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Surabaya is the capital of East Java, where peoples from there are considered rude among Indonesians from the way they talk is a bit loud and often using java language.

If you are planning holiday to Lombok and flying from Jakarta,you will have a stopover in Surabaya. The city is populated with approximately 6 million people and located nearby the sea. The weather is hot and especially in the daytime.

Surabaya has some typical food which has spicy flavor. Besides, there are several attraction in the city, like shopping malls and the regular big city thing. But there are also an apple park nearby where you can visit and eat apple as much as you can.

This city is also the base for Indonesian navy and most of the museum in the city is related to it.The symbols of the city is shark and crocodile as that the literal meaning of Surabaya (Sura=shark, and baya=crocodile). you can find this symbol at the entrance of Surabaya zoo.