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An Amazing and beautiful place. Switzerland is one of the few countries to remain completely isolated from both World Wars is Switzerland. This is quite possibly the ultimate destination when it comes to picturesque Europe, with its central plateau rolling hills and large lakes surrounded by the Alps and the Jura Mountains, and one of the most stable modern economies in Europe. It is a preferred location for investments due to the high degree of bank secrecy, which has a great many foreigners starting their own famous Swiss bank accounts that you always see mentioned in movies and novels.

Switzerland is one of those places that you simply have to go back to over and over to experience fully. Every city has its own unique feel, and every part of the country contains some hidden spec of majesty that you might have missed the first time. From hiking to skiing to camping or just pure and utter relaxation at one of the many resorts, there is plenty to do for every level of traveler, regardless if they are a first-timer or a veteran. From the outdoor sports capital of Switzerland at Interlaken, to the mountain resorts at Zermatt and the mighty Matterhorn, or the Swiss wine country near Lausanne, or the throbbing nightlife of Zurich, Switzerland has literally dozens of opportunities just waiting for the adventurous soul.

Choosing what to do in Switzerland means deciding what time of year you want to come. Summertime is best reserved for such activities as hiking, camping, and enjoying the temperate weather, the beer festivals, the wine tastings, and the great outdoors. Winter, on the other hand, means experiencing some of the most pristine skiing conditions on the planet, and some of the best resorts in the Alps. Either way, you're in for a treat, but it would be a lie to suggest that either season is better than the other. For the ultimate experience, multiple trips should be taken.

Zurich #1 most popular location
These days the largest city in Switzerland is known for two things above all else: a high quality of life (the city consistently comes out near the top of those annual ‘best place to live 
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Zermatt #2 most popular location
The idyllic village at the foot of the famous Matterhorn, did change to one of the most important summer- and winter- spa. In Zermatt there are no cars. Electric-cars, horse-drawn sleighs an…
37travelers 18reviews 20blogs
Geneva #3 most popular location
Sat on the shores of the magnificent (-ly cold) Lake Geneva, the city itself is now an EU and financial heartland – hardly a shock for Switzerland – and dismissed by many as being nice, b…
495travelers 43reviews 48blogs
Lucerne #4 most popular location
Aside from being the spot where William Tell allegedly demonstrated his archery skills by nearly decapitating his son (and, fortunately, hitting a carefully balanced apple instead), Lucerne h…
147travelers 64reviews 39blogs
Interlaken #5 most popular location
Traditionally the site of a convent for the Augustinian Canons, it’s hard to remember that the city has been a tourist destination for the Swiss for longer than most modern travelers have k…
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Basel #6 most popular location
One of the largest cities in Switzerland, containing the second largest urban area in the country, Basel sits in the northwest corner of the country along the Rhine River, functioning as one …
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Grindelwald #7 most popular location
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Davos #8 most popular location
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Lugano #9 most popular location
Lugano is the largest town of the Italian-speaking canton of Ticino. It is situated on the shore of lake Lugano, where the river Cassarate reaches the lake, between the mountains of Bre and S…
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Lausanne #10 most popular location
The city centre of Lausanne spans several hilltops. St-François dominates the hilltop district known as the Bourg, formerly the wealthiest part of the city and still known for its upmarket s…
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Adelboden #11 most popular location
Adelboden is situated in the west of the Bernese Oberland. It can be reached in less than 2 hours from the Basle area. For that reason it is a favored place to visit in the Alps, also for wee…
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Ascona #12 most popular location
Ascona is a small village in the canton Tessin. In this canton the temperatures are mostly higher and the weather better than in the rest of Switzerland. They speak there Italian. It owns a …
Bern #13 most popular location
Bern is the capital of Switzerland (not Zurich or Geneva!) and a charming little town more or less in the middle of the country and close to the french speaking part. With the 130.000 habitan…
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Montreux #14 most popular location
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Lauterbrunnen #15 most popular location
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Wengen #16 most popular location
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Arosa #17 most popular location
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Berne #18 most popular location
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Engelberg #19 most popular location
Engelberg is a small village in the canton Obwalden. It's the leading mountain resort in central Switzerland. The highest point is the mountain Titlis (3238m). In the Middle Ages, Engelberg…
7travelers 3reviews
Verbier #20 most popular location
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Schaffhausen #21 most popular location
Schaffhausen is a city in Northern Switzerland and the capital of the Swiss Kanton with the same name. It has a population of 35,000 inhabitants and it's located near the German border. It…
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Flims #22 most popular location
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Murren #23 most popular location
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St. Gallen #24 most popular location
St. Gallen is the capital of the canton of St. Gallen in Switzerland. It is the largest town in easter Switzerland (with around 160,000 inhabitants). The main tourist attraction is the Abb…
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Brig #25 most popular location
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Chur #26 most popular location
Chur is the capital of the canton Grisons. It's said to be the oldest city of Switzerland. In Chur you have to change from the standart gauge of the Swiss Train Company to the narrow gauge …
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Appenzell #27 most popular location
The Canton Appenzell is member of the Swiss Federation since 1513. The administrative language is German.
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Gstaad #28 most popular location
Gstaad is situated in southwestern of Switzerland, in the Bernese Oberland in the Swiss Alps and is a well-known ski resort. Gstaad is very expensive and glamorous and that's why also a lot …
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Bad Ragaz #29 most popular location
Leysin #30 most popular location
Leysin is situated in the Vaud Alps at a height of 1200m, at the foot of the Tour d'Aï. It is ideally located for views of Mont Blanc, Dents du Midi, Diablerets and over the Rhine Plain. …
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Jungfraujoch #31 most popular location
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Thun #32 most popular location
Thun belongs to the canton Bern. It's located on the Thuner lake at the effluent of the river Aare. Thun is presumed to be the door to the Bernese Oberland. The most important transport lin…
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Neuchatel #33 most popular location
The Canton Neuchatel is member of the Swiss Federation since 1815 and the administrative language is French. State Capital: Neuchatel City
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Fribourg #34 most popular location
Fribourg (French; German: Freiburg or Freiburg im Ãœechtland but mostly Fribourg) is situated about 28km South-West of Bern. It is the capital of the District de la Sarine (district of Sarine…
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Meiringen #35 most popular location
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Andermatt #36 most popular location
Andermatt is a small resort located at the junction where four alpine passes the St. Gotthard, Grimsel, Susten, and Oberalp meet at a height of 1500m. It is easily accessible from both Lucern…
Laax #37 most popular location
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Bellinzona #38 most popular location
Bellinona is the capital of the Ticino canton in Switzerland. The city is most famous for its three castles, which are now part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites( since 2000) :Montebello, Sa…
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Nyon #39 most popular location
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Celerina #40 most popular location
Losone #41 most popular location
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Rapperswil #42 most popular location
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Morges #43 most popular location
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Spiez #44 most popular location
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Biel #45 most popular location
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Sion #46 most popular location
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Murten #47 most popular location
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Ulrichen #48 most popular location
Zweisimmen #49 most popular location
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Beckenried #50 most popular location
Beckenried is a municipality in the Swiss canton Nidwalden. Being on the shore of the Vierwaldstattersee, it´s perfectly situated with a breathtaking view where ever you are in the village. …
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