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Amanda Amanda
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May 08, 2007
Oh, Vance, Vance, Vance.... Think you're too cool for school, do you?? Well, yer mamma didn't warn you about me I guess... I'm the tacky magnet QUEEN - why? Let me number things:

1. They are cheap - on trips, I am poor - I have used up my money on the ticket to get there.

2. They are small and light - good for bringing home...

3. They are cheerful in my kitchen - enough said.

And here is where I officially kick your a**...

1. Kula Lumpur Malaysia - with Twin Towers, old rail station, KL Tower, Tram, etc.

2. New Hampshire - Man of the Mountains

3. Hollywood - Chinese Theater

4. New Mexico - Lizard and Indian spirit dancing. (well, the spirit is dancing, the lizard is just there)

5. Roma - The Coliseum

6. London - Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Double Decker bus, Tower of London, London Eye.

7. Washington DC - Birds eye view of the Jefferson Monument and the Washington Monument.

8. Chicago Skyline at night, Sears Tower, full moon

9. Los Angeles Farmers' Market

10. Philadelphia skyline at night

11. The old Disneyland sign (Happiest Place on Earth, you know...)

12. Long, thin, Mall of America, featuring Lego Land

13. The state of Indiana, in the shape of the aforementioned state, with cartoons of the different places, cities, what have you.

14. Boston - Lovely alleyway, cobblestones, etc.

15. St. Louis - St. Louis Arch takes prominence here...

16. Firenze - Duomo in the foreground.

17. Minnesota - matches the Indiana one, but of Minnesota, shape of state, cartoons, yada yada yada

18. The Flume Bridge, from Franconia Notch State Park, NH.

19. Large, square Mall of America, purchased on different trip - this one features the big ferris wheel.

20. A likeness of the Pantheon, they've tried to make it look all aged.

21. Chicago Ferris Wheel, again, different trip, different scene, different magnet.

22. A gondolier in Venice, rowing under the Bridge of Sighs.

23. The Los Vegas Strip; although I sadly bought it in the airport...

24. Beverly Hills, California - even shows the street crossings for Floecor and Wilshire

25. Thailand - featuring some of the temples.

26. Tokyo, Japan - again, sadly, purchased in the airport, but still; a small Japanese house on a miniature porcelain plate with the cherry blossoms blooming around it.

27. Vermont - Dairy Farm in a valley in the fall

28. Penang, Malaysia - in the shape of the island, and showing the different parts like a map.

29. A completely different flume bridge - this is 3D!! Ceramic, very pretty.

30. San Fran - Golden Gate Bridge

31. The Flume Gorge itself, with all the water running through it.

32. New York City, in the shape of what else? A big apple. Has the skyline, some taxis, a horse and buggy, a hot dog vendor...

33. Singapore - The Merlion, cable cars, Sir Raffles Statue...

34. Close up of the London Eye, purchased on a different trip, of course.

35. Budapest, Hungary - The Chain Bridge and Parliament (my favorite)

36. The Baltimore Harbor

37. Shenandoah National Park

38. Washington State, shape of the state, cartoons, sound familiar?

39. Small oval for Washington DC, metal, in gold and navy blue, skyline at night

40. Photo of the LA skyline at dusk

41. Pennsylvania State, metal, in the shape of the state and with Pittsburgh marked.

I also have one of Hawaii, but a friend brought it to me; I haven't been so for fairness sake I didn't count it...

Photo now posted, feel free to cry like a little girl.
Magnetizing, aren't they??
chiyeh says:
Wow, very impressive!
Posted on: May 10, 2007
lisa says:
hahahah i love everything from the phone # and site to your tags ... so cute!
Posted on: May 09, 2007
jenn79 says:
What a GREAT blog!!!!!!!!
Posted on: May 09, 2007
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