in another language so I'm not really sure what she said.

In the observatory floor, you can get a free audio set. I highly recommend this. There are 15 clips that talk to you not only about the building itself, but also Taipei as a city and the things you can see from where you stand.

We paid 400TWD to get in, which didn't' seem too bad ($13ish)
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Kurisu Kurisu
73 reviews
Taipei's unique landmark skyscraper! Sep 18, 2011
TAIPEI 101 is Taipei's well known landmark skyscraper located in the business/financial district.

Until Burj Khalifa opened in 2010, this was the tallest skyscraper in the world, right after Petronas Towers in KL.

The architecture of this building is very unique. It's constructed to withstand heavy winds and earthquakes. There's a golden steel sphere at the top of the building, spanning 4 floors, which is used as a damper system to prevent movements of the building.

Very impressive, and it's beautifully displayed and accessible though the observation deck.

Speaking of, the observation deck was of course the main reason to go up the 101 in the first place ;)

Well, you get a quite nice view from up there, but it's not so easy to take pictures since there's a lot of stray light and reflections on the windows because of indoor lighting.

There's also an outdoor observation deck , which should also feature 360° view, but wasn't entirely open that day, which was quite disappointing. But since there's not so much to see - can't compare Taipei's skyline to Tokyo or NY - it's not so important anyway.

When finished observing whatever you're observing from up there, you can hang out at the mall in the basement of 101. Many shops and food places there. I had really nice Korean BBQ down there! :)

Thanks to my sweet travel guide Chispa for bringing me there! :)

I'd still recommend going to 101 for the observation decks, because unless you go to Dubai, you won't be able to get on a higher observation platform! :)
disco_85 disco_85
2 reviews
A simple must visit if in Taipei... Jun 23, 2011
Visit Taiwan for two weeks last summer and first must had a amazing time, very beautiful and friendly country.

Spent a first few days in Taipei, which means of course I visited Taipei 101, where i got my photo taken with a bear!!!

Have to go think the 93rd floor it is outdoor obversation deck and you can see for miles all of Taipei and surronding country. Also few floors below is the indoor observation deck with equal spectulars view plus u can look down and see through the floor in places (not for those with a fear of heights i would recommend)
hannahbonanner hannahbo…
18 reviews
Taipei 101 May 02, 2011
This building was pretty awesome, it just made everything else in the city so small! lol Your ears pop when going up the elevator, and it was a little crowded, but what do you expect. It wasn’t a super clear day but we got some cool pictures. You pay one price...I think around 15-20 USD but you can stay up there for as long as you like. It was in a the mall so we tried to do some shopping but couldn’t afford was all high class stores, and I was wearing Toms so I didn’t even feel right about walking into Louis Vuitton. haha It was a cool place to visit and see, but once was good enough for me.
Ground View
Window View
276 floor?
Egrassa Egrassa
2 reviews
My lovely Taipei 101 Apr 07, 2011
I live near taipei 101, and just simply love it. I love to see it shining every night in the sky, i love it architechture and i love to see it from every point of the city.

Buiding is amazing bu itself. It belongs to places which you must visit at least once.

Be honest, I didnt really like the city view from the top, but lift was just cool. Try it and see!

First few floors are very expensive shopping malls, which you can find almost in all of coutries.

What i recommend, is to go to B1 floor and try variety of local and not only cuisines:)

have fun!
anna0122 anna0122
1 reviews
A scenic spot to visit if you come to Taiwan Jun 14, 2011
Standing on the square and looking up the high building,you will feel youself very small.A technical surface let people want to go inside.It a landmark in Taipei,it also a building which can symbolize Taiwan.
djpicasso djpicasso
2 reviews
Taipei 101 Mar 31, 2011
If you are in Taipei, you must visit the famous Taipei 101! The cafe on the top floor gives you a view of whole Taipei county and beyond if the day is clear.
carolinz carolinz
4 reviews
Great experience but for once only Dec 24, 2008
I'd been to Taipei 101 twice and I didn't find it fun the second time. It's not much to do except to walk around the observatory. Nice wonderful view from the tower and it looked magnificent from the ground floor up. To me, the price is kind of okay, not really cheap and not really expensive either.

If you're going to Taipei 101, don't do it when there's too much fog or rain because you can't see a thing.
crazytourist crazytou…
4 reviews
Taipei 101 - Taipei, Taiwan Dec 27, 2008
What an excellent view from the 89 floor. The cost is not so bad and the shopping inside the mall is great...if high end is what your looking for. The 101 has most higher end shops, etc. Prada, D&G and so on. Great selection! If you go to Taiwan and miss the 101...well you've wasted your time. Make sure and see it!
Taipei 101 - Taipei, Taiwan
seahlk seahlk
20 reviews
Jun 03, 2007
Taipei 101 is currently the world's tallest building. There are many records that this building currently hold, including one which visitors can experience for themselves, the fastest elevator in the world.

Taipei 101 is located in the financial district of Taipei city. Getting there is easy, because the building attracts a lot of people everyday. The nearest MRT station is the Taipei City Hall station. From there, one can walk, talk a local bus or just take a free bus shuttle service to Taipei 101. There are clear signs in the MRT station to direct you to the shuttle bus stop, so dont worry.

The observatory deck (I pressume that everyone who is intending to visit Taipei 101 is to go up the observation deck to take in the paranomic views of Taipei city) is located at the 5th storey. From there you can purchase your tickets. The adult price for the ticket to the observatory at 89th floor is priced at 350NTD. For youths, it is a good idea to get a youth travel card from any visitor centers in Taipei (free) so that the ticket to the 89th floor is 300NTD, cheaper than concession price.

