Tagaytay and Taal Volcano

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Talisay, Philippines

Tagaytay and Taal Volcano Talisay Reviews

andrejav andrejav
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Taal Volcano... ok so what? Feb 06, 2013
Maybe I was expecting something interesting or special, and what I got is(in the words of Korean tourist next to me): WOW there is island in the volcano lake on volcano that is in the lake, that is on the island that is in the sea...

Anyway, the way I did it is coming from Manila on the morning bus (around 90php) to Tanuan City, and from there to Talisay on the jeepney for 23php. Tanuan is just a small port with bunch of wanna be tourist guides and boat captains. You will be paying 1500Php for the boat that takes you to the island. It is way too much money for a short ride, but they are keeping it that way instead of making one ferry that will move people constantly and cheaply. Well, small boats have lots of character and you will enjoy them even if you end up totally wet.

When you arrive to the island, guides will try to offer their services or try to sell you an "horse ride" to the crater. It is probably good for horses because they will live instead of being eaten, but most of them are seriously skinny and saddles that they use are horrible.

Path to the top is very easy and if there is no dust flying in your face it will be pleasant too. Once on the top you can buy drinks and a bit of food, souvenir or hit the golf ball into the crater.

Unfortunately there was no chance of swimming in the crater and we were confined to the rim. There are few areas where hot steam comes out and coast of the lake shows different mineral coloring.

All in all it is ok to spend your day with your friends hiking around, but there is hustle involved.
Nice ridge with steam
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touristdriver touristd…
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Some valuable tourist information about Tagaytay City Mar 25, 2012
Tagaytay City is around 56 kms south of the Manila airport and is about 1 to 1.5hrs by car. It is a city of scenic contrasts and has the best panoramic views of the Taal Volcano nestled in Taal Lake framed by lush mountain.

Located 2,500 feet above sea level where one can enjoy a cool weather, clean balmy winds, foggy mists and breathe taking view... It is a MUST SEE for everyone visiting Manila.

The city is a 20kms stretch along the ridge and has numerous places of interest to visit.

Park in the sky, Picnic groove, Yoki’s farm, Flower farm and paradizoo to name a few places that most local visit.. There are more than 40 hotels/ B&B and about 60 restaurants to choose from in Tagaytay. Most of the popular restaurants are full during weekends especially at lunch time and traffic along the main road is quite heavy at late afternoon.

Some well-known restaurants in Tagaytay are Pamana and Josephine's restaurant which serve authentic filipino cuisine. Sonya’s secret garden for their best salad dressing. Antonio’s farm restaurant was voted one of the top 10 restaurants in Asia. The ambiance is simply breath taking. You need to make a reservation 3 months ahead if you wish to dine on Valentine’s Day.

There are lots of touts in Tagaytay city that offers tour guide and boat rides. Most of them will try to jack up the price if they sense that you don’t now the right price. The standard rate for the whole boat is 1500pesos maximum 6 passengers only.

A horseback ride to the crater cost 450pesos. You can do a trek to the crater which is about 4kms or 45minutes (depend on your stamina).

A trip to the volcano crater is highly suggested and plan on at least a half day for the sojourn.

Here is a good itinerary for a one day trip:

Leave manila around 8:00am (after having your complimentary breakfast). Take the Sta. Rosa route. First stop is the Park in the Sky for a 360 degree view. If possible, avoid the Picnic Grove not unless you’re interested with the zipline ride.

Make your way to a cluster of restaurants for a lunch with a view. After lunch, visit some other sites like the Yoki’s farm.

At 2pm, make your way to a resort by the lake for a half hour boat ride to the volcano island. A lot of touts too on the island selling hats, masks, bottled waters, t-shirts, etc.! You can trek or take a horseback ride to the crater… every horse has a guide and when you reach the top, vendors will ask you to buy a drinks for your guide. Spend half hour or more before heading back to the boat.

Back at the resort, refresh before heading back to manila via Tanauan to avoid Sta. Rosa heavy traffic.
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Taal Crater Lake Mar 26, 2011
I have been to Tagaytay few times but I haven’t seen the crater itself. Last month, I went to taal volcano and took the trekking package from Taal Yacht club to see the crater. We left Makati at around 7:30pm and arrived at around 9 maybe with some stopovers. It took us around 10-15mins to reach the island through the boat from talisay batangas. I enjoyed the wind and water splashing when in the boat. Upon reaching the island, we need to walk all the way up to reach the crater and it took us around an hour. Though there is an option to ride the horse, we opted to walk to enjoy the nature and have some sense of adventure. It was fun because there were lots of locals, tourists and horses going up although it’s a bit dusty. Nevertheless, it was fun because if it is challenging and it is nice to see the place. Steam or smoke from the underground was also visible while walking. Upon reaching the crater, we found it beautiful and relaxing to see. There are some volcanic activity that’s why there are some fizzle and smoke coming out of the crater. While standing on the side of the crater , I realized that I was stading between two lakes (the outer side & the inner side) because the volcano is located within a lake itself. We stayed for around 40 minutes to enjoy the sun, breeze and view and conversation.
In taal yacht club
Here we go
All the way up
james_32 james_32
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tagaytay Mar 28, 2011
Tagaytay is considered be one the hiding place of those weary souls,,i mean those people who are seeking for peace of mind and inner happiness..those people who are totally stressed out from the chaos and pressure of the city..since tagaytay is located a little close to manila(approximately less than 2 hours if traveled by car)this place is considered a"haven" mong filipinos who want to get a short vacation specially during summer where temperature in the city is really soaring high.its high altitude contributes to the coolness of the place..there are lots to beautiful sceneries and relaxing place without worrying of overspending.(because we ussually go there and go home in the evening so dont need to worry about hotel expensis etc lol)
james_32 says:
thanx for the smile
Posted on: Mar 30, 2011
Amrisalem Amrisalem
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swimming in the volcano crater May 17, 2010
Trekking was a special adventure

horseback riding our way up the volcano, then swimming in the crater. just amazing.

hotel concierge did not know about the "swimming in the crater" activity as it is not that popular. so make sure that you explain yourself really well to the concierge. You may contact Taal yacht club, i remember that it costed around PHP2,000 per person, not sure.

you may have a boat tour around the volcano for an extra PHP1,000

as the water was boiling hot, by balls almost got boiled, a week following my swim in the crater an eruption took place :)

guess i was lucky just getting boiled eggs :)

Note: bring some water with you as it is very hot, note that your cloths might get stained while swimming due to the sulphur contained in the crater lake. Try swimming naked :)
Taal Yacht Club
the Volcano Crater
swimming in the crater
Pirates of Tagaytay :)
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Amrisalem says:
thanks, we rented a car with a driver, it costs around 1,500 (you could get a better bargain)
Posted on: Jan 15, 2012
jose28 says:
Nice pictures! By the way, how did you get there from Manila and how much did you pay for transportation? I am heading to Manila next week on my way back from Palau.
Posted on: Jan 15, 2012
Amrisalem says:
well, both :D
Posted on: Jan 14, 2012
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Mar 20, 2007
Taal Volcano is a marvel to behold. After riding a small boat over the lake Taal to Taal volcano you better buy water. The walk up takes around 45mins and remember that its hot since there is no shelter from the sun.

I have som nice panorama shots from the top of the volcano. Send me an PM if you want.
The mandatory shot
On the way up to Taal Volcano

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