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6181 Centennial Center Boulevard Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV, USA

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I'm Crazy for Sushi Loca!!!! Aug 29, 2008
I must admit that about 4 months ago when I was doing a quick Sam's Club run (I'm being facetious...Sam's Club run's are NEVER quick!) I stumbled upon a cool new sushi restaurant...Sushi Loca! My first thought was "oh no! raw fish wrapped in a tortilla...God help us!!"

But I was feeling daring (and very hungry) so I ventured in. What I found inside this Ja-Spanish named restaurant was a young, energetic and creative collection of Japanese sushi chef's and hostesses with a collegiate sense of humor! They had only been open for two days so the only other people in there besides me was a middle aged business man with a much younger female side kick (keep this in mind when I tell you about the names on some of the rolls...I was LMAO!). I was very tempted to order some of their "signature" rolls but figured I'd stick to my standards so I could best compare it to other places in town like Sushi Fever or Sushi Mon.

I ordered the Spider Roll and a spicy Tuna Roll both of which were delicious and very fresh! I vowed I'd be back to try the other last night was the night! Melanie aka Queen CW (Mellemel8)needed an early morning lift to the airport so she asked if she could camp out at my place and I could drive her in the morning for her 6:30 am Flight. I was glad to spend some time with Melanie so we decided to have dinner together before heading back to my place. I saw this as a great opportunity to get back to Sushi Loca and try some of their "spicier" rolls!

They were quick to bring out lots of edamame and a fresh cucumber salad for us. Mel usually uses the Hamachi as her "test dish" so that's what we started with...whew! thumbs up! Ok on with the rest!

Mel now tells "Jack" aka Asian Justin Timberlake LOL that she wants a "FAT ASS!" ...roll that is!

What's in a Fat ass? you ask? (please don't get that's not pretty!)! It's not's actually a crab, tuna, Yellowtail and salmon roll that's deep fried. I loved every bite ;)(hehehe!...I would insert a Beavis and Butthead laugh sound byte here if I could!)

The next roll was "No Pain No Gain"...kinda funny that it followed the FAT ASS! I swear we didn't do it on purpose!

Well as with that slogan in real life...I think it's BS...and so was this roll...kinda. It was supposed to be soft shell crab, tuna and topped with baked Scallops. I agree with Melanie I saw no sign of soft shell crab (my favorite) so thats why this got thumbs down by me!

Next up :I couldn't wait to say this to the sushi chef... "I did your girlfriend" roll. After I got a pseudo dirty look we all laughed and soon after we were enjoying a roll with Tempura eel atop a california roll drizzled with eel sauce...YUM! I really liked the sweetness of this roll but think it was a little much for Mel.

For the finale we ordered: "All NIGHT LONG" roll which I think we both agreed was our favorite roll! It's a tempura calamari and lobster roll with a hint of green onion placed on a light spicy vinaigrette sauce! This was definitely a treat for the taste buds...on one side you had the sweet/buttery taste of lobster being bridged to the tangy/spicy vinaigrette by the neutral but crispy tempura calamari..KUDOS!!!! (My taste buds wanted to name this one the screaming orgasm!).

Stay tuned because Mel and I will be back with an udated review when we try such other rolls as: (these are real rolls!!)



I give this place much credit for it's politically incorrect boldness and sophomoric humor as well as it's creativity in using unique combinations of fish and seasoning to give you a fresh and pleasant departure from the stale sushi creations of other places.
Mel "getting in the sushi zone"
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jenn79 says:
That is the BEST REVIEW EVER =)
Posted on: Aug 28, 2008
alicegourmet says:
The name of those rolls are hilarious...especially the order of your orders! I really LMAO! LOL!
Honestly those rolls are Americanized Japanese food...but tasty! Seems that it's a good place to try. :)
Posted on: Aug 27, 2008
mellemel8 says:
we will be back for more :)
Posted on: Aug 27, 2008
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mellemel8 mellemel8
275 reviews
The name alone i was skeptical. i felt as if a non Japanese sushi chef will be making my rolls. Sal (sincitytraveler) has eaten here in the past. he assured me that was not the case.

there was a bowl of edamame and cucumber salad already on the table when i arrived. sal and i were laughing at the clever and funny names for the rolls. since i am allergic to shrimp and avocado we are were limited.

i always start with hamachi. then in the future i will try the super white tuna. by the way the hamachi was superb and fresh.

sal and i shared and ordered the "fat ass", "i did your girlfriend", "no pain no gain", and "all night long"


deep fried roll with crab, tuna, salmon, and yellow tail.

(my favorite, the mixture of all the best fish and spicy sauce. what a drooling combo. the roll is definitely a fat ass it is about an inch an half in radius)


soft shell crab, tuna, and baked scallops with green onion

(i did not care for this one, also i did not taste the soft shell crab like "jack" forgot it)


tempura eel on top of a california roll and more eel sauce

(i love the name of the roll, this was a very sweet roll, sweeter than i expected it. since i am hyperglycemic, that give me a huge sugar headache. i will ask for light on the sauce)


tempura calamari inside and lobster mixed with green onions and special sauce.

(WOW what an interesting roll. it was a balance flavors of the calamari and the spicy sauce. i enjoyed this one.

the sushi bar seated about 30. the restaurant itself was very open and spaced. i like the red and black colors. our sushi chef, jack was very funny. i would like to come back. i would like to try poke, yellow tail collor next time.
reikunboy says:
congrats on being featured
Posted on: Aug 29, 2008
ratu says:
Ha ha ha great names!
Posted on: Aug 29, 2008
pinchora says:
ha ha ha... these names are hilarious!!
Posted on: Aug 27, 2008

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