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For all its natural draws, it’s the erotic reputation surrounding this corner of Scandinavia that seems to ring the most bells. To men, Sweden is about busty blondes and steamy saunas, while women tend to picture muscular models feeding individual grapes to a lounging, toga-clad tourist. Obviously, unless you’re luckier than a lottery winner, this is someway from reality, though you might find saunas, hot springs and the odd nude beach (eyes forward, boys!).

What you’re more likely to remember is the midnight sun, the meatballs, the herring and the remarkable Viking remains. The fairy-tale maze that is old-world Stockholm is a great place to start, with aging Gamla Stan – an artistic island of galleries and clubs mixed with old world architecture – justifying a trip to the city on its own. Head to the island of Djurgarden for a glance at the open-air Skansen museum and a chance to rest in the parkland, or escape the captive syndrome that also seems to apply to Stockholm City and head to the royal palace at Drottningholm Slott instead.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Sweden without a bit of ice, and – the summer’s extraordinary midnight sun aside – the north has plenty of chilly draws. You can spend a night in the astonishing ice hotel, constructed almost entirely from ice each year amongst the snowy fields of the north, where you’ll sleep on a candlelit ice bed, and drink at the bar from a hollowed out ice-cube of a shot glass. The Bohusian Coast shows the more rugged side of the snowscapes, with glacial valleys and breathtaking rock climbing. Then there’s always the fairytale castle of Kalmar Slott and its hidden passages, or the Viking village in Skane, where actors take you back through the centuries.

In the evenings, sit back with a chilled glass of Swedish made Absolut Vodka, retreat to the sauna for a professional pummeling, or hit the town for a clubbing experience to die for. Who knows, you might even track down that stereotypical Swedish looker…

