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You'd be hard-pressed to find anything positive about Syria being written in the States. With a hefty association with some less than welcoming nations, you could be forgiven, in fact, for dismissing the country as somewhere best avoided with an American or European passport, and heading elsewhere. That would be a mistake, though: your government might not want you to go here, but in this case that's a largely political movement. Not only is Syria safe, for the most part it's extremely welcoming, too. Not only is it welcoming, the sights are incredible, too.

Before we get to all that, though, there’s one thing you just have to know about first: Syria’s food. The local cuisine takes its cues from the French, Greeks and Turks, and blends their respective styles into a healthy, flavorsome combo that invariably thrills visitors. Shish Kebab, stuffed zucchini, falafel and stuffed grape leaves all squeeze onto the menus, and are usually served in sociable restaurants that sit patrons in the street.

When you’re full to the brim with healthy feasts, it’s time to explore. Start with the magnificent Qala’at Al-Hosn, an astonishing crusader castle, before climbing the hill above the Roman ruins of Palmyra and staring down at a site so vast you’d need days to explore every well-preserved nook and cranny.

Capital Damascus is known more for its exotic name than the city itself, but rarely disappoints, with mazes of ancient streets to be explored, and a skyline littered with minarets and generation after generation of crumbling architecture. It’s a stereotypical ‘romance of the Orient’ experience, one that you’ll need to break from and slurp on a strong coffee every so often to really take in. Bosra’s Roman theatre still lays on performances amid the well-maintained ruins, while trotting around on a flatulent camel is a bum bashing yet gleaming experience.

It would take some time to get 'templed out' in Syria, but if you do need a break from the sites, there’s no better way to spend an afternoon than bantering at the market, or following a street vendor around an rustic village, kebab in hand. It’s all exceptionally old world, and majestically exciting to even the most well traveled of tourists.

Damascus #1 most popular location
Considered to be the absolute oldest inhabited city in the entire world, established around 10,000 BC according to historical records, Damascus is one of those places that has stood the test …
177travelers 22reviews 28blogs
Aleppo #2 most popular location
The second largest city in Syria with its three million people it offers the hospitality of the north. The central Citadel was buildt in the 12th. century,and is an impressive sight today…
38travelers 6reviews 18blogs
Palmyra #3 most popular location
Palmyra in the desert south of syria near from homs and damascus city , very old and look so nice , I ll write more soon ...
8travelers 5reviews 12blogs
Hama #4 most popular location
Hama , very nice city and small, place middle syria south aleppo north damascus near from sea city latakia, connect the all city together by train and bus lines, 8,880km population 1,270,000 …
4travelers 9reviews 11blogs
Latakia #5 most popular location
latakia sea city on the beach of median white sea and the main city for import & export and trade , the city connect syria with Euro and 1 from the main cities and there are the main harbor f…
8travelers 2reviews 4blogs
Krak des Chevaliers #6 most popular location
2reviews 6blogs
Bosra #7 most popular location
very soon comming I am going there this week :D
1travelers 2blogs
Homs #8 most popular location
11travelers 1reviews
Apamea #9 most popular location
Apamea is overlooked by many tourists who stick to the Damascus - Palmyra - Aleppo - Krak des Chevaliers loop. Their bad, as Apamea may well be one of the highlights of a trip to Syria. A…
Hims #10 most popular location
Hims near from Hama city about 50km south Aleppo north Damascus , center syria and if u wanna go to any city u almost go throw hims city and rest there . main place u can see mosque the Islam…
2travelers 1blogs
Dayr az Zawr #11 most popular location
1reviews 2blogs
Idlib #12 most popular location
idlib this another story the dead citys all there !!! Location: situated in the north-west of the syrian arab republic. links the coastal areas with the hinterland. Weather: moderate no…
1travelers 1blogs
Qala'at Samaan #13 most popular location
Dead Cities #14 most popular location
The Dead Cities (or Forgotten Cities) are a group of 700 abandoned settlements in northwest Syria between Aleppo, Hama and Idleb. They date back to before the fifth century B.C and contain ma…
Arwad #15 most popular location
Masyaf #16 most popular location
Raqqa #17 most popular location
Ar-Raqqah (Arabic: الرقة‎, also spelled Rakka), is a city in north central Syria located on the north bank of the Euphrates, about 160 km east of Aleppo. It is the capital of the Ar-Ra…
Tadmur #18 most popular location
Al Asad #19 most popular location
Tadmor #20 most popular location
The Syrian city adjacent to Palmyra and Fakhredin al Maany Citadel. It is located in an oasis 215 km northeast of Damascus. Palmyra is an ancient Roman city, once one the of the richest ci…
Deir Ez-Zur #21 most popular location
Deir Ez-Zur ..... soon
Souj #22 most popular location
Dessert road to Palmyra #23 most popular location
Al Haffah #24 most popular location
Dessert road to Damascus #25 most popular location
The Turkish Syrian border #26 most popular location