Table Mountain

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Rotair Cableway, Cape Town, South Africa

Table Mountain Cape Town Reviews

Andraf Andraf
7 reviews
Mother Nature at its finest Jan 07, 2017
If you could visit only one sight in Cape Town than this would be it. Table Mountain is by far the city's number one attraction, a must see for all those visiting. As soon as you arrive in Cape Town you can spot the 3 kilometers (2 miles) long plateau dominating the landscape, a beautiful sight visible from almost every corner of the city.

Table Mountain is often engulfed in clouds which the locals refer to as the "tablecloth", so the advice you get is to head for the mountain on the first clear day of your visit. To get to the top you can either hike up or take the cable car. If you decide to take the cable car know that the lines can be long in the morning but seem to dwindle in the afternoon. On a clear day everyone heads for the mountain first thing in the morning because the cable car stops running if the fog rolls in or the wind starts to blow. Conditions at the top can change quickly and if that happens you may have no choice but to return on foot.

The cable car first opened in 1929 and the one that is in use today has a 360 degrees rotating floor so by the time you finish the ride you have seen the views all around. If there's a long line at the cable car you can skip a part of it by buying your ticket online (you can do it beforehand or on the spot using their WiFi). At the top one is rewarded with breathtaking views of Cape Town and the surrounding area, of the coastline and the Atlantic ocean. There are plenty of vista points and a network of walking trails. Also at the top there's a cafeteria and souvenir shop. The highest point on Table Mountain measures 1,086 meters (3,563 ft) above sea level. António de Saldanha, a Portuguese ship captain, made the first recorded ascent of Table Mountain in 1503. He is the one responsible for naming the mountain Taboa do Cabo (Table of the Cape)

The mountain was picked as one of the "New Seven Wonders of Nature" a fact that is being heavily advertised around the cable car stations.

We got to the cable car station on the red hop on hop off bus. Alternatively you can drive there or take a taxi.
View from Table Mountain, Cape Town
View from Table Mountain, Cape Town
View from Table Mountain, Cape Town
View from Table Mountain, Cape Town
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Nemorino says:
This sounds like a great ride. I love cable cars, but I've never been on one with a 360 degree rotating floor.
Posted on: Jun 03, 2017
spocklogic says:
I used the Hop On Hoff Off bus as well and did review that -

Great way to get around in Capetown!
Posted on: Jan 09, 2017
Andraf says:
Thanks Brian. I really thought it was amazing. I'm just sad I didn't have time to climb to the top. Maybe on my next visit :)
Posted on: Jan 09, 2017
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irenem irenem
153 reviews
Table Mountain Jan 28, 2017
Table Mountain dominates the whole of Cape Town and is visible from almost everywhere. We got there on the red hop on hop off bus. One of the good things about this bus is that you can buy your cable car tickets from the bus driver so there is no need to queue for tickets when you arrive.

The drive up to the mountain was very scenic and there are great views over Cape Town even from the cable car station at the foot of the mountain. There was a queue to get on the cable car itself but it moved reasonably quickly. The cable car cabins rotate as they ascend and descend so you will get a 360 degrees view as you go up and down.

When we reached the top of the mountain, we first wandered from viewing spot to viewing spot. There is a spectacular view over Camps Bay and also over Sea Point and the stadium. When we had had our fill of drinking in the view, we chose a trail to follow and set out on the paths through the fynbosch. Fynbosch are thin leaved shrubs, many of which are flowering, and they are typical vegetation in the Cape. We saw lots of different kinds of lizards sunning themselves on the rocks. Although there were lots of people up the mountain, it was very peaceful up there.

Eventually we made our way back to the cafe/restaurant/toilet area and bought beer and cheese sticks for Peter and ice-cream for me. As Peter was eating a cheese stick, an extremely cheeky red starling swooped down and took it right out of his mouth. We were stunned. We later found out these birds do this all the time. As well as the birds we saw a dassie wandering around the seating area hoping someone would feed it. A dassie is a herbivorous rock hyrax native to South Africa, in other words it's a kind of cute cuddly rodent that looks a bit like a cross between a mini-wombat and a giant guinea pig. Apparently it is related to the elephant, but there's not much family resemblance there
The cable car
View over Camps Bay
On top of the world
Views from Table Mountain
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mihrican mihrican
2 reviews
great scenes on the top of table mountain ... Jun 03, 2011
if you travel to South Africa you definitely must see The table mountain in Cape Town this is the first best place to see city on the top you can go up by cable car ,everyday lots of tourists are going up to discover fabulous scenes ,it is really great ...
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cyndisoft cyndisoft
4 reviews
A spectacluar , different picture of Table Mountain taken 05.05.2011 May 05, 2011
I live in a beautiful City which every day offers a different side of nature... Our beaches and the magnificent view of Table Mountain is my everyday pleasure... I am posting this never seen before shape of cloud formation that happened yesterday...
Table Mountain visited?????
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Nomad_Explorer Nomad_Ex…
1 reviews
Lovely mountain Apr 13, 2011
Wear good shoes, the view is magnificant. Good for understanding the layout of the city. la la la. Enjoyed singing the song off sound of music "Climb every mountain" as we tramped up that large piece of rock.
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BiancaRoodman BiancaRo…
1 reviews
Spectacular view of Cape Town Mar 30, 2011
No visit to Cape Town is complete if you don't visit Table Mountain. The view from the top is picturesque! One can see the whole Peninsula as well as Robben Island, the V & A Waterfront and harbour. Note that if it is windy (which is often) the cable car does not operate. Students and pensioners get discounts and in the summer there are sunset specials. Overall it is affordable for all tourists.
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sunsetview sunsetvi…
3 reviews
Table Mountain Mar 17, 2011
Amazing place, you must climb it! Its a really nice view from upthere. You can see all the way to Robben Island aswell. For those who don't want to climb it, the cablecars is for your service.
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struminum struminum
3 reviews
Must see! Jul 18, 2011
A healthy hike or an easy cable car ride to the top, this is a must for anyone visiting Cape Town! Take some snacks and something warm along in case it gets a little cold. The weather can be unpredictable but checking it out in advance sure does help.
linhuang0101 linhuang…
3 reviews
Breath-Taking View Table Mountain Jun 06, 2011
Oh.....CapeTown!! CapeTown!! Here I am.......

