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Tai'an Overview

Tai'an is located on the bottom of Mt Tai (Taishan)

Taishan is one of the five sacred mountains in China. Some of the former Chinese emperors did climb the mountain too. However, most of them were carried to the gate on top of the mountain and only walked up the last steps to the summit.

The whole climb exists of stairs, which are over 6,600 steps to complete. An average person will need 4-5 hours to complete the climb from the bottom. Starting the climb from the middle station is an option as well, and you can even take the cable lift if your condition won’t help you.

During the climb a Chinese guide would be helpful to translate all the Chinese writings, carved in the rocks. On top of the mountain, a small village is built with accommodations, restaurants and tourist shops. It’s recommended to stay for the night as the most rewarding of the climb is the astonishing sunrise in the early morning. During the sunrise hundreds of people gather on the summit to watch to sun rises above the clouds.