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The 21st century has seen eco-tourism rising in popularity in much the same way seaside holidays first began to become popular during the Victorian era. There is a wide array of destinations to choose from when picking an eco-oriented trip, and one of those places is Swaziland. One of the smallest countries in Africa, with one of the oldest kingdoms left ruling, this friendly little country almost seems as though it's a different place altogether, shedding the political differences of its neighbors and instead embracing what it is that makes the country so special: nature.

Swaziland has one of the most stable environments within Southern Africa. The country is known worldwide for being one of the most peaceful and friendly African countries to travel to, despite having issues with poverty and one of the world’s highest AIDS ratio, with at least 30% of the population infected. It is relatively safe for all levels of travelers, although common sense should be used when it comes to traveling after dark or alone.

Swaziland is an extremely small country, and you can literally see anything within the country as a day trip from either Msabane or Manzini, the two major cities. In fact, it is recommended that you make your stay at one of these cities, as they have a couple of resorts which offer Western-style accommodations, which is something you won't find in the smaller villages within the interior.

The whole point of coming to Swaziland is to experience the culture and the environment. There are several national parks and nature reserves to choose from, and the country boasts some of the easiest hiking and trekking in all of Africa. In addition, the handcrafted goods of the local tribes are without a doubt some of the most unique you'll ever come across. Be sure to bring malaria pills, stick to bottled water, and stay at the resorts while you are here, but definitely visit. This is one of the best eco-oriented destinations on Earth, and who knows how long it will last.

Mbabane #1 most popular location
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Ezulwini #2 most popular location
One of Swaziland's most beautiful valleys, Ezulwini is situated south of Mbabane. Ezulwini is the Zulu word for paradise. It is here in a valley that King Mswati III lives in a grand resid…
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Manzini #3 most popular location
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Piggs Peak #4 most popular location
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Mlilwane #5 most popular location
Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary is part of the Big Game Parks of Swaziland. This park is beautiful and lush (at least when not in drought). Animals you can expect to see: giraffe, zebra, warthogs…
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Lobamba #6 most popular location
Hlane Royal National Park #7 most popular location
Siteki #8 most popular location
Siteki is a town in eastern Swaziland, lying west of the Lebombo Mountains. It is named for a declaration of Mbandzeni permitting his troops to marry.
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Malkerns #9 most popular location
Big Bend #10 most popular location