This city is exceeded what I've in mind before my arrival.

Table Mountain is just unbelievable standing-out of crowd.

The beach.......Mmmm!!!Did I see what I've seen or I was dreaming...............

People are friendly.........How can be wrong!!!!
zilberto zilberto
1 reviews
great sight seeing Apr 23, 2011
Not that expensive and trully worth a visit table mountain represent the great view of cape town city.

just take the cable upstairs and go all the way down by the main road to have the most of it. Its located at the city center of capetown. Try to catch it app. After noon so youll enjoy the view while the sun is up but wont loose the great sunset view...
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nlpmodel nlpmodel
4 reviews
Table Mountain Apr 04, 2008
Table mountain is a must do attracation in your lifetime.

It is accessable for those who wish to walk, climb or go up by cable car.

The walk up Platteklip Glen (Front of the montain) is awesome, it is 20 min walk from the lower cable station, just of Kloof Street (Kllof Nek).

And the signs clearly show the way to the top.

It takes between 1 to 2 hours depending on how fit you are (I seem to get up in about 90 min) and a great walk from the top through to the upper cable station, for a hearty (yet expensive) champaign breakfast before taking a trip down the cable car, unless you are brave enough to walk back down again.

It has the most exquisite views of the city and on a clear day you can see through to Fish Hoek, Kommertjie and accross the bay including Robben Island. There are great guides available at the Tourist Office and tours readilily available from all the majour tour operators. Climbs can be arranged and Table Mountain Fauna and Flora are spectacular.

There is also access and many many trails from the Kirstenbosch side, as well as from Constantia Neck and even from the Camps Bay Side.

All in all a lifetimes worth of adventure for the eager soul.

Some useful websites around this are:

Table Mountain Info:

Weather Report:

Upper Cable Station Webcam:

Lower Cable Station Webcam:
Early Morning Table Mountain
From Lion's Head
Table Mountain from Rietvlei in Mi…
12 Apostle Montain range - backend…
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nlpmodel says:
There is a ton of useful info from the table mountain website:

It is essential to confirm the weather, as the cable station may be closed due to weather and high winds as happened 12/04/2008 & 13/02/2008:
And lastly you can see the views from two webcams, one at the upper station:
and one from the lower station:
Posted on: Apr 12, 2008
williamsworld williams…
285 reviews
Listen for the Hooter Jun 16, 2008
This is a great place to visit when in Cape Town. It is a place that you have to watch the weather and call every morning or drive to the base to see if the mountian will be open. The weather at the top changes , and so does the opportunity to go up.

The cable car ride up is breath taking. The car actually turns 360 degrees allow everyone fantastic views on the way. It does get rather crowded, so try and get as close to the outside as possible. The cost was pretty pricey, about 122 Rand, but if you have a student ID or any type of college ID, I had my faculty ID, they will give you a 42 Rand discount. They also have family rates avialable. It is worth pulling that ugly picture out.

The gift shop on the top was very expensive and way too small for the crowds that were there. It was winter, so I can't even image what summer is like. Shop at the Vand A or other places. You will find the same items and at a very reduced price.

There is a restaurant on top, but it was closed for renovations.

The facilities were very clean and maintained.

Follow the trails around the top. There are plenty of great information plaques explaining what you are seeing. I would recommend that you stay close to your group as there have been reports of people snatching bags and wallets. I did not see this nor experience anything like this, but a local gave me that suggestion.

This is a really great time and truly reflects everything about Cape Town
A view on the way to Table Mountain
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Africancrab Africanc…
777 reviews
Tables on Mountain tops Apr 12, 2002
It is named table mountain because the top of it is as flat as a table top. The most beautiful bird's eye view of Cape Town is seen from the top of table mountain. The trip to the top of the mountain is serviced by a cable car which takes you to the summit in less than 10 minutes. The Cable car rotates creating an all round movement which allows it's passage rs to have a view from all angles - the view from the cable car is breath taking.

It is a must see when you visit Cape Town. At the top there is a restaurant and bar as well: there is variety of foods to feast on once you are up there. Because Cape Town/ South Africa is a wine producing country, you find a large selection of local wines to compliment your lunch or diner. It is a big restaurant too because when we were there, we had nearly 50 other visitor up there, could have been more but I did not do a head count, lol!

PS: “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” Mark Twain
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Africancrab says:
You are right, the hike at sunset as the tablecloth of fog slowly creeps in and then turns into a silver color as the sun finally sets is the best. I hiked it in 2003 with south Tswan friends from Lesotho.
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011
tj1777 says:
I do think its more fun to hike up the hill compared to the cable car. Though never fall for the I might as well absail down.
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011
Africancrab says:
It depends where you are traveling from. Africa in general is expensive.
Posted on: Sep 08, 2011

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