Stockholm #1 most popular location
As a chic centre that draws filmmakers, designers, musicians and catwalk models like moths to a flame, this tiny capital is the perfect host. Pricy and intimate, the ancient influences take n…
1,662travelers 321reviews 155blogs
Gothenburg #2 most popular location
389travelers 31reviews 18blogs
Malmo #3 most popular location
Malmö is the third largest city in Sweden and was founded in 1275 while the most southern province of Sweden (Scania - Skåne) was still Swedish (It then belonged to Norway and Denmark for a…
104travelers 16reviews 27blogs
Uppsala #4 most popular location
Uppsala is Sweden's 4th largest city and located about 70km north of Stockholm. The city has one of the oldest universities in northern Europe, Uppsala University, which is often ranked one o…
118travelers 10reviews 3blogs
Helsingborg #5 most popular location
Helsingborg is known as the gateway to the continent with ferries 24/7 to Helsingoer in Denmark, just 4 kilometers off the Swedish coast. Helsingborg is first mentioned in the year 1085 bu…
53travelers 2reviews 3blogs
Visby #6 most popular location
Visby is in Gotland County, Sweden. It has a population of 22,593 inhabitants. It is the only locality with historical city status on the island of Gotland; it is arguably the best-preserved …
8travelers 3reviews
Arlanda #7 most popular location
1travelers 20reviews 1blogs
Lund #8 most popular location
Lund is a nice city in the south of Sweden. It's home to Sweden's oldest university. It's a very small picturesque city and you can see most of it in a day's walk. Some of the beautiful sites…
97travelers 1reviews 2blogs
Umea #9 most popular location
Umeå is located in the northern part of Sweden known as Västerbottens region. The city is well known for its university, which makes it feel a little like a college town. The city itself is…
43travelers 5reviews 12blogs
Ostersund #10 most popular location
Östersund is located in Jämtland, in the middle of Sweden.Östersund, Jämtland's only city, is situated on the eastern shore of lake Storsjön. Östersund has a 400 year old legend that th…
11travelers 6reviews 1blogs
Norrkoping #11 most popular location
15travelers 1reviews
Jonkoping #12 most popular location
Right between Malmö and Stockholm, the east and west coast and at the south shore of lake Vättern you will found the city of Jönköping. Beautiful nature mixed with a growing nightlife sce…
22travelers 1reviews
Eskilstuna #13 most popular location
20travelers 8reviews 1blogs
Karlstad #14 most popular location
Karlstad, (Meaning Charles Town) Is Situatued on the top of the great lake Vänern in the province Värmland. It is the 17th largest city of Sweden with it´s 61 685 inhabitants. The city w…
32travelers 2reviews
Lidingo #15 most popular location
A small island 10 min. drive from the centre of Stockholm. It's a quiet area and perfect for relaxation and loading batteries after bussy hours in the city centre. Accesible by subway and…
2travelers 6reviews 2blogs
Lulea #16 most popular location
Lulea is one of the biggest city in north-eastern part of Sweden. It's connected by SJ rail from Narvik, Norway in the far west to the Stockholm/Gotenberg in the far south. It's a charming co…
22travelers 3reviews 1blogs
Gavle #17 most popular location
Gävle is a nice size Swedish town located north of Stockholm and about a one hour train ride away. There are not a lot of tourist attractions in Gävle, just a very nice town center with sho…
11travelers 1reviews 13blogs
Halmstad #18 most popular location
Halmstad is a town in southern Sweden, capital of the homonymous municipality and county of Halland. The city is an important tourist destination, both for the beauties of the city and for t…
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Orebro #19 most popular location
26travelers 1reviews
Kiruna #20 most popular location
Kiruna is the northernmost city in Sweden. Situated 150 miles above the arctic circle. It is in the process of moving location to prevent subsidence due to mining. The main tourist attractio…
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Nykoping #21 most popular location
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Kalmar #22 most popular location
18travelers 1reviews 1blogs
Sundsvall #23 most popular location
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Vaxjo #24 most popular location
Vaxjo is a city in the province of Småland, Sweden. The city is the capital of the homonymous municipality and county of Kronoberg, is the twenty-city population of Sweden.
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Borgholm #25 most popular location
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Angelholm #26 most popular location
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Ystad #27 most popular location
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Orsa #28 most popular location
2travelers 2reviews
Sigtuna #29 most popular location
1travelers 2reviews
Mora #30 most popular location
Mora is a town (pop. 11,000) in Dalecarlia, Sweden and the seat of Mora Municipality, Dalarna County. The town is located on the northern shore of lake Siljan. The northern part of the munic…
4travelers 1reviews
Skelleftea #31 most popular location
Located in the county of vasterbotten, Skelleftea is situated in northern Sweden. It is sometimes referred to as the Goldtown as the main industry is gold mining. It is also known for Vast…
8travelers 1reviews
Stromstad #32 most popular location
A small town on the coast of Sweden facing Norway. The town has a nice feel and there a few non-tacky tourist shops in the area. Stromstad has nice buildings and I was lucky enough to go a…
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Solna #33 most popular location
11travelers 1reviews
Mariefred #34 most popular location
A picturesque town situated west of Stockholm popular with swedes during the summer months. Easy reachable by train from Stockholm. Popular attractions include the Gripsholm Castle, the city …
Trelleborg #35 most popular location
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Mariestad #36 most popular location
4travelers 1reviews
Sollentuna #37 most popular location
5travelers 1reviews 1blogs
Borlange #38 most popular location
7travelers 1reviews
Salen #39 most popular location
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Bromma #40 most popular location
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Trollhattan #41 most popular location
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Hoor #42 most popular location
Gallivare #43 most popular location
Gällivare is a town in the Lapland of Sweden that lies in the Norrbotten region. It is about 100km north of the arctic circle and the end of the Inlandsbanan railway. The winter months are d…
2travelers 1blogs
Nacka #44 most popular location
4travelers 2reviews 1blogs
Skara #45 most popular location
Skara is a small, beautiful Swedish city which has long educational and ecclesiastical history. Skara is located by E20 motorway. It is popular tourist place because of its history, museum o…
Gislaved #46 most popular location
2travelers 1reviews
Torsby #47 most popular location
Torsby is a locality and the seat of Torsby Municipality in Värmland County, Sweden with 4,049 inhabitants in 2010. Fortum Ski Tunnel Torsby, the world's longest ski tunnel, is located in…
1travelers 2blogs
Falkenberg #48 most popular location
5travelers 1blogs
Marstrand #49 most popular location
Marstrand is an island town in the area Bohuslän in the west of Sweden. It's about 0.88 km2 (0.34 sq mi) and in 2010 it had 1,319 inhabitants and it can only be accessed by ferry. The isl…
Taby #50 most popular location
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