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Tai O Overview

The historic fishing village Tai O is a popular destination for tourists but especially also for Hong Kong residents. Although fishing is no longer the main income source, there are still fishermen around. It is located on the west end of Lantau island, partly being a small island by itself, at the place where one of Lantau's small rivers ends in the ocean.

Tai O is famous for its houses on stilts along the river mouth, its little shop fronts and eateries, its dried fish and shrimp paste, and its historic look, which is very much in contrast with the sky scraper skyline of Hong Kong Island. Some call it the "Venice of the East", but that comparison is misleading. Although it can be crowded, especially in weekends, Tai O still has kept some of its own authenticity as a fishing village: a bit chaotic, and plenty to see, smell and taste, and quite photogenic.

From the city, it can be visited as a half a day's trip (min. 4 hours) including travel time. Tai O can be reached by bus from Mui Wo (bus #1), Tung Chung (bus #11) and Ngong Ping (bus #21), as well as by ferry from Tuen Mun, Tung Chung and Sha Lo Wan. Combining Tai O and the big Buddha monastery at Lantau is very well possible as a day trip.

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