The entry time is exact at the hour, so you can choose the time you want to go up. There is no fixed duration, so you can linger for as long as you like at the "top of the everything" until the place closes. There is a neat digital counter at the ticketing area, so that one can see how many tickets have been purchased for a particular timing. That means, if you prefer to enjoy the scenes with less people, look out for the timings with least tickets bought. OF course, that is subjected to changes.

Due to security and comfort reasons, it is a good idea to leave any bulky bags one have acquired from shopping in the locker areas. There are many lockers located in the building, one near the toilet area if you enter from the shuttle bus drop-off point, and one at the entrance to the elevators before you go up to the 89th floor. Once you are ready to go up, just join the queue to take the elevator up. There is a lady in the elevator who will explain what you are going to experience in many languages, so keep your eyes (or cameras) fixed on the display panel to see where you are in the building as the lift goes up. The display panel is located on the right hand side if you face the elevator entrance.

It may be slightly confusing once you reach 89th floor, because everyone will flock to the first window they see. The redemption of audio guide is located to the right from the elevator, but one must redeem the audio guide with the 89th floor entrance ticket and passport for deposit. The guide comes in many languages including English and is complimentary is you give them your ticket. They will give you a bookmark as a sourvenir for taking your ticket.

For those who need a break from the scenes, there may be some exhibitions going on. There are basic amenities at this height, toilets, eating shops, sourvenir shops, posters about the building. The other attraction is located in the middle of the whole almost circular observatory, the world's heaviest mass damper.

If weather permits, one can pay an additional 100NTD to go up to the 91st floor outdoor observation area. The views at the outdoor observation area is not as open because walls are built at about 1.2m tall, with fences higher than a human height. Nonetheless, binoculars (at extra costs) are available .At the outdoor observatory, one can see the spire of the building. After the walk, one can go indoors and watch a video about the construction of Taipei 101.

After a trip at the observatory, if you want to linger at Taipei 101, there are many shops around. There are also many restuarants. The basement food court of Taipei 101 resembles the food courts in Singapore shopping malls. They offer reasonably-priced food of variety. There are also cheap 100NTD set meals to choose from.

Taipei 101 is a must-go because it is a symbol of modern day Taiwan. The construction of the building itself is a marvel. The addition thrill of visiting the tallest building gives it more reason to visit Taipei 101 (before the title is given to another building in the world).
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Napsju says:
Interesting. Just booked our flights to TPE and that youth travel card is still available for free. Awesome!
Posted on: Dec 24, 2010
bernard69 says:
Thanks for sharing this useful review:)
Posted on: May 10, 2009
yellowbird yellowbi…
4 reviews
Jul 08, 2007
The fireworks of Taipei 101 in the New Years eve is the best in the world!! A Taiwan MUST SEE! Even Taiwanese love to invite friends to share the crazy beautiful moment of the count down on the last day of the year! But you have to arrive there early....The traffic nearby will be a mess! (And you don't have to pay anything!)

See this vedio

Taipei 101 is built for business use. A lot of famous enterprises are located there,such as Loreal, KPMG, ING,ABN AMRO Bank, etc. You can't get in the business area without permission. But you can go to the highest floor to see the scenery of the whole Taipei city.(admission fee: 350 NTD)

There is another lower building by its side. And that is a popular department store.
Taipei 101
travelman727 says:
Nice review! Thanks to you, I've found another great place to spend a future New Year's Eve :-D
Posted on: Jul 12, 2007
wongjst wongjst
40 reviews
Jul 05, 2007
If you want to visit the Taipei 101, which is a 101 floors skyscraper in Taipei, you need to access to the 5th floor of the Taipei 101 shoping centre, where also serve the access to the observation deck, the elevators will take you all the way to the 89th floor, the indooe observation deck, and the outdoor observation deck is located in the 91st floor. The most amazing thing you will find is the steel pendulum, which serves as a mass damper, it suspends from the 92nd floor to the 88th floor. The movements of the damper will offset movement in the building caused by earthquake, strong gusts wind, etc... that can reduce the overall movement of the building. It's a unique design and it's the 1st in the world to adopt such technology.
tipsfortravellers tipsfort…
14 reviews
Oct 02, 2006
Taipei 101 in Taiwan is (currently) the tallest building in the world.

It has a very distinctive design and look about it that makes it very striking. I will post more about the building over the next few days but meantime here are 2 short video clips. One is of the graphic of the lift - which is the fastest in the world (authenticated by Guiness Book of Records) and the other is a view of the observation deck and the view.

On the lift video I forgot I was filming it in vertical format so it will look like we are going horizontally when you watch the clip... but you still see how damn fast the lift goes!>..>

The lift>..>
tipsfortravellers says:
Eric. Thanks for the comment. I agree it would be good to find an easier way to get them into travbuddy site using the HTML code that youtube supplies. Gary
Posted on: Oct 03, 2006
Eric says:
Cool, great review and awesome videos...we need to figure out a way to better integrate you tube with travbuddy....must have been a pain to put it in the review :)
Posted on: Oct 03, 2006
metsbwd metsbwd
31 reviews
Taipei 101 Jul 09, 2005
Approximately 10 USD gains you admission to Taipei 101, for the time being, the tallest building open to the public in the world! Your basic ticket lets you ride the world's fastest elevator to the top of the tower, where you have a very informative indoor observation area with views over the entire city of Taipei. The free audio guide tells you everything you see around you. In the center of the floor is the world's largest damper, keeping the building from swaying in the wind and tremors. Not always, but sometimes you can spend a couple extra bucks (100 NTD) to go up another floor to the outdoor observation deck. Don't be too upset if it's not open when you visit. It's not any better than the indoor deck...just higher. I recommend visiting if you are in town, just so you can say you were there!

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