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Supai is part of the Havasupai Indian Reservation located within the Grand Canyon. It can be reached by foot, mule, or helicopter. Supai is very secluded, surrounded by red rocks and magnificent blue-green waterfalls which are ever-changing due to the rise and fall of water levels.

The trail begins at Hualapai Hilltop which can be reached at the end of Indian Road 18 which is 65 miles north of Route 66. There are no services (restaurants, gas, etc.) from Peach Springs. At the Hualapai Hilltop there is no water for hikers (although I have seen vendors there), so be prepared! There are people who patrol the parking lot, so your vehicle should be safe, but it’s recommended that you do not leave valuables in sight. It is best to get there early! I once got there close to 5am and the parking lot was already full.
From the hilltop, there are a couple ways to get to the campground or lodge. You can hike the nearly 10 miles. It isn’t as bad as it seems. Most of the trek is downhill and the trail is well kept. If you want to hike but you don’t want to carry your camping equipment, you can pay for it to be taken down by mule.
Another way down the hill is by horseback. This also comes with a fee that seems to be negotiable. Call ahead for current price. You can pay for round trip or one-way, if you want to try hiking.
The fastest way to get to Supai is by helicopter for $85 (one-way).
Once you get to Supai, you’ll need to stop by the tourism office to the entrance fee (this fee can be waived if you have a valid ID proving you are Native American), campground fee, and environmental fee. It’s highly recommended to make a reservation in advance, not only because you will be charged double if you just show up, but also because there is a limit to the amount of people allowed to stay on the campground at one time.
If you’d prefer to stay indoors, the Havasupai Lodge is available. It includes two double beds, private AC and bathroom.

The planning is well worth the amazing sights and adventure Supai has to offer.

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