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Also known for Solo, is a small town located near Yogyakarta in Central Java, Indonesia. It is famous for historic kratons (Javanese old kingdom palaces) and local craft-making places. There are many marketplaces in Solo that sell antiques, Batik, and other ethnic products.

Although relatively a smaller town compared to other places in Indonesia, Solo has just about everything in between. A feel of modern living as well as hints of traditional lifestyle everywhere.

And while you’re there, get a ride on ‘becak,’ a traditional human-pedaled tricycle. Becak is a means of local transportation to take people from a place to another in short distance. You sit in the front – though it’s kinda small, so it probably sits one person or two very skinny people ☺ -- and the becak driver will pedal his tricycle to your destination. As the local norm goes, you must negotiate price and place before getting on the becak.

About one hour driving from Solo, to the east, there is a mountain called Lawu, and one side of the mountain is past of Solo and called Tawangmangu. In this area, you can find a temple called Candi Sukuh, which actually showing carving related to sex, so I call it sex temple